The Need for a New Math Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

The Different kind of Math we need

Long ago I realised that I needed a different kind of mathematics; different from what I was taught.
I sought a model in which I could relate a point to (the forming of) a circle.
Later I realised that this was inherently a formula for forming a vortex. {Lawrence Edwards}
Later still I realised this had to be a formula for a fractal vortex {Suzy Vrobel}.

Now, as then, I see that this requires a different kind of mathematics.
One which deals with the way we use and design mathematics (formulating Involvement).
This takes place at the level of linking of Systems of Reference {Referon Analysis}.
That puts this kind of mathematics at the level of Logical Operations.

Very few mathematicians think or operate at that level of mathematics.
Galois, somewhat; Grothendieck presumably, but which others?
What descriptions are there to link the zero point, critical fractal operators, catastrophic functions, and transmutational states?
Because that is what we find in the body, where in the cells-in-formation information interacts with matter, and cell division operates under a logic field of integration phase.

The core of the new mathematics must be a multi-valued dimensional logic.
The operators of this mathematics must be related via their critical states.
The functions must be fractal functional, and correlate with different perspectives.
The values must be relational, conditional and critical always; for all observers.


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