Matti Pitkänen Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care
Matti Pitkänen is independent research scientist.
He welcomes your donation for his work.
His work you can find on his and this web site.
His book you find here.
  • TGD Presentations
  • TGD Topological Geometrodynamics, 7 books
  • Consciousness and Biology, 8 books.


For direct access to these, click the links below:

Online Books:

1) Online books representing Topological Geometrodynamics and its applications.
    (8000+ pages, split in parts for easier access.)



A link to Topological Geometrodynamics in Quantum Theory can be found at Mathematical Subject Classification Table of American Mathematical Society

2) Online books of TGD inspired Theory of Consciousness.
     (2000+ pages, split in parts for easier access.)



    These materials are made available online because TGD publications are not yet accepted in so-called ‘respected’ physics journals. The Los Alamos physics archives only allow to add material to the math archives of Los Alamos.

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