Michel Bounias Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Michel Bounias has researched life: and the implications of living.

His love for humanity translated into reams of volumes of texts, which can now be found at http://www.globalprojectmb.org set up by his son Marc. (At present it is off-line).

In the web site his works of mathematics (reflecting our use of mind) and physics (reflecting our use of body) deal with the basics if Biology (reflecting our quality to live) and consciousness (reflecting our response-ability in creation).

The work he left is massive; the work yet left to be done is as immense.
What he described, needs to be understood and lived. His work is about integrity and integration: holistic science, rather than analytical science. Holistic, as represented by a hologram function basis in physics, and mathematics. Showing, in formulae, how all is interrelated, and how affecting part, affects also the whole.

Analytical science - by its method - neglects to reflect on is repercussions. By regarding the context, it inflicts problems onto the context. All it ignores in the reductionism and linearisation of analytic equations - the problems that are disregarded in formulation the equation - are found back in their application. Rather than using the methods and limitations of analytical science, it is logical to use an integrated model. The work of Michel Bounias shows, extensively and in detail, what this looks like. Now it remains: to be used.

Please visit the web site http://www.globalprojectmb.org and you are welcome to carry the spirit forth which it represents. And contribute to it, by reading it, but specifically by living it.


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