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MatheMusics explores ways to describe our body language in terms of music.
Our body is composed of a system of interrelated/interlocked cell cycles.
All cell cycles have their own frequency; which varies according to context conditions.
In that sense the body is composed of a tapestry/tissues of harmonic vibrations.

Cell Communication Cycles as Sound Scapes

In physics this could be described in terms of Coupled Oscillators, though that is problematic.
As soon as more than three oscillators are interlinked, we cannot determine the motion.
But that indeterminacy is precisely what our body uses, and it is characteristic for/of life.
Although we cannot describe the physics of it, we can yet try to understand this dynamic.

Our body is, essentially, an integral electromagnetic field, in 4 dimensions.
In it, Physics <= Chemistry <= Electromagnetism <= Photon field.
Because photon-leap <=> electron-leap <=> electron-oscillation <=> electron-bonding.
Of which we see the result: information in formation => atoms => molecules => matter.

We cannot describe the photon level: when two colours merge they become indiscriminate.
We cannot describe the electromagnetic level: electricity and magnetism are interwoven.
We can attempt to describe the physiological process chemistry, in terms of sound wave patterns.
We cannot describe the physical anatomical level, where material presence is mutually exclusive.

We can attempt to describe the chemical process dynamics, in terms of cell cycles...
We can attempt to see how the cell cycles and metabolomic cycles are all interlinked.
We can attempt to see how we can describe that dynamic in terms of music, and mathematics.
That is the aim of this project of MatheMusics.

Science in the Making

In this section of the web site you can experience “Science in the Making”.
You can listen to the discussions between O#o van Nieuwenhuijze and Henk Kooij.
Henk Kooij introduces his concept, and life work, entitled “SomaVox”.
O#o van Nieuwenhuijze presents his vision of “MatheMusics”.

Below you find the links to the audio recordings of the conversations.
The brief summary links to the rough notes taken during the conversation.
They jot down ideas address in the conversation; plus relevant associations.
The recordings themselves can best be listened to with an open mind.

What is being discussed goes beyond what is commonly known, and thought about.
As a new language, you cannot ‘understand’ it; yet you can learn it ‘by soaking it in’.
As any baby, you do not need ‘knowledge’: you have the (cap)ability to Know.
Simply listen, ‘like a child listening to a bed time story’; and your insights will grow.







Introduction: general exploration




SomaVox, and MatheMusics











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