Freedom of Choice Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Freedom of Choice, in life and creation

This text has 2 parts:

  1. Freedom of Choice is a Dimensional Operation
    the biology (i.e. life experience); de dimensional operation
  2. Freedom of Choice in Creation
    the physics (i.e. meta-physics);   the dimensional operator

Part 1: Freedom of Choice is a Dimensional operation

Freedom of choice is a change in dimensional organisation.
This can be represented by Dimensional Operators.
The Vortex is a well known Dimensional Operator.
A vortex unifies Point, Line, Plane and Volume.

Although we can define this, we cannot describe this.
The reason is that Dimensional Operations involve involvement.
In changing our involvement, we also change the Dimensions.
This requires a notation addressing multiple logic.

Presently, scientific notation offers this option.
Classical, Relativistic, Probabilistic and Unified theories complement each other.
Each pertains to a different mode, degree, in participation in creation.
The shift from one theory to another is executed by a scientist, using choice.

In changing our involvement, we change our participation in creation.
At the same time, we change our realisation in/of/for creation.
But we also create a realisation of change.
We need to realise that WE create that change.

The realisation of creation of change is known as awareness.
The realisation of change of creation is known as consciousness.
The realisation of consciousness of change in creation is called life.
The realisation of awareness of change in creation is response-ability.

The consequence of Freedom of Choice can thereby be described.
In algebra, this is expressed by the IJK vector components (Peter Rowlands).
In geometry, it is seen in the relationship between line, triangle, and tetrahedron (Vanessa Hill).
The essence is our ability to 'navigate' between them, by operating the algebra/geometry: Logic.

Freedom of Choice can therefore not be described in currently available mathematics or physics.
The various models that we use are themselves consequences/expressions of changes of logic.
We operate Freedom of Choice in the transitions BETWEEN one equation and another.
Geometry, mathematics, Science and language are a CONSEQUENCE of use of Freedom of choice.

With this realisation we can identify Freedom of Choice 'as in a Wilson Cloud Chamber'.
Physics uses a Wilson Cloud Chamber to trace the trail of particles in atomic physics.
Therein not the particles are seen, but the condensation which is seen in their wake.
In the same manner, all manifestation of Freedom of Choice is seen in the actions of people.

Communication, language, science, mathematical equations are consequential of choices.
Although we cannot see the choices themselves, we can see their reflections in creation.
We experience this more, most, directly within our living body; in the interaction between cells.
That is also where we experience the operation of Freedom of Choice, as "Life" in living beings.

Life is not found within the materials of the body: body materials are secreted by living cells.
Life is not found in the changes of body materialisation: body matter responds to flows of information.
Life is not found within the body cells: they are formed out of the dynamic of cell division.
Freedom of choice is found within the core of cell division; and its (fractal) trail that forms our body.

Freedom of choice is a dimensional operation; and we witness that throughout our body.
Body materials change phase (solid, liquid, gas, plasma) continuously.
Our body is in effect an interchange between a light, electromagnetic, free- and bound electron field.
The interaction between these fields is associated with four different regions/operators of the body.

Anatomy, physiology, system regulation and information integration are, in the body, one system.
In our body we see that the body materials are consequential to the life of the body cells.
Body materials are secreted for the purpose of organising and storing information.
All body molecules are antennae; and serve to optimise/organise flows of information.

When a living being dies, the information flow stops; i.e. the interplay between photons and electrons ceases.
The photons served to change the electrons from one atom orbital to another, and vice versa.
In that manner, the local changes of state of information are 'communicated' non-locally.
Therein we must complement the electron'ic local manifestation of information in atoms, with photon'ic links between atoms.

A living being is therefore not a material object; it is the consequence of integrity in the flow of information.
The internal flow of information must be compatible ('computable') with/in the information flow of the context.
Crucial therein is the concept of information in formation: matter is a manifestation of information in formation.
Integrity between the information in formation in our body, and with/in our context, is called "Health".

Cell division is the pivotal locus of the operation of Freedom of Choice with/in our body.
The moment of cell division lies in the phase where matter is most 'suspended'; between phases.
It is in that moment, that the slightest change of momentum will alter the spin angle in the "Vortex'.
As a result, the Fractal of continuation of creation can 'take a new spin', in a new direction.

We cannot access or address this moment of choice in our description of our definitions.
It is from this change in involvement, by freedom of choice, that we change our definition (and description).
Manifestation is always consequential to the expression of freedom of choice in a context.
The description is consequential to the definition, which is generated on the interface with/in the context.

The interface is the boundary where the system turns out into the context.
This, again, is a dimensional operator, in which a Boundary is linked in/to a Field.
Again, the Vortex is the simplest manner to define/describe this dimensional operation.
This means that we can define Freedom of Choice only with/in the Singularities of the system.

In the living being, the System Singularity is not simple, but complex.
All system singularities are interrelated, and form one system.
We can decomplexify this complex, by observing the unfolding of the system.
In doing so, we can trace all cell divisions back to the division of the first cell, the zygote.

We then find that Freedom of Choice is located in the concatenation of all cell divisions.
These concatenations, together, for a trail; a Time fractal (Vrobel, 2008).
Therein all system singularities are linked which requires that their "Poles" all align.
"Poles" are the topological 'top' and 'bottom' of "Cells"; which are created by the divisions.

Our living body can this be seen as a series of Cells (Nodes) with a very defined orientation.
Cell Division takes places by the algebra of self replication (Peter Rowlands).
This operates also in the geometry of enzyme production (Vanessa Hill).
Both are consequential to (concatenation) of Freedom of Choice.

We see that the body materials, created over millions of years, represent chains of choices.
Our body as a whole (as any living body) is a 'decision tree' storing ongoing memories of creation.
As we see upon death this process ends; and with it, ends the integrity of the body.
Health, the integrity of the body, is thus based on information integration in formation.

What we experience as Health within us, we experience as Peace between us.
Health and Peace are expressions of/for the Integrity of Information integration in context.
As soon as this information 'backfires' new virtual system boundaries are created.
Therein, the system 'loses' itself in/to the context: the system singularity fractal is ruptured.

Our physical being, and physical health is this based on balance between differentiation and integration.
If the trail/trace of the unfoldment of the System Singularity Set is maintained, we experience Health.
If we maintain that same pattern (integrity of integration) between us, we experience Peace.

When one or the other are lost, we experience war or disease; often both.

Our life is not separate from that of our context.
Our being is integral part of our context.
We see that explicitly, in the origination of cell division.
We see that it complements the inverse of the same dynamic: cell fusion.

After conception, we experience (in our body) cell division (the basis of health).
Before conception, we experience (in society) cell fusion (the basis of peace).
The fractal of cell integrity/integration within the body is seen in cell division.
The fractal of the origination of new life forms is seen in genetic fusion.

Again, it is not the fusion of genes, but the moment of genetic fusion which stands central.
Again, this is a phase where matter is in a 'suspended state'; what matters is the flow of information.
In life, this is seen in the suspense of the communing of sperm with the egg, to establish a balance.
This is also the basis of our life, and the pivot to the incorporation of freedom of choice in matter.

This makes it possible to identify the nature and location of the soul: it is the core of the Time Fractal.
It is the coherence of the patterns of cell divisions, linking all cells in our body.
This coherence is not located in space; it is extended through time from conception.
It is that coherence that preserves our identity, with/in a changing context.

That identity stands not separate from that of other beings.
It does not even stand separate from other life forms.
Tracing back our life form, we se we are linked to other species.
As Lynn Margulis described, all life forms are therein linked.

Each life form therein created its of unique expression of/for life in context.
All life forms on Earth are therein linked; and all traced their own historic record.
Each of these 'wrote their history" into their DNA; as described by Bruce Lipton.
All life forms exchange that information, in the dynamics known as the Food Chain.

This explains why we cannot use artificial technological genetic manipulation.
Biological mutation of genes, always takes place within context, of Earth.
Technological gene manipulation always takes place out of context.
Artificial gene manipulation alienates life from its context: Earth; as Mae-Wan Ho described.


All life forms operate Freedom of Choice.
All life forms record their experience in the DNA of their body.
All body DNA is 'written' by cell proteins (the Lipton/Rowlands mechanism).
All cell proteins are created by living body cells, as part of information exchange.

As we see in death: information exchange is the essence of life.
As we see in our body, life integrates information with matter.
As we experience in our mind: life operates by using Freedom of Choice.
As the above shows: Freedom of Choice operates BETWEEN dimensions.

Freedom of Choice is related to the Quintessence of the Alchemists.
For them, The Quintessence links solid, liquid, gas and plasma.
Nowadays we describe that as the change in degree of freedom, of material states.
We can now describe this as the dimensional operation, for changing degree of

Freedom of Choice thus operates on the degrees of freedom in creation.
This is a dimensional operator, which thus interacts directly with manifestation.
This, we experience (as Life, Health, Consciousness, Peace) within our body.
This we operate, as creators, not as creatures in, as part of, creation


Part 2: Freedom Of Choice in Creation

4D Dimensional Operators in Phase Domain : (i.g.o.d.)

The basis of the Science of Life is Phase Space.
it is a 'virtual’ ‘Domain’.
It's core operation is the change of Dimensions.
This makes it a space of operations of Logic.

Phase space can be imagined as composed of Virtual Gabor Points.
These are Phase Space Vortices, operating in modulo 4D states.
In a Vortex, 4 Spin States can be co-ordinated.
All operations in phase space are based on 4D spin co-ordination.

The basis of Phase Domain is the non-co-ordinated 4D Vortex.
When 2 such vortices 'cohere' this creates a front, a.k.a. 'Energy'.
When 3 phase vortices 'cohere' this forma s loop, which serves as a Time base.
When 4 phase vortices 'cohere' this forms a 'structure', a.k.a. 'Space'.

The relationship between Phase, Energy, Time and Space is that of a 'tetrahedron'.
It is the principle of organisation as a Point, Line, Plane or Volume.
These thereby operate in 0D, 1D, 2D and 3D, respectively.
All operations in the phase domain are Logical operations.

By the nature of the Vortex, a Point, Line, Plane and Volume are the same.
Every 4D vector is thereby, local and universal, general and specific.
The changes in coherence determine the changes n manifestation.
These can be defined by the principle of the spiral, and operate by 'closure'.

Any 4D Vortex operate -simultaneously - Closure and Inversion.
This is inherent on the formulation of a Vortex.
As Lawrence Edwards indicated, a Vortex operates by a line inverting through a point.
This is the principle and process of dimensional reduction and expansion.

This induces the dynamic of complementary forms of coherence.
These are the line-through-a-point, Vortex, Egg, Torus.
Every of these forms can be regarded as (if) in formation.
The whole domain of phase is a domain of information in formation.

Any observed change of phase is noted as an "Excursion".
Any observed change therein is noted as "Incursion".
Any observed coherence therein is noted as "Recursion".
Any observed 'closure' therein is noted as "Hyper-Incursion".

The Excursion is commonly known as Generation or Generator.
The Incursion is commonly known as Operation or Operator.
The Inversion thereof is commonly known as Destructor or Destructor.
The Reversion of Inversion is commonly known as Identification, identity or i.

This formulates the characteristics of a Vortex, by its relational aspects.
The expanding Vortex is called the Generator, the embedding Vortex is called Destructor.
The transition through the Zero Point is the mirroring of the part-in/and-the whole, the "Operator".
The integrity of the complementary modes is knows as the integration, or Identity, or the ".

The complete dynamic of dimensional phase operation/co-ordination spells: "i.g.o.d.".
This uniVersal operator operates in every singularity in/of phase space.
It operates in/for/by/as any operation in/of/for/as the domain of phase.
Therein and thereby every part is by principle and by definition related to the whole.

These phases of changes of phase are  all interrelated.
They can therefore be described by the principle if differentiation/integration.
They operate in logic, i.e. dimensional change, thus operate Logical Differentiation.
Every change of logic operates the relationship between the 4 spin states.

This involves the principle of creation, concatenation, nesting, and embedding.
Every operation is local and universal, solitonic and integrative.
Every element of the universe is based on this phase kinetic/dynamic.
This means that every operator is the equivalent of a constant, variable, function and equation.

Every element of the universe is thus a uniVersal operator.
There is no possibility to discern between an operator and operation.
The basic operation in the uniVerse is the change of logic.
This is, in co-incidence, the art/act of differentiation and integration.

Every element of the uniVerse is a uniVersal Operator.
Every living being exists and operates on this basis.
Living beings by definition operate Freedom of Choice.
Living beings by principle operate the operation of "i.g.o.d.'.

 “i” represents integrity, integration, involvement identification.
“g” represents generation, grouping, gestalt formation, by gauging interaction.
“o” represents organisation by operator/operation orchestration of a process.
“d” represents definition of the delimiter for the dimensional densification.

The basis of the operator/operation lies in Phase Space (Freedom of Choice).
The enactment of the operator is by interaction: wave field interference’’.
This interaction is always conditional on constraints of context; as time frame.
The result is a contextual conditional co-ordination of coherence in creation: a realisation.

This requires a formulation of reality as realisation, operating from phase space.
Therein objective objects are always based on subjective realisations.
The emergence of matter therefore needs to be based on operation, not on observation.
Our involvement is the basis for the manifestation of realisation (‘collapse of the vector of state’).

















Logic of Involvement

The Dimension of “Consciousness” has four imaginary components.
(These reflect our modes of involvement: identity, relationship, grouping, unity).
The Dimension of “Energy” has four Real components The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics.
(These are one and the same force, observed from four different participational perspectives.)
The Dimension of “Time” has one real component (circular cycles) and three imaginary components (with non-closure; see “The Four Dimensions of Time, O#o 1996d).
The Dimension of “Space” has 3 Real components and one Imaginary component.
(The Zero Point is the 4th dimension of Space required for Total System Inversion (O#o, 2003) essential for continuity in existence.

Together this defines a bi-dual ‘Minkovski-vector’; which is a Gabor Metric/Matrix defined on a Vortex.
The bi-dual notation implies that every element in real space has a counterpart for its origination from phase space.
The notation is simultaneously symmetrical and non-symmeterical.
Our involvement determines the operation of Freedom of Choice, thus the (non)symmetry-break.

What people call ‘god’ (g.o.d.) is but an incomplete description of process of i.-g.o.d..
The formulation is incomplete without the operator of identification.
This s the operation of the zero-point transition (of the Vortex).
It is the moment where the uniVerse inverts into the inVerse.

This is the operation we experience within every cell division.
All cell divisions in every cell in any organism are thereby co-hered.
Coherence, co-ordination and co-incidence are aspects of "consciousness".
The uniVerse of information in formation is a manifestation of Consciousness.

Consciousness is the basic operation, taking place only in phase space
Energy is the ensuance of phase space co-ordination (emergent coherence)
Time is the result of phase space reverberation (the ground beat of a time base).
Space is the manifestation of a 'standing wave' on the basis of time of energy of consciousness.

Each of these modes of co-ordination/coherence is interrelated.
Therefore there are not only these 4 dimensions, but also 4 dimensionalities within each.
In that manner there are 4 dimensionalities of Consciousness, of Energy, of Time and of Space.
This is summarised in the core formulation of the 4D Dimensional Matrix.

This is not a matrix, not a map, nor in 2 dimensions.
This is a representation for a 4D 'pixel' in phase space.
It is not a point, nor a referon, nor an object, not an operator.
It is an indicator of/for the i.g.o.d. integrator in phase 'space'.

Mathematics aims to formulate these operations in phase space; and must include our involvement.
Electromagnetism refers to the operations as energy, and must include consciousness (coherence).
Chemistry indicates the organisation/operation of time base dynamics; based on our involvement
Physics illustrates the manifestation of multiplicity of phase (hyper)incursion, and is metaphor only.

"Patterns in Process(es)" and "The 4 Dimensional Time" describe this.
"The Architecture of the Soul" and "S.P.I.R.i.T." describe our involvement.
"Human Limits of Man Made Models" and "S.T.E.C" define the basis.
"Bio-Holograms" and "(Dis)Integrity)" specify how we operate this in us.

(These and related texts are published at

The only operation is that of re-phasing of the 4 spin angles.
This can be summarised in terms of the interaction of waves.
Soliton, wave envelope, wave train and wave therein are all one.
Every element of the uniVerse is a wave field inner/interacting with/in a wave field.

The basis lies in the formulation of the wave; as a Gabor Point.
This can be done only by including our 'wave'-collapse in the formulation.
This operates on basis of the Principle of Freedom of Choice.
This means that all existence can be define in phase space, only.

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