Part 2 Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care


See the vision as it unfolds, told by whose who discovered the pieces of the puzzle.
Can  you experience what i discovered: that, together, they help understand LIFE?!

The Science of Life is much larger than each of us can comprehend.
The Science of Life encompasses all life, the origins of life, the Earth, and the universe as a whole.

We all experience the whole of the uniVerse, in inVerse, within  us.
What is known as the uniVerse around us, we experience in inVerse, within us.

We all have direct experience with the dynamics of creation; they operate within us - we operate them, as creators.
In this manner we each have our experience with the essence of life; and we can all express it in our own way.

The researchers who present their findings in this part of the book all have direct experience with what they describe.


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