Why this project is needed Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

We need to deepen our understanding into our body.

Scientific understanding into our body lags a century behind our understanding of science.
A century ago science came to realise that reality cannot be described in terms of material objects.
Earlier already it became known that all matter is composed of molecules composed of electromagnetic atoms.
Since, it has become clear that we need to understand subatomic dynamics in terms of information.

All these insights have not yet been taken on in mechanical medical models.
Our physiological dynamics is still not understood in continuity with nature.
The electromagnetic property and -regulation system in our body is still being denied.
The realisation that our body is an information processor is still not taken up in medical science.

I come to conclude that we need to discern between modern physics and medical science.
Modern physics has already come to realise that reality is a realisation, and creation and art.
'modern medicine' however still operates by the tenets of classical mechanical material science.
In other words, medicine still operates by the tenets of a science of dead matter, which makes it deadly for health care.

We need to deepen the understanding of medicine.
One of the changes that is needed is to Bring Science to Life.
Another necessary procedure is toe Heal Health Care.
As long as 'dead matter' thinking' dominates health care, health care is sick.

Recently a new generation of web software has been created.
It is being designed for optimal co-operation and collaboration.
I wish to explore and optimise its potential for a specific project.
I invite you to join in on the collaboration project "Science of Life".

It is evident that living beings do no y operate by the laws of deaf matter.
We need to include Freedom of Choice; and account for Respose-Ability.
This calls for a different formulation of the basis of creation, and science.
We need to explicitly account for our own involvement in life on Earth.

Especially in healing such insight is fundamental and needed.
Many people have already realised this, and started to study this.
That understanding however has not yet become pronounced, explicit.
This web site is set up in order to change that: directly accessible science.

This project has been set  up as independent autonomous project.
It requires not much more than a web site, and the new software.
Support for the payment of the web site is welcome.
But what i really wish for is your participation.


I have set up the web site www.scienceoflife.nl.
I am now inviting all who study aspects of life, that i know, to join in.
You are welcome to invite others to participate in this project.
I aim towards a launch with a symposium on the Science of Life in 2011.

I wish for a different kind of gathering, symposium, meeting.
I would like to start  by preparing a 1st book on the Science of Life.
This can already be created and prepared in, via, the web site.
That makes it possible to used the meeting for conversation, discussion.

I will describe the project proposal for this book in detail on the web site.
I invite you to join in, and propose and abstract of your insights.
After reading each others abstracts, i would ask all to write an outline.
After reading each others outlines, i will as all to draft a chapter.

In this manner, our views will already start to blend while writing.
The result will be a collection of chapters with all our insights.
For the second part of the book i will ask all to add what you learned from each other.
In the third part of the book i will then ask each to add one page: what is/will be Science of Life?


In this manner, without much work, in collaboration, a profound book can emerge.
In preparation, and pre-amble, i will ask from all of you one page summarising your views and life work.
That will help all of us who join in to get to know each other.
That will give an optimal basis to integrate those views and visions.

I imagine this as the composing of our different world-views.
Like window panes, coming together as facets of a diamond.
I call that process 'the self lying puzzle'.
Be it that this is not a flat puzzle, but in more dimensions.

Please, participate in creating this web site.
For those of you who are very busy: not much time is required.
For the perfectionists,  be warned; the web site is still being developed.
As is the software which is (still) being developed; and can be tailored.

The software is being made for people to optimally work together.
For the moment is is based on a commercial internet server.
Later it may be possible to place it in a separate dedicated server.
For now, the aim is to set op that site, and a Science of Life.


I hope you will join in.
I hope you will join in on the conference.
I hope you will be willing to contribute a chapter.
I hope you realise that here you are fully free to write hat for you really matters.

This will be an independent production.
Free from commercial interests and free from academic bias.
The aim is straightforward and simple: we need a science of Life.
That will also offer a foundation for healthy being and health care.


Will you join in?

Feel well


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