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Life requires a different description than offered by Classical science.
Because of the direct link between information processing and material changes, in the living organism, Consciousness needs to be integral part of the description.

The researchers studying Life, need to think in a different manner.
What they study, and describe, has been studied by healing, Humanities and religions also; integrating the views of religion and science.

Essential is that these studies are not limited to description; they refer to what we experience, in of life and body.

Life is universal; it is possible to show that life and consciousness are integral part of the emergence of the cosmos. Many of the descriptions found here are therefor fundamental for science, because it includes the description of the scientists also; at all levers of their being and existence.

This section offers work in progress, as well as finished projects.

You can look in the section on Presentations, to find examples of speakers who can be invited to present their findings at your institute.

Inthe section on Papers you can find published paper of the listed authors.

Essays, as the name suggests, is work in progress. Be inspired.

Abstracts are project proposals. React and interact with the authors to see more of it.

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