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The background ideas to the Theory of Relativity, and Quantum Theory

A century ago, Quantum Theory and the Theory of Relativity were created.
They were formulated by - basically - the same group of people; based on the Wiener Kreis.

Both theories are based on realising that we can use different ways of equally valid perspectives.
This is much related to the loss of control of the roman empire/church; democracy of the mind.

It is important to understand that this called for a different way of thinking and understanding,
Instead of thinking of wholeness (unity) as oneness (uniformity), it was in fact diversity.

Philosophy, religion, politics and science all needed to change.
It was the onset of a change from the slave state to democracy.

At present this mental switch has still not be completed.
Humanity is a complex organism (body) and there are many people (cells) involved.

For the understanding of the Science of Life it is necessary how New Science emerged, and why it fails.
The emergence of New Science (Quantum Relativity) comes out of the use of Multiple Perspective (see below).
The reason why it fails is because of - still - denial of Freedom of Choice.
Science of Life is based on the pivotal importance of Freedom of Choice; and the importance of your unique, personal, involvement.

Science of Life is an Integral Science.
It is at the same time a science of realisation: participation and integration.

In order to understand the need for Science of Life ("Realisation"), it is necessary to see the limitations of classical science ("Control").
Because it is the limitation of Classical (Control) science which cripples the use of quantum relativistic models of science.


The changes can be summarised as follows:

  • Classical science has a fixed stance of mind: invariance, inertia, control - slavery
  • Relativistic science has one added perspective:
    relativity, relationship, criticality - supervisor
  • Quantum Theory added another perspective:
    reflection: transformation, interaction, co-ordination -
  • Integral Theory introduces yet another perspective:
    integration, inversion, consciousness - self-realisation

The changes of perspective can be represented as that of using 1, 2, 3 mirrors in the system.
Technically it is more sound to describe it as the description in detail of the boundary of the system.
In terms of relationships it is where 1, 2, 3 four different poarspectives are unified, integrated.
Practically it means that three Freedoms of Choice are combined, to be able to Invert a perspective.

Realise that this Inversion is essential; it turns the universe inside-out.

  • Instead of Reality, you have a Realisation.
  • Instead of Facts, you have Faith, Function, Fraud
  • Instead of Control, it is about consciousness.
  • Objectivity is found to be founded only on Subjectivity

Your mind allows you to understand this.
Inversion, is how your body functions: at every cell division.
Your models may hinder you in this understanding; they were based on more limited assumptions.
For the understanding of Science of Life it is relevant to understand that, and how, conditioning of collective consensus has been used to limit the personal use of mind and realisation.


People have been conditioned, far more than most realise, to limit the use of their mind.
Schools - schooling - conditioned children to the same beliefs - yet calling them fact.
Education focused on replication of ideas; not on the realisation of being.
Politics (and the use of money) made use of those models to disempower people.

At this level of understanding, science, politics, belief and realisation mingle.
The Science of Life finds its solutions in the relationships between living cells.
By cell division we can see that - by definition - all cells are one, yet have different perspective.
Likewise we can see that humans are not individuals, but aspects of one cosmic being.

It is necessary to release the belief in dependence of others (father, emperor, pope, god).
It is time for humanity (humans) to grow up and become adult: responsible, autonomous, creators.
It is relevant that humans realise to which extent they have let their reality be led and lived by others.
You are the only factor that matters in your life; you are not a creature but a creator; and responsible for your actions.

Every scientist creating a model, creates and distorts our understanding and perspective.
Every person telling another what reality is like, imposes an opinion (and if imposing it, performs rape).
(This is why there conclusions - here - are only personal statements - and personal realisations.)
The essence of the Science of life is the importance of your Freedom of Choice in realisation.

Science of life integrates science with philosophy with psychology ith realisation.
Religion is immaterial: it is a hybrid of philosophy, psychology, and politics.
Churches are artefacts, based on the (con) fusion of philosophy, psychology, politics and power.
Science is no more than a personal discourse- the art of story telling - for the purpose of enlarging collective perspective and understanding.

In the Science of Life, Science is an organism in itself.
It is the tough process in our heads, now seen between people.
What we hold as ideas and ideas, as seen as words and equations.
This does not make it real, nor make it true; they are -like excrement - manure for next possible perspective.

Science of Life does not work with realities but with realisation.
Your body and that of humanity are one and the same; you are Earth, and the uniVerse.
What matters is how you live it: are you able to integrate those different perspectives?
More important however is your ability to use (operate), or abuse, Freedom of Choice.

Science of Life shows how the part is always part of he whole.
The part and he whole scare the same -ongoing - dynamic.
The part is the whole and the part; in an ongoing cycle of de-/at-tachments.
What matters is how you identify with it; and how you realise being you/us/Earth/uniVersal.

  • Religion in the form of churches cripples precisely what it ofers: you are uniVersal; live it.
  • Politics in the form we know it cripples precisely what it offers: you are human & humanity.
  • Science as we until now had it crippled what it offered; Reality is in fact a Realisation.
  • People have led themselves to be lived by abstractions and generalisations; they believed.

Belief is no basis for realisation.
Belief accept from outside, what lacks inside.
It is a form of rape, and addiction.
It removes responsibility from realisation.




The Theory of Relativity is a way of looking at reflections.

Compare it to looking in a mirror.





Depending on where you stand, and posistion the mirror, you will see a difference between what you see directly, and what you see via that mirror.

The Theory of Relativity positioned the mirror at the speed of light; this is an arbitrary placement. You can also place such a mirror at the speed of sound of - more relevant the speed of consciousness.

The mirror technique helps out to identify in detail what happens for any motion close to that mirror. Because you cannot look beyond that mirror, whatver you will look at will seem to run into a wall: the bassier of Sound, the Barrier oif Light, the Barrier of Consciousness, and so on.

The so-called limitation of the Speed of life is not a fact; it is an assumption (later shown to be false; John Davidson, The Secret of the Vacuum)).

It is the mathematical (psychological) tool of the insistent comparison with the speed of sound, or light, which seemingly fixes the perspective.

Once you realise how this work you can change the perspective. You can place your 'mirror' at a different position; or you can even use multiple mirrors.


Bill Tiller has proposed to used multiple mirrors, positioned at different angles at the same point, to be able to observe what take place at that point in more detail.


The Theory of Relativity regarded the motion of planets, with respect of the (assumed) speed of light

The Quantum Theory looked at the movement of electron between adjoining atomic orbits.


By the assumption that the speed of light is fixed, it becomes a limit to what can be perceived by this method.

By assuming that it is not possible to describe what happens between atomic orbits, this limits themodel.


Quantum Theory is a way of looking for repetitions.

Compare it to looking using two mirrors.







In order to understand the Theory of Relativity, and Quantum Theorry, look at the mathematics on which it is based.


The Theory of Relativity uses a description of Lorentz, en Riemann.

Quantum Theory used the description of Schröedinger and Taylor.


The Taylor Series is a mathematical fool for recognising patterns.

It is based on the well known equation y = ax + bx^2 + cx^3 + ... and so on.

Taylor and others realised that it basically meant that any value can be described as a combination of different functions.

Another way to present this is: any point can be located by adding and subtracting graphs of different kind.

Compate it to reachich ant place on Earth by a combination of different means of transport.


Cauchy matrix sweeping, Taylor Series, Fourier Series, and Foerier Integrals are all examples of this approach.

Cauchy matrix sweeping identifies what is knoown in something unknown, and consistently taking that out of the equation to see wat is left. Once you will have recognised all that was involved, the result will be zeroe. There is no difference between waht you found *the unknown function), and what you created (a combination of known functions).



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