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Writings of O#o van Nieuwenhuijze


Together these writings for am basic “Handbook” of the Science of Life.
“Sciencing” describes the act of science in Theory: individual thought.
Realisation” describes science as social practice: collective thinking,
It will lead to a precise formulation of Magic: choice in will in action in the uniVerse.


The following titles represent a reflection of the line of work:
The quest for the formulation of a Logic of Creation.
Essential, is our participation in creation.
This requires Freedom of Choice at the core of this logic.

The Artist-Scientist is a reminder that Science explores the Unknown; we need to be able to un-think; be open-minded.

MetaThematics specifies the terms and conditions of this Logic of Creation; its consequences, and our involvement. This is the basis of the Science of Life, and the fundamental formulation for the basis of/for healing - and health care.

The Bindu of Creation engages in a description at the level where material is metareal. From the fusion of Egg and Sperm we can infer that the outcome (our body) is the result of what came before it: the emergent of life forms in matter out of the underlying immaterial dynamics that create life.

Phase- Photon - Electron - Phonon is an (unfinished) exploratory paper describing the general principles of cosmogenesis (emergence of this uniVerse), based on the principles of coherence of Phase Waves. It outlines that the principles of cell division are of the same nature as those of the manifestation of matter.

SonoLuminescence brings together some of the findings of Alexander Gurwitsch, Fritz-Albert Popp and Zack Jones. It shows the link between coherence and communication; essential for life in matter. It is related to the photon-phonon communication.

The Matter of Water explains the basis of the many anomalies of water, found in Physics. This is a reminder that we need to include Conscious, in our descriptions of Energy, Time and Space. in water we see, and experience, that, and how, information interacts with matter directly. This can be used for healing.

What is Life? is no longer a question. There is a very explicit and definite answer: life is the incorporation of information with/in matter. In order to understand this we need to understand phase space, freedom of choice, consciousness and the underlying 4DD logic of creation.

Our Living Body shows how we can recognise the ‘universal’ characteristics within our body. It is neither composed of, not by, dead matter. We need to - explicitly - account for the characteristics of Freedom of Choice in creation; and for the experience of the integration of information with matter in living beings.

“YES” answers the question “is Earth a Living Organism?”. Evidently it is, so the 1985 paper explores why people ask the question, and explains the basis of 4DD logic, health and disease, consciousness and symbiosis. Later writings unfolded what was already contained in this paper.

The god Equation in the logical equation of/for creation. It shows that there is a logical reason for god. God stands for the universal principle of Generation, Operation and Destuction. It is based on a 4th level of description which we cannot describe, meta-real, meta-physical, immaterial properties of phase space. We are immersed in, and thus one with, this phase space. At this level of description science and religion are one; what matters is our experience of it, and how we live it.

System Stability Singularity Set is (literally) a Crucial paper about the unfolding of reality (creation) in our living body. In unfolding from the Zygote, all cells in the body are linked in a ‘fractal chain reaction’ of logically connected singularities. The pattern that they form determines the stability, life, vitality and health of the organism/system.

Poly-Perspective Synthesis Analysis” is the complex title too demonstrate the need for complex thinking. In our body (anatomy, physiology, regulation and integration) we experience consciousness (conscious, subconscious, unconscious, out-of-conscious); this we also need to understand as the basis of our experience of culture (science, art, trade, mysticism) and nature. It is a required mental tool/technique for working with Singularity System Stability Sets and the god-equation.

Points on 4DD Logic summarise, point wise, the relevance of 4DD Logic for Science, Society, Health and the way we live with/in/of/off Nature.
These points are the foundation of the Planting Paradise Project.

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