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This web site describes the integration of information with matter in our living body, operating with Freedom of Choice. (Science in/of Creation.)
This is the basis for understanding health, consciousness, love and life.




MatheMusics: “Development of the Idea” summarises that we can use MatheMusics for describing cell communication (physiology) and body/cell memory (in terms of tones and harmonics).


Music in 4D describes how we can integrate the notation of logic/mathematic/music/dance, uniting art and science.


MatheMusics: Interviews with Henk Kooij: witness ‘Science in the Making’, in a series of conversations exploring how we can describe cell communication in terms of music.


Languaging Involvement is the series of papers demonstrating that every equation describing objective observation is a formulation of subjective realisation.


“Realisation is magical” is the conclusion of 3 centuries of science, see the Basics Concepts of Science of Life


“Science as Non-sense” explores the risks of believing that science ‘is true’ (instead of a truism).


“Shifting the Paradigm” describes how we use freedom of choice to change our involvement in our environment by changing the phase relationship in/of/at the interface. We do this as 1) individual in 2) relationship in 3) groups in 4) Humanity.


Collapsing of the Vector of State” describes how
1) photon spin change operates dimensional (de)Compression in
2) the wave nodes of the ElectroMagnetic field of our living body, thereby
3) re-phasing the system singularities which define our system boundary; leading to
4) a different interfacing/involvement in our environment and thus a different experience of it.
This is the fundamental instrument for our participation in creation.


Man - Woman - Human - Godman” describes development of/to consciousness; and duality of neurones/hormones; and their role in DeDogmatisation. 


i.-g.o.d.” spells how cells define our system boundary by setting Integrity of Generation/Operation/Destruction of the interface by changing the inner-phase.


“Critical Mass” applies the explosive insights of nuclear physics to raising consciousness of masses of people


Freedom of Choice is the essence of life; and the quintessence of the alchemists. This new series of Essays specifies what Freedom of Choice is and how it works.


Time Machining” specifies how Freedom of Choice is integrated in living beings; uniting the work of many researchers in the Science of Life project.


The Dynamics of Realisations operate in 4D Time, by 0D Freedom of Choice in interplay with 1D Memory, 2D Cerebellum and 3D Cortex information processing.


Dedogmatisation is the most important tool for anybody working with science


The Tetrahedron-Electron: particles in 4D to unify all physics


The 4D Electron - a direct dream insight


Seeing is believing”, but hypnosis shows: we see what we believe.


Sciencing: word =/= meaning =/= opinion =/= fact


Mathematics is ...? postulates that we must not confuse the instrument of/for realisation with the product ‘reality’.


As part of “Development of Science”, see “Science in the Making”, with as starter: Understanding Fractals, By Susie Vrobel and O#o


We are NOT conscious of Reality; it exists only in our own imagination as out-of-conscious abstraction; we can however model conscious choice in Music.


Perhaps more of a rant than an essay ... my analysis of the risk of dehumanisation by the use of (Blind) statistics.


Magic becomes self-evident,  once it is realised that it addresses how we put ideas in action: in our body.
It is how we Realise Reality


Based on all previous Essays, we can now describe how our choices affect our beliefs, this our reflexes, and thus our actions: The Theory of Magic and the Practice of Magic (“Magic” comes from a Sanskrit word for “Creative Potential/Power”.)


Math as/is g.o.d.: our involvement shifts our boundary.definition in/of our mind; that is the definition of magic..


Math as Myth deals with the need to describe our involvement; this requires a description for the dynamic by which a point spirals into a circle to form a vortex.


Magic is the art/act of meaningful participation in creation; Healing is the participation in creation with integrity; both use in the casing of the bones/beliefs, Containing Freedom of Choice


MatheMusics & Musematics introduce a new series of essays, on the formulation of involvement in creation. Mathemusics explores the holographic nature of experience in our body, Musematics introduces a (‘cybernetic’) technology for empathy in creation.


New addition to MetaThematics: The Quality of Quantity:
Primes and Consequences on the Dimensional meaning of Numbers


New additions to the series The Bones of Belief:


Crippled by Crutches shows how beliefs can lame thinking


Real Virtuality presents the possibility to experience creation by participation; by choosing involvement.


Science as Belief” shows that science constructs beliefs, and must practice religion. Shifting the Paradigm explains how that can be done: by changing involvement.


Trabeculation (body formation), The Limitations of Mind (how thinking is but a process in context) and Belief in Bias


Pulling Muscles (mental conflicts) and the Art of the Joint (operating degrees of freedom in mind and body)


The World in Our Head explains that and how reality is a realisation


Introduction, Embryology of belief, Manipulation of Belief, collapse of the Vector of State, Atom-Molecule fractals, and the basis for transcendental realisation.


Creating Beliefs” and “Belief realisation” provide the foundation for the need for understanding Beliefs.


Freedom of Choice is a Dimensional Operation (O#o)


What is Science? diagnoses the problem in human understanding to find the cure for planetary destruction.


New additions to the series The Bones of Belief:
The Window of Opportunity in Participation in Creation. The principle of turbulence in the merging of two rivers illustrates how we change the organisation of information and matter in our body.


The Bones of Belief: the new theme topic in which the relationship between body, mind, soul and spirit is made explicit: how does the software make the hardware? How do we operate Freedom of Choice in our Participation in Creation


Fun-da-Mentals, regroups the already existing text on the pivital role of the System Singularity Stability Set, by which we operate Freedom of Choice by the i.-g.o.d.-principle (Generate, Operate, Destroy, Integrate) by which we reset the boundaries of the body as a system, making use of the information-plastic properties of the materials secreted by the living cells of our body.


The Science of Life”; the core paper for understanding the foundation of the work on this web site, presenting that Freedom of Choice (a dimensional Operator) is the essence of life; The Consciousness Activation Cascade shows how we live this.


Health Care is the implied complement of Magic, addressed in the lecture series by Courtenay Raia “Science, Magic and Religion”, added to the Background videos.


Freedom of Choice in Creation condenses the insicht obtained before 1974 that all formulations of creation need to be based on phase space, and include our operation of Freedeom of Choice (i.g.o.d.) (O#o).


Consciousness, Life, Freedom of Choice and Realisation are all based on application of the g.o.d. principle in creation (O#o).


Bio-Logics is based on the g.o.d. principle of relocating the interface to enhance balance in the context to optimise Freedom of Choice (O#o)


The Experience of g.o.d. - we need to address the sub-unconscious aspects of the Realisation of Reality (O#o)


The Formulation of Involvement - recognise the dynamic by which we relate part to whole (observer to observation) (O#o)


The Logic of Involvement also explains the dynamic of life, creation and realisation (O#o)


The Art/Act of Involvement - what matters is, how we use thinking thoughts to relate feeling to action in Realisation of Creation (O#o)


The mathematics of creation is the same as the logic of realisation (O#o)


Vanessa Hill & Peter Rowlands provide Nature’s Code; the Geometry & Algebra linking Biology and Physics.


Bill Tiller contributes Towards a Consciousness-Inclusive Science for Our World; an essential paper.
It shows that we (can learn to) live in two realities.


Reality is a Realisation (2) Consensus Conditioning (O#o)


Reality is a Realisation (1) The World in our Head (O#o)


STEC (O#o) : a stunningly simple graphic shows how Consciousness, Energy, Time and Space . . . are one.


Zachary Jones put us ‘on the map’ and explains why we need science/mythology to understand phenomena beyond our scales of perception:
The Human Shape of Cosmological Structure.


Can we use mind to describe mind? In retrospect, yes, by inverse re-engineering ... Cognitive Constructs (O#o)


Chackra, Meridian, Aura and Kundalini have very specific and precise meaning at the level of the ElectroMagnetic Body Dynamics, in interaction with Freedom of Choice.


New essay on Meta-Analysis, Is it 1) science?, 2) statistics?, 3) status?, or simply the grading of papers?


Susie Vrobel provides her material on Reality Generation, in which the Time Fractal plays a crucial role.


Hellmut Loeckenhoff contributes two essential papers which address our personal transdimensional nature; and - its equivalent - the trans-scale material (nano) states.


System Stability Singularity Set(O#o) is the formal basis for the understanding of the potential and power  of Freedom of Choice in Matter, in life forms. This provides the mathematical conceptual basis for The Equation of Health.


Written 1985, “YES” (Earth is a Living Organism) (O#o) still stands strong with the essence of living systems logic.


O#o’s papers The Artist Scientist, What is Life, The Matter of Water, PolyPerspective Synthesis Analysis, the god Equation, and Points on 4DD Logic  present fundamental perspectives on the relevance of Freedom of Choice in Matter, in living Life.


We need to define, and describe, the Logic of Creation.
This must have Freedom of Choice at its core: the change of Dimensional organisation (logic) of the system.
We will find that what we describe, describes us also.


A descripton by O#o on the reverse-engineering of our descriptions of Reality into a perception of Realisation. It implies the interaction of consciousness with energy in time-space.


Some people declare findings to be ‘unscientific’. They are Unscientists professing Unscience, a fundamentalist dogmatic belief which serves other - often commercial - interests by emotional assault.


Cyril Smith provided a listing of his publications on electrosensitivity and water phenomena,
plus three articles for publication on this web site.


A set of 135 PDF’s with the work of Matti Pitkänen was uploaded; links to explanatory pages, and a course to grasp his work, are to follow.


The pages on Lawrence Edwards, Nicola Tesla were added, as were the texts on Sonoluminescence and the Bindu of Creation.
More reference material was added into the page on Phase Space


Commenced the section on Backgrounds (‘why classical/relativistic/quantum/string models fail”), with a systematic link to video materials, to show that these are operations manipulating symbols/mind; not reality/realisation.

Started a section “Courses” to offer visitors/students ‘guided tours’ by the participating researchers.
First page is by O#o, helping to think in terms of Phase Space.
A link to the Bohm Dialogue Group work was added.


Extended Research Section, with pages for:


Commenced the section on Research;
Inserted pages for

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