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The mathematical formulation of the Soul:
The mathematical interpretation of “Shen”.

The following text explores a need for an integrated type of mathematics.
Specifically, the relationship between 4) a Hologram, 3) Moiré Array, 2) Fourier code and 1) Dirac Pulse.
Below I unfold how I think it can help to make the fMRI into a therapeutic instrument.
Before we can do that, however, it is first necessary to come to an understanding of “Shen”.

The Soul has been described (elsewhere) as the fractal for integral system integration.
This fractal is identical with all stages of cell fusion and cell divisions of the Zygote.
This fractal operates in the system interface, by operating phase change within it.
Shen describes he notion of local holographic forms of coherence within that fractal.

Soul involves the operation of Freedom of Choice in the moment of Cell Division.
Soul is the integral constructs of all previous/sequential steps in cell fusion/division.
Soul defines the System Singularity Stability Set; the integrity of the integral system.
Shen requires the understanding of local stability within these singularity boundaries.


“Shen” is a Chinese-Medicine term for the information field of a body part or organ.
Chinese medicine states that physical health is restored when Shen is restored.
In our terminology, Shen would be the information field shared by living body cells.
The question is, can we mathematically understand/describe such information fields?

Evidently such information fields, Shen, must have intrinsic internal dynamic coherence.
That makes Shen into a standing wave, with its own internal coherence: an Orgone.
That requires that we supplement the model of Radio Waves , with a ‘3D version’.
Compare it to the relationship between molecules (Linear), and an atom (Circular).

Roberto Renout implicitly described that atoms and molecules share the same dynamic.
That helped me to see how information, atoms, molecules and matter are all related.
That is the essence of what we find in the manifestation/materialisation of our body.
That means that we can understand our body in terms of fields of information; Shen.

    DNA is a local resonator of phase information in formation in material form (Shen).
    Cells are phase operators/oscillators each operating their of program (Shen)
    Organs are operators in a flow of information circulation (Shen) across the system boundary.
    Living Beings are gestalts if information processors/processing (Shen) in context.


The purpose of my reflection, and my writing to you, is to implement these insights.
If we can identify these information constructs (Shen) then we can scan for them.
If we know what they are, and how they are formed, we can identify them in MRI scans.
That means that scan can be made using ‘intelligent guessing’, to show more detail.

This however has much deeper implications: it links diagnosis to therapeutics.
In knowing how the body is formed, we can identify these form(ation)s in the body.
Thereby we can however also detect de-formations of/in/at the body formation.
That helps to identify the effect of life experience on body formation (DNA-Shen).

It however also helps to understand/address/detect/correct the information field itself.
By formulating/using the concept of Shen, the forms can be referred to via formation.
The physical body is no longer the reference, but the integrity of cell communication.
With understanding at that level, cell communication integrity can then be restored.

This however requires a different use and understanding of mathematics.
One in which values are reduced to variables of functions of Logic (of understanding).
That requires an explicit formulation of the relationship of 4 dimensions of cell code.
It is the relationship between Dirac Pulse, Fourier Code, Moiré Array and Hologram.


Over the past days I have been contemplating the complement of your fMRI computations.
I have started to look at the Traditional Chinese Medical concept of Shen.

My explorations involve ideas explored by Susie Vrobel, Vanessa Hill, Peter Rowlands and Diego Rapoport; thence I CC them (and others) herewith.

    The notion is simple; you know it from my CASYS presentations:

Starting point of our biological life is the Zygote.
The Zygote was formed out of ancestral sexual cell fusion; a fractal.
The Zygote contains a ‘boot floppy’; DNA, with a backup copy of parameters for cell unfolding.
The DNA is a vibrational ‘wand’, storing parameters of ancestral survival on Earth, encoded in a molecule.

Every molecule is a vibrational spectrum, as shown by (CC) Cyril Smith.
Every molecule is a vibrational stable yet variable ‘standing wave’; Cf, Philip Callahan.
DNA is a composite cluster of appended vibrations, in which DNA, RNA, Proteins and Amino-Acids are ‘extensions’ of each other.
Therein, photon leaps determine between atoms determine electron leaps within atoms, determining oscillation of electrons between atoms (Valency) which determine resonant (‘orbiting’) electrons (‘bonds;) between atoms.,

Information (photons), atoms (electron-leaps, molecules (valency) electrons) and matter (bonding electrons) are thus one concept.
The difference between information and matter is the type of the geometry of the (leaping) photon, leaping electron, (co)valent electron and bonding electron.
This is akin to the (CC) Daniel Dubois concept of (photon) excursion, (electron) incursion, (valent) Recursion and (Bond) Hyperincursion.
This involves a 4D Dynamic Cycling; and involves a vortical pulsating point field (a Gabor Point).

Our reality, and our body, is composed by interactions between such 4D (“Gabor Point”) phase ‘pixels’.
Each is infinitely small and infinitely large, as depicted by Dan Winter; with ideally infinite compressibility.
Only when these points are able to invert the system within themselves (Total System Inversion),
Infinite compressibility and integral invertability implies that they can operate at a universal level (the (CC) Nassim Haramein Black Hole).

In our body we see how the coherent vibrations of these Gabor Points, as molecules, form meta-macro clusters.
This involved the Hyper Mandala of Roberto Renout, deceased, which is described on THIS page.
Therein the dynamic of the formation of atoms and molecules is in essence the same (based on vector orthogonalisation).
It is this same dynamic that we find as a bifurcation/fractal in cell division; the (CC) Susie Vrobel Fractal.

This Vrobel Fractal defines the total unfoldment of the Zygote; see my “The Equation of Health”.
Therein, the amorphic phase of cell division is the substrate for total body integration: The System Stability Singularity Set.
The metabolomic exchanges between the cells reflect/represent its dynamic interaction.
The formation of cell membranes, connective tissue, organ capsules and body skin is consequential to that dynamic.

The body membranes are the essence of bodily functioning and physical existence.
Every cell division/membrane, organ capsule and skin functions as a filter.
Each system boundary exists and operates ate each of the aforementioned 4 levels (phase, atom, molecule, matter).
All body materials operate in that 4 phase space; the 4D characteristics of the System Boundary Transition which i described on

Any system boundary is a site of phase change; it is the only definition of a boundary.
The difference between a boundary and a field is ONLY the degree of phase inversion.
The relationship between the boundary and the field is determined by the Gabor Point dynamic.
The ONLY dynamic involved is the (un)weaving of phase in a wave node.

The uniVerse as a whole is a fabric of the interweaving of these wave nodes.
This has been called the substrate of the Dirac Ocean, of wave/phase potential.
Manifestation is the formation of a wave node (which I described in “The Four Dimensions of Time”.
Materialisation is the manifestation of stabilisation of such fundamental variable phase nodes.

In our body we see that these principles work together to form the integral body.
We also see that the body decays as soon as that wave phase field looses its coherence.
We also see that our realisation of sensation is base on partial frequency sampling by the various sensory organs.
And we see that in the body these partial sampled wave patterns are integrated into our composite image of reality; an information image in our brain and body.

We see how the integration of information takes place: from sensor cell, via neuron and plexus to the brain.
We find it involves, respectively, a Dirac Pulse, a Fourier Code, a Moiré Pattern and a Hologram image (CC Karl Pribram).
The architecture of our body is thus based on the fractal unfoldment of the Zygote, AND the 4 dimensional (de)Compression of code/information in our body.
(My paper on Dimensional (de)Compression addresses, that together with the paper on Total System Inversion and Black Hole Navigation”.)


All of the above are needed to come to an understanding of what the Chinese call Shen.
Shen is known as the Soul of the being, body, organ, cell.
Manly P Hall describes it as the “magnetic field of physical objects”.
Phil Callahan calls it the orgone; a spatial coherent vibrational field.

  1. At the deepest level, this field is based on the (un)linking of phase in a wave node.
  2. At the next level it involved the HyperMandala of Atom/Molecule formation.
  3. At the third level it leads to formation of cell membranes and (macro) bio-molecules (amino-acids, Proteins, RNA, DNA).
  4. At the final level it determines cell division and body manifestation.

That is where I think that it would be helpful to combine the work you do on the fMRI and detection/identification of body coherence, with the concept of Shen.
It could/would supplement the image detection with a subroutine for pattern recognition.
That pattern recognition would be based on the Vrobel Fractal, plus the concept of Shen.
The Shen therein represents clusters/leafs/branches of subsets of the body integral (dif)Fractal Field.

  1. Starting point would/could be the dynamics of initial cell divisions (CC Roel van Wijk).
    These fractal functors would be the basic filters for pattern recognition.
  2. Sequel is the dynamic of circuit/loop formation; closure of division branches (CC Rudie Labadie; rod/Ring molecules)
    These primary circuits would be the next detection level: membrane layers.
  3. Third would be the identification of the Shen: local coherent (Phil Callahan) field/forms of coherence.
    These clusters are all fractal-related by unfolding from the Zygote.
  4. Finally the local clusters would/could be related into/as the composite picture of the whole body (Karl Pribram).
    This combines the “top down” image construction from the fMRI with the bio-logical “Bottom Up” understanding of organic/body formation.

In a mathematical sense, it makes use of a simile of the Cauchy Sweeping Function.
Same as in a Mathematical Series, it identifies/eliminates the known, to simplify/reduce the unknown.
It operates by the same logic as the relationship between a point (Value), vector (Variable), matrix (Function) and field (Equation).
It is seen also in the relationship between a Matrix, its Determinant, its Kernel and its (Dimensional) core Number/Value.

As yet I know no mathematics by which I can describe the Shen, an Orgone, or Local Standing Wave, which is an Form_of_Information, as such.
Mathematics has emerged from the descriptive analytical reductionistic material science.
Mathematics has mimicked our mental functions; but mainly in respect to our observation of our material context.
For the description of Shen (local information/integrity coherence in our body) a different approach is needed (See my section on MatheMusics in


MatheMusics explores the relationship between a drum beat, resonant (violin) string, harmonic (flute) modulation and (vocal) vibrational intent/coherence.
It is based on the realisation that every music CD represents an orchestra, PLUS ITS RECORDING SPACE, as a virtual acoustic image in another space.
It is the closest model we have for the concept of coherent/dynamic wave field superposition.
MatheMusics was initiated to help understand the complexity of our body in terms of a superposition of wave fields.

In an Acoustic Image, the wave interference/suppression produces a defined wave field.
Same as with the (un)crossing of EM-waves, boundaries are formed or resolved (“Fields)’.
It is that dynamic which forms the basis of body manifestation by cell division dynamics.
Therein all divisions of all cells are united in one integral (fractal) vibrational logic.

MatheMusics is intended to help to come towards a formulation/understanding of Shen.
Shen is an essential vibrational patter of coherence, of information.
Cells organise themselves in rapport with that overlaying/unfolding coherent pattern.
DNA therein operates as a blueprint; it does not create life (nor does a director’s baton produce music), but it orchestrates the dynamic of fractal Zygote unfolding.


I imagine/assume that there must be mathematical tools which can do, or come close, to what I surmise.
Mathematical analytical subtraction techniques for elimination of ‘known information’, as is done in mathematical series/transforms.
In this case, it concerns a systematic sweeping of functions, fractals, functors and formulae (patterns of mental coherence).
In this case, what we are analysing is not the form but the formation of our body.

Chinese medicine is very explicit about the role of Shen for healing.
Essentially, every organ and body part is considered to be an in(-)formation field (“Shen”).
When an organ or human is sick, it is the field information that needs to be restored.
The cells in that field can thereby restore their orientation, relation, integration and manifestation.

Death, fatigue, depression and shock can disintegrate those fields of information.
In death the information integration field collapses; and the cells lose coherence.
Not only the coherence between the cells, but also within the cells is lost.
We can conclude that the integrity of the human body is indeed based on “Shen”.

To describe Shen we need a different approach than is given by material science.
Material science describes coherence without integration; forms void of formation.
In Life, we see that information in formation is the essence and basis of ongoing life.
This is the level which needs to be described, and detected in fMRI field detection.


You can imagine that my interest goes beyond the fast detection of bio-coherence.
A sampling technique based on embyo-logic dynamics will help toward rapid identification.
It will however also enable comparison between the theoretical and actual body manifestation.
With (by signal inversion) the restoration of the local body image via magnetic resonance imposition.

Evidently that is a dangerous technique.
EM devices already account for a large portion of contemporary cancers.
However, these are due to ignoring the effects of EM radiation onto our living cells.
Cancers can be healed when their locally disrupted information field is restored.

In our body we see that information is used in a 4D Dimansional code.
Sensor (Dirac Pulse), Neurone (Fourier Code), Plexus (Moiré Array), Brain (Hologram).
There must be a mathematical link between 1) pulse, 2) fractal, 3) array and 4) holon.
As (in System Theory) Node, Branch, Circuit and Network are linked; and in fact one.


This brings be to the end of my mental exploration.
I started with the organization of physical matter; as phase in formation.
Then I described the logic of bodily organization out of Zygote/cell division.
Finally I postulated that pattern recognition can aid fMRI diagnosis/therapy.

I concludes that this approach needs a mathematics linking four characteristics.
Functions, Fractals, Formation (Shen/Holograms) and Foundations (Logic).
It requires a mathematical technique linking Hologram, Moiré array, Fourier trains and Dirac pulses.
This link operates in the interphase of cell division, which defines body integrity, and operates Freedom of Choice.


Feel well