Do It Yourself Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

When i entered into engineering school in 1971, i intuitively knew that there was something very wrong in what was being presented.
Years later  i realised that it was that scientist became irresponsible, by being taught (believing!) that they were outsiders: unable to respond.
I now see that science as a whole is a major cause of destruction on the planet, by inflicting a belief in dead matter on earth, all life forms, people and nature.

When i entered medical school in 1986 i realised that something was very wrong there, too, in the second day of the first week.
Doctors are taught to consider the living body by those laws of classical science, of dead matter.

    I sought the solution for both problems, in two projects:
    “Bringing Science to Life” and "Healing Health Care”.

I have now found the solution: it is simple and effective: it is about (y)out own involvement.
The solution deals with Freedom of Choice, in our interaction with creation.
In our body we can see how this works.

And we can use the solution to heal science, health care, humanity and Earth.

My father has at times reproached met that ‘i was wasting my time’ in not having an established job.
After all, i could have worked as engineer, or as a doctor, and 'earned money’.
Instead i had decided to work as independent research scientist, basically alone and unfunded.
I can recommend everybody who has such inclinations to do so: discover your truth, and live it.

In this book you can read on the principles of Science of Life, Freedom of choice, and how we live this in our body.
The problems caused by Classical science and its control model are described elsewhere <>.
The Need to create and find new solutions are described elsewhere <> also.
The ability to do your own research and share your findings with others is available elsewhere <>.

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