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Some aspects of science need to be understood, in order to be able to address the Science of Life:

  • Why is the Scientist consistently omitted from he considerations of Science?
  • What, or rather who, determine(s) the creation of consensus in Science?
  • Why is mechanical material science promoted, as if it could explain Science of Life?
  • How can we resolve this issues, to create a Science that accommodates our experience of Freedom of Choice?

In part this requires an understanding of the basis of contemporary science: mathematics.
Mathematics does not have a reality nor life of its own. It has been created for a specific purposes. The purposes of/for the creation of mathematics align with the (hidden corporate/military) political motives in the development of science.
Mathematics is a language for description, and as any other language has its culture and context; plus a historical development by which it was conditioned. There aspects need to be understood in order to understand the possibilities and limitations of mathematics.

In part this also requires the understanding of the politics of science.
Science is a political arena; like any marketplace, church or meeting. As in society, science likewise does not know how to elegantly integrate the different opinions of different people.
Politics (and family structures) are meant to resolve the relationship between personal differences and collective sameness. In our body we can see how these two come together; from cell division and differentiation, leading to organic integration, and the integrity of humanity in the participation of all humans.

In a series of dedicated essays this will be explored.

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