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O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1982), Human Limits to Man made Models, Proc. Modeling & Simulation Conf. '82, Vol. 13, Pittsburgh.
The models that we make are projections of our perceptions; this requires that we understand how our mind works, and how we relate our subjective and objective experiences. The paper presents the 4D logic, which puts the locus of co-ordination on the interface, rather than inside us. It means that we do not act on reality, but interact with it: reality is a realisation. “We need as least as much consciousness, as the energy that we work with”.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1983), Yes (Earth is a Living Organism), Proc. Nat. Audubon Society "Is the Earth a Living Organism?", Amhurst, USA.
It is surprising that people ask if Earth is a living organism. Why do they not see that the definitions that they use for themselves, also apply to our context? Why do they not realise that the so-called “laws of Nature”, also describe us. Or, rather, perhaps, describe only us, in the way we think and behave. Objective science is based on the subjective experience of scientists, always. By seeing how we reflect our context, and the context reflects in us, we can see that Earth and humanity are partners in a dance of life in creation.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1985), l'Homme au Centre de l'Univers, Conference Astrologique, Lyon, 1985.
One of the sciences that has long studied the relationship between objective behaviour and subjective realisation is astrology. Humans are part of the uniVerse, and the processes that we experience within us, are part of universal dynamics. it is possible to study the relationships between rhythms, those within us and those around us. Fourier analysis described this or physics; astrology describes this for phasics. By looking at the pattern dynamics, it is easier too see that, and how, the human and context are interrelated. And that we are indeed part of the whole. Inversely, this means that the whole can be lived in the part. It is this higher level awareness (intuition) that enables humans to give care to our earth.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1987), Patterns in Process(es); Amsterdam Conf. on Mutual Uses of Cybernetics and Science (ed. R. Glanville).
Reality is a Realisation. But in order to see this, scientists of the Classical kind need to realise that matter is made up of molecules: all that is static is essentially dynamic. However, all processes are interrelated, and transform each other in and by their interaction. Everything is therefor in transformation, and merely probabilistic; not deterministic: molecules are composed of atoms. The essence of atoms however is not their substance but their organisation; all exist, and are formed, as part of the universe. It is the pattern of interconnectedness that determines the dynamics of the uniVerse that we live in; and are part of.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1988a), Æffecting Changes Æffectively, International Free University, Maastricht, private edition.
The processes in our body and the process dynamics of our context are interrelated. Within us, we use freedom of choice to change our inner process dynamics. Around us, we change our context on changes of choices that we made within us. When we aim to affect our context, we can do so only to the extent that we associate ourselves with it That requires that we need to be able to identify with it. (Thus, have our own experience, and that of what happens around us, both at the same time. And, be able to discern between them.) In dealing with people, as e.g. i healing, we act in this manner. We use our freedom of choice, but then: so do they. In order to be effective in the interaction the communications needs to be based on what happens within the individual people, but on what is share between them. This is what they also share with their context.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1988b): AstroLogisch (in Dutch), private edition.
Astrology is a language designed to describe process dynamics. Its main focus is on cycles; and the way it is possible to relate different cycles in terms of cycles within cycles. The planetary motion is but an explicit representation foe the way process cycles in our body, physiology, interweaves with the process cycles of our context. In astrology the representation is 4D always: systems of cycles can be part of larger cycle systems. They are always interrelated, even if they appear to be separate from each other. The UniVerse is one integral system of vibration. The language of astrology reflects a dynamic logic to describe this. This description applies to all relativistic levels of descriptions, of processes in interaction.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1989), InterFacing & InnerPhasing; Amsterdam Conf. on Problems of Society, Support & Culture (ed. R. Glanville).
Whatever happens within an interface, changes the interface also. Analytical science disregards the interface. It disregards the context. It disregards the interaction, and thus the way the subject reflects in the object and vice versa. It requires understanding o the interface, and its inner dynamics, to work with it. Innerphasing - the phases changes within the system - is what our body is based on, even in its structure, dynamics, organisation and emergence. Objective Analytical Science is a conundrum; an oxymoron. Every boundary is a Field, and vice versa. Every Separator is a Connector. Closed systems do not exist. There are only forms of interaction which turn the dynamic into a pattern that is static, momentarily only. Space is a form of Time which is a form of Energy which is a forms of Consciousness (Phase Space). This is how our involvement shapes the lives that we live.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1993), Realising Reality (Values: Absolutely Relative (In)Variants); Proc. Amsterdam Conf. Problems of Values & (In)Variants (ed. R. Glanville and G. de Zeeuw), pp. 139-148.
Reality is a Realisation. Reality does not exist. Objectivity is Subjective; anything called objective is but consensus. This means that all we hold to be true is but a bias, and truth is a truism. For many this seems a contradiction: “it all seems so real”. As long as people do not realise how they create the reality that they perceive, they cannot imagine either how they can be mis-taking in their perceptions and con-fusing their projections with their perceptions. Scientists need to learn elemental mental skills, such as mental and emotional hygiene, understanding techniques of denial and repression, in order to calibrate their thinking and beliefs, in the same way they need to calibrate the instruments they use for taking measurements of nature.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1994), EmbryoGenesis (TopoLogical EmbryoLogy); unpublished work.
Humanity emerged as part of the development of the universe as a whole; never have we been separate from, or outside of it. Natural laws apply to humans also. The logic that links subjective and objective also applies o the relationship between information and matter. In living organisms the two are combined. Our body shows how this takes place. We can trace the interweaving of information into matter by seeing how humans are forms of animals, which developed on principles found in plants (our vegetative system) which are based on properties found in minerals. The degrees of freedom involved relate to changes in topology. Development of life forms is therefor a logical unfoldmend of dimensional transitions described in mathematics as Topology.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1995), The Gearbox of Realities (Transcendental Complex Vortex Systems Cybernetics); Proc. Amsterdam Conf. Problems of Excavating Cybernetics and Systems (ed. R. Glanville with G. de Zeeuw). pp 221-222
Stable and static objects are based on process dynamics. The relationship between process flow lines (meridians) is determined by vortices (chackras). The medical models of meridians, chackras and auras describe the same as the mathematical models of vectors, tensors and fields. It is necessary to heal health care by bringing science to life. The most abstract forms of mathematics describe the way our body functions; many mathematicians need to reflect that what they formulate describes ... themselves. This will help them to understand the more refined intricacies of mathematics - how all its dialects are interrelated - and that it is not the formulations of mathematics that matter, but the wholeness that they describe.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1996a), Robot Doctors (Health Care in Perspective); Proc. Cybernetics Conference, Vienna.
It is much cheaper and simpler to program robots to function as doctors, than to condition doctors to function as robots. Medical protocols suffer from the deadly misconception that living beings are treated as if they are subject to laws of dead matter, while the material laws were designed by living beings. Repeatability, verifiability and predictability are valid only in inertial fields. Robots can deal with such matters, leaving people free to deal with creation, freedom of choice, learning by trial and error, and thus living with the consequences of making mistakes. Healing requires this insight in order to be effective. The more doctors are able to enter into the uniqueness of human being, the more healing they can be for their context.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1996b), Organic Data Organisation (Human Being as Data Process(or)); Proc. ABA Conference, (Symposium on Cyber-Cluster-City-Concepts), Athens, July 10-17 1996, Athens, Greece.
Organisations, societies and cities are modelled on models of dead matter. The result is that cities, societies and our environment become more deadly: they are more devoid of the living essence of nature; innovation and newness. This can be seen also in our body: it is a supercomputer. of which the form is the output of its computations. Anatomical medicine takes this end result as its starting point for its considerations. It is more sensible, sensitive, and it makes more sense to instead focus on the traits that are characteristic for living beings. This too can be found in our body: all materials that we are ‘composed of’ are highly responses to changes in the flow of information. They are like the materials sought after, for making super computers.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1996c), 4-Dimensional Time (Modelling beyond Eternity; The Paradox of Time); Proc. Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics '96, Baden-Baden. (Symposium "Modelling Anticipative Systems").
Time is not a number shown by a clock; which is based on inertial rotation in an invariant field. Much more important than time is Timing, the ability for processes to link up and interconnect. More relevant than this is synchrony: the capacity of time cycles to interweave and reinforce each other, creating flexible state time dynamics. But most important are Time Timing networks, in which processes are nested and embedded with/in each other, and at the same tome producing as being produced. Birth and death requires the understanding of time beyond time, timing and synchronisation. It requires the dissolution of time and the emergence of time out of the emergence of forms of manifestation. Time is an aspect of experienced energy, not a reality onto itself.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1996d), ’The Architecture of the Soul (Control Systems Control System), Proc. Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics '96, Baden-Baden.
Our body has a regulatory system, which has a regulatory system. This is at the level of 3rd order cybernetics (thus a reduced form of a 4th order system cybernetic). It is this system that endows the body to balance itself in a changing context, offers the option for compensating in untoward contexts, and even allows for the system to seal itself of in its own local niche context, in an unfavourable context. The Soul can thereby be definitely and clearly defines. As a 3rd order system it can also be understood why the soil is depicted as a point in our living body system: it is the dynamic floating point of contact - the dynamic system set point reset cusp - which (like a hologram) determines the local system stability (and adaptability) within its context.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1996e), Objective Subjectivity & Subjective Objectivity; 4D (Socio) Psycho Logics(4D Personality ((Non-Euclidean) Socio-PsychoLogics), Proc. 10th Cybernetics & Systems Conference '96, Bucharest.
A person is a simultaneous blend of an identity, a pole in a relationship, a momentaneous pivot in a group process, and a point of inversion (of manifestation) of society, humanity, all life forms, and the universe as a whole. The different pertaining modes of involvement reflect in different forms of consciousness in observation, communication, realisation and creation. In dealing with people, all these aspects of (im)personal being need stop be addressed, also for understanding their physical, mental social and natural states of health; and the forms of dis-ease. An individual relates to a group integral collective always.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1997a), Acts of Consciousness (Reflections on/off Reflexes); Proc. Amsterdam Conf. Problems of Actions & Observations (ed. R. Glanville).
Freedom of choice discerns living people from rocks. We cannot base our understanding of life forms on laws of dead mater. yet at the same time much of or human being is based in our living with/in the material context. The patterns of information in matter is best seen in the study of reflex. These are autonomous functional patterns, which when acted out once, can always be re-en-acted with lesser degrees of consciousness and or awareness. In the study of reflex it is more easy to see when, where, how and why we use freedom of choice in creation. Or can let reflexes run our life as a whole.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1997b), S.P.I.R.i.T. (Systems Pathophysiology: Integral Response interActive Therapies), Proc. Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics '97, Baden-Baden.
Our body is at the same time a unit (one whole body), a unity of organs, and a unity of living cells. At the same time our body is integral part of our context; a part of it not apart from it. Every body response takes place at all of these levels. We thus cannot regard the reaction of a cell separate from the organ system it is involved in, or the whole body it forms in part. The reaction of each cell at the same moment ties in with the response of all body cells, the whole body and our context. Integral system response requires a different understanding than analytical thinking can offer. Therapeutic interactions always need to take this integral systemic body response into account, because pathological processes are normal processes of the body our of their normal integration with each other an the body.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1997c), Infinite Forms of Infinity (Opening Closed Systems), Proc. Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics 1997, Baden-Baden.
Mathematical models are bounded in their application. Mathematics as a whole is a mental construct. It formulates a set of symbols and relations between them. Mathematics therein is a reflection of our way of thinking. The limitations of mathematics can be described in the same way as mathematics describes other observations. This means: we can apply the thinking of mathematics to mathematics. The limitations of mathematics can thereby be described as singularities of the system, of mathematics. This means that these singularities of mathematics can be used to turn mathematics inside-out. They are the handles for understanding how mathematics expresses the essence, principles and processes of our thinking.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1998a), "The Simplicity of Complexity" (The (Psycho) Logic of (Social) Integration), Proc. World Sociology Conference, Quebec. [PPT]
“If the universe were complex, it would not have lasted more than a fraction of a second”. The continued coherence, in/and development of the uniVerse as a whole is indication that the basis of the manifestation of the universe must be simple. This also shows that this simplicity is not a characteristic of matter. It pre-existed in stellar forms, in the Cosmic Gas, and the pre-Big Bang phases. It means that the nature of coherence of the uniVerse is embedded in phase space; and each point in Phase Space. This is elaborated in STEC: every ‘pixel’ of the uniVerse is holographic. Every point in the uniVerse relates to the uniVerse as a whole.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1998b), "Healing Systems", (Healing of Systems of Healing of Systems of ...), Proc. Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics '98, Baden-Baden. [PPT]
From the perspective of Systems Theory, any object is part of a process, in a relationship group that forms part of the whole. This relation implies a cyclicity that can be used, and recognised, in Healing. Healing is the dynamic process by which the part recalibrates its role as part on/of the whole. This again means that the properties of healing can be applied to both healing, the relationships in healing, and the mutual interactive transformation. Healing has autopoietic characteristics: it can restore its integrity on basis of its integrity as part of the whole.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1998c), "(Dis)Integrity; The one source of health, the one cause of disease", Proc. Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics '98, Baden-Baden. [PPT]
Heath is based on the embedding of the part as part of the whole. In that case the interface is an integral connector. Whenever this interface is warped and an interference pattern emerges between the part and the whole, then the embedding of the part into the whole will change also. Whenever the boundary changes are transient and stable, the system adapts. When the boundary become unstable, the situation can lag and the system must compensate. When the boundary interference becomes unstable, the system state will collapse, as will the system: it dies. Healing has one element only: the restoration of the integration of the interface to restore the integrity of the part as part of the whole.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1998d), “BioHolograms, (Phase Coherence of Life)”, Int. Congress On Cybernetics, Namur, Belgium. [PPT]
There are some fundamental inconsistencies in the laws of electromagnetism. If protons annihilate electrons, end north poles attract south poles; why is the universe not exploded or congealed? There must be other factors in play which determine how the universe unfolded, and developed different forms of coherence. These same principles are at play in the development of all life forms. Each of which must by principle be part of the universe as whole. This lead to the idea of the Bio-Hologram, which serves also to understand the coherence of each life form. This has direct relevance for the understanding of health and healing.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1999a), "PsychoLogics" (4D Logic Principles of the Psyche); Proc. Amsterdam Conf. Problems of Participation & Connection. (ed. R. Glanville). [PPT]
Psychology is often understood as the quest for understanding of our thinking. In our body we see that our personal experience is mingled with our part in shared experiences with others, our part in group experience, and our experience of our context. Each of these levels of awareness is processed in a different manner. This helps to see that we operate four distinct levels of consciousness, always. It also means that within us we have much more awareness than just that of our personal perspective. The 4D logic that is the core of all these papers also applies to our psyche.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1999b), Synergetic Systems” (Processing Reality beyond the Speed of Light), Proc. Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics '99, Baden-Baden. [PPT]
The Newton Pendulum is an example how group action can operate much more quickly than individual action: one marble hits the end of a row of juxtaposed marbles, of which the last of the end at once moves onward. This demonstrates that speed of group-action depends on coherence. In wave mechanics this is known in the relationship of waves, a wave group, the envelope of the group wave, and the soliton, in which a wave can travel on its own in its context. It is long known that in wave groups signals can propagate at speeds higher than what is called the light speed. This understanding is of use in synergy in social systems, and for understanding health: the coherent symbiosis of cells in our body.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1999c), STEC: Space-Time_Energy-Consciousness” (The Paradox in Model Making), CASYS, Liège, 1999. [PPT]
Cosmology made clear that matter is a form of information. Matter is composed of molecules made up out of atoms defined by subatomic phase fields. From this we can conclude that information (change of coherence of phase space) underlies all forms of energy. Energy in turn underlies the cyclic transformations which determine time. Stable patterns in time determine space. This is the relation between phase, a wave front, a wave cycle, and a standing wave. The difference between Changes in Phase Space Coherence (Consciousness), Energy (transformation), Time (recursion) and Space (invariance) is thus a difference of perspective. It is also reflects a difference of involvement, which means that we need to take this into account for all models made and used in science.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1999d), “1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Order Cybernetics” (Thinking around in Circles), WOCS, Brunel, 1999. [PPT]
Systems Theory has become more widely used and since developed into more detailed descriptions. As a result some researchers introduced the concept of 2nd order Cybernetics. Where 1st order cybernetics us held to be valid for machine dynamics, second order cybernetics is held to be of use for interpersonal communications. This paper points out that by this approach we can also define 3rd and 4th Order Cybernetics, dealing with respectively the interactions of complicated systems, and the integrity of complex (holic) systems. This understanding however merely points out that 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Order Cybernetics express the same principles an concepts as are already described in the basic formulations of systems theory and cybernetics.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (1999e), “BioMathematics” (Our Body as Model for Science), BioMath, Paris, 1999. [PPT]
BioMathematics describes an approach in mathematics in which biological systems are modelled in descriptions of mathematics. This paper points out that the inverse approach seems to be more useful: humans created mathematics. Thus mathematics is always based on properties of humans. Mathematics is an expression of the way we function. It also means that we can use our body as example for recognising different forms of mathematics. We do not need to develop mathematics to describe our body. We can use our body to identify different forms of mathematics, and the relationships between them. This also may be used to discover blind spots in our understanding of mathematics: all those instances where we can not yet find a form of mathematics which represents the functioning of our body.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2000a), Coping with Creation" (Curing Institutionalised Rape and Abuse of Individuals), 2000, Panticosa. [PPT]
Analytical thinking has been led to the extreme where the findings have become alienated from the natural environment. Mechanical Science is an example: it has led to the belief that reality is objective. However, it is based on personal realisation and is thus always subjective. Other life forms, and the planet, have become regarded as if objects. This has created a global waste society. It is also the basis of diseases: all levels where humans and humanity loose contact with their context will backfire. Planetary pollution is an example. "Sustainability" is a deception based on the same premise: control. What, instead, is needed is the re-integration of humans and humanity with all life forms and earth. Integration, and healing, are the key words for curing the ills that result from (analytical) alienation from our natural context.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2000b), Information Medicine: Healing Information” (The role of Information as a means to restore Wholeness), 2000, Baden-Baden. [PPT]
Dynamic coherence is the essence of living systems. Loss of coherence is characteristic for diseases. The coherence between the cells in the body is not described in reference to the cells, but by the relationships between them. This involves the regulatory system (SOUL), and the system for information integration (S.P.I.R.i.T.). As our body is composed of living cells, which are self aware and aware of their context, the basic need in healing is to restore the operational integrity between them. This is specified as the need for healing information, for the cells to relearn and refind their respective coherence. It also specifies Information Medicine as any technique or method that can convey this information.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2000c), Options, Choices, Doubts and Decisions” (Precisioning the Pivot Point of Power), CASYS, Liège, 2000. [PPT]
Interfaces determine the relationships between systems. System Closure and Open Systems are determined by the phase characteristics of the interface that connects them. Interface Dynamics thereby is the prime agent in 1) changing the degree of openness of a system, and 2) relating systems to each other. One operator (phase change of the interface) thus determines the stare of the part and the relationship of the part to the whole. It is a singularity where the whole and the par can be changed. This is the case also for the membranes of our body cells, and all the membranes of organs and bodies. All these inner-phasings (phase changes of the interface) also apply to our psychological experience of these changes of balances between cells, and our body in our context. Options & Choices, Doubts & Decisions makes our involvement in this explicit.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2000d), Perfect Anticipation” (Why you (won’t) want it), CASYS, Liège, 2000. [PPT]
Anticipation is most often a continuation by inertia. Inertial systems are invariant systems; they are predictable and lifeless. Any system that is predictably offers no information for the future. Its future state is but a continuation of its past. Predictable systems identity the invariant aspects of our context; the trellis of sameness in a context of changes. This may be of use to help optimise decisions. It asks for a more spacious interpretation of the principles of potential ad kinetic energy, in terms of (predictable) regions of invariance, and the art of creation within them.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2001a), "Human – Humanity” (Individual Uniqueness and Collective Consensus); Proc. Amsterdam Conf. Problems of Participation & Connection. (ed. R. Glanville). [PPT]
Humans are often described as individuals. Often this is held to mean that they are unique and separate from all others. By our biology and psychology we see that all humans are related to all others. This has profound implications: while many believe that we all have our ‘separate’ experience of existence, we in fact share many experiences with others. Much of our ‘individual’ realisations are in fact based on subconscious and unconscious ideas and beliefs that we share with all others. This understanding can be turned around: we are not individual beings but part of a much larger being. Humans are the cells of the body of humanity. This calls for an understanding of humans to function and operate at this level. And, as humanity, live in response-able relationship with/in our context.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2001a), “Information Medicine” (Core Concepts), '01, Baden-Baden. [PPT]
Information Medicine is not the applications of computers to measure laboratory results or brain wave. It is not the use of informatics in helping classical doctors to doctor the body. It is quite the inverse: it is the understanding that our body is an information processor; all cells react to their context. Together they are able to efficiently interact with their context. It means they do not respond as individual units but operate like a computer network, in which each living cell is a fully functional computational unit, making decisions in choices, yet as one integral unit. Information Medicine appreciate that this calls for a different understanding of 1) our cell function and 2) informatics. In our body always four modes of computations are concurrent. In our body it also is he software that determines the hardware. This gives Information Medicine a profound meaning for healing.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2001c), “Referon Analysis” (pReference of Reference), CASYS, Liège [PPT]
Physics and mathematics make use of models. Each of these models maps a specific perception of what is being observed. Physical science still often assumes that these models are independent of the observers. Although many o these model are based on communal observer perspectives, each of these models also represents a respective perspective bias. If this is disregarded, it cannot be regarded and studies. Referon Analysis makes explicit that this (collective) observer bias is fundamental in science, and needs to be made explicit, Singularity theory can be used to point this out and resolve this. Dimensional Analysis is an illustrative example: the choice of parameters by which a system is described defines the Critical Boundary of the system. Including/excluding a parameter changes the critical boundary of the system. Referon analysis makes explicit that we must define our unit reference system in all descriptions of science.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2001d), “MatheMagics”, (Equating Equations to Changes of Consciousness), CASYS, Liège [PPT]
Mathematics makes use of symbols. The symbols on paper are the score for a choreography for a dance in our mind. Mathematics is not an operation on paper; it is a representation of a change in our mind. Such changes can be felt; the collapse of a complex consideration in a simplified understanding can be felt: the beauty of mathematics. The essence of mathematics however is that we can effectuate changes in our mind, and - as a result - changes in realisation. As quantum theory has described: reality is a Realisation. Rather than regarding mathematics as an ‘objective’ ‘descriptive’ ’science’, it is wiser to understand that it is a tool by which we change our way of thinking, individually and collectively. This is important because, as a result, this also has effect on our context. It means that we need to develop those forms of mathematics that are healthy for our body, our mind, our society and our context.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2002), Human Body Regulation Systemics” (Interactive Integral Process Optimisation), WOCS, Pittsburgh, 2002. [PPT]
Our body is an integral system. We can see how different levels of function are interrelated. What takes place between organs is seen. more explicit, in our interaction between muscles. Muscle contractions, agonist and antagonist complementarity, homolateral and heterolateral duality, body and mind complementarity lead theway to understanding a fundamental concept: our body already ‘knows’ what it can do and how it can do it; it can be compared to a puppeteer’s puppet. In the cerebellum be find the system state processor for all muscle operations in our body. It also includes a dual function for the interplay between all organs. This centre for body integration is connected to an ‘overlay’ of the cortex with information from out context. This is in fact sensory information from cells in and on the surface of our body. Between the cerebellum and cortex lies the region of the pineal gland, which serves as a ‘joystick’ for the optimal attunement of our body response to changes in our context.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2003a), Total System Inversion” (The Alchemy of Realisation), CASYS, Liège. [PPT]
“Singularities” are a topic in mathematics where a system is connected in/to its context. In those singularities both the effects of the system and its context are present. It is by definition a node of multiple existence (a multidimensional gate point). Any singularity is thereby anode where the system interacts with the context, and the context interacts with the system. Compare this to the interplay between the river and the bedding. Catastrophe Theory has proposed a more general understanding of this concept. This understanding can be generalised in a yet more encompassing manner: in every singularity we experience not only the interplay between the system and the context; as a result in these we also experience the existence of the universe as a whole. Such singularities are therefore dimensional gateways for Total System Inversion. This topic is relevant because it is needed to define and describe the properties of birth and death. It is relevant to understand that the multi-dimensional properties of the singularities are not material, nor based on the characteristics of the system. They are basic properties of transdimensional connections, and thereby properties of the whole universe and its creation.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2003b), Dimensional (de)Compression” (The Art of Black Hole Navigation), CASYS, Liège. [PPT]
Singularity nodes are simultaneously nodes of the system and of its context. Complicated and complex systems are determined by coherent patterns in the singularities of the system: the System Stability Singularity Set. This system Singularity Set determines the coherence of the system and its integration with/in its context. Living Systems are characterised by their ability to operate and reorganise the System Singularity Set, and thereby change the dimensional nature of the integral system. This also makes it possible to maintain the system coherence during Total System Inversion; the birth and death of the system. Not the material properties are therein decisive, but the transdimensional transitions, and the coherence in the stages between them when the System Singularity Set is compressed and com-plexed: compacted onto itself in a systematic cascade of Dimensional compression. (Or the inverse, an unfolding of decomplexification - such as seen in the unfolding of the Zygote) involving Dimensional Decompression. The Vortex nature of a Black Hole serves as illustration for a simple example of the process that is experience in embryogenesis.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2005a), “Integral Education in Integral Health Care” Conference on Information Medicine, Hawaii. [PPT]
Our body operates, simultaneously, as anatomy, physiology, neurocrine regulatory system, and information integration system. This means that it is simultaneously a classical object, a relativistic process, a quantum state and a unified field. This means that we need to be able to understand and describe it in each of these four manners, and interact with it accordingly, byourselves functioning as object, part of the process, participant in the transformation, and integral involved in the information integration (‘co-processor’). This requires four different modes of functioning, and four different modes of learning. It is significant that the four main modalities of healing on the planet correspond with each of these four aspects. That also means that it is necessary to learn to use these methods by four fundamentally different types of learning. Fortunately we can integrate these all: in our body, Because our body is composed of each of these four concepts.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2005b), Qi Healing” (Bio-Information Integration), Conference on Information Medicine, Hawai’i. [PPT]
Our body makes use of various information/integration/communication systems. Well known are the slow speed Hormonal and relatively faster neuronal system. The Hormonal system has been compared to Mail delivery, and the Neuronal system with Telephone lines, We also have the equivalent to ADSL and Fibre optics in respectively the meridian system and the Chackra system. The Meridian System is a regulation system that operates on phase. It serves to synchronise large cell groups of diverse kinds throughout the body. It serves to stabilise the singularity system by which we interphase with/in our context. The Chackra System serves to attune these meridians and thereby operates at a yet higher or more fundamental level of the embedding of the system in the context. This system is Vortical in nature and operates the calibration of dimensional cascading. All of these systems can be used together in Qi Healing. Qi is the Energy-information system of the body.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2005c), The Blind Spot of Science” (Life, Love, Consciousness and Health), CASYS, Liège [PPT]
Science has a fundamental blind spot: the scientist. In regarding the reality of objects, classical science ignored that it was based on the realisationn of subjects As a result science got lost in the analytical approach of matter, while disregarding the cognitive information processing on which all its finding were based. It came to outspoken statements about reality, and neglected that all these statements were based in the processing of immaterial information. As a result the start difference between life and matter was lost from description. Matter has no internal freedom of choice, Life, Love, Consciousness and Health are all expressions of the experience of Freedom of Choice in interaction with our context. There are respectively the 2st, 3nd, 4ed and 5rh order expressions of Freedom of Choice in our body. The Blind Spot of science must be studied to bring science to life.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2005d), “Consciousness and/of Freedom of Choice in our Living Body (The Dynamic Logic of Dimensional Phase Change)”, CASYS, Liège. [PPT]
There is a fundamental difference between the properties of dead matter - as studied by Classical Science - and the properties of living beings. Living beings have Freedom of Choice. In looking into our understanding of cosmogenesis and the emergence of life forms it is possible to recognise a simple underlying logic in which freedom of choice was incorporated into matter. It can be seen that this involves a simple transitions of Topological rotations. These show a principal relationships between minerals, plants animals and self-conscious beings, of which we find all traits in our body. Integral health care integrates all these four levels of perspective.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2005b), “Integraal Onderwijs in Integrale Geneeskunst”, Tijdschr. Int. Geneesk, (In Dutch)
Learning has four very different aspects. Sometimes it involves a purely internal realisation, coming up with hew understanding and insight. Sometimes it involves the experience of the effect of a trigger from the context, how it impinges or impacts on our internal sensations and feelings. At times it is about sensing and feeling the changes in an ongoing contact with our context And at times it is all about witnessing what happens around us. There four different modes of learning also require four different modes of teaching. These differences are best seen in the different forms of healing. Objective medicine regards our body as if an object and describes its properties as facts. Ayurvedic medicine supports and guides the processing of our body and addresses the ongoing contact with the context. Acupuncture medicine interacts with the body response to triggers from our context and senses the response of the body to such impulses. Spiritual medicine regards the integration of the person as part of the universal context, and as integrity into themselves. In education of Integral Health Care all these methods of teaching and learning need to be combined. Our body is the integrative factor for these different modes of learning.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2005b), “Voeding en Gezondheid(Het toenemend verschil tussen Levensmiddelen, Etensmiddelen, Voedingswaar, en Nutriënten), Tijdschr. Int. Geneesk, (In Dutch)
Nutrients, Ingredients, Food, and Produce are worlds apart in our description of what we eat. The scientific approach has become centred on molecules interacting with cell receptors; nutrients. The dieticians approach has become restricted to the selection of supplements and elements for the purpose of interacting with specific organs or body systems. (And calorie counting as if we are machines.) Cuisine has come to focus on the emotional satisfaction on combinations of flavours. From the level of the body, however, what we eat is a means for informing the body of our context. In the same way as our senses take in information from our context via signals of vibrations, likewise the food we eat is a material transfer of holographic information of the integrity of our context. We physically chew food in the mouth, chemically simmer it in the stomach, digest it with enzymes in the duodenum, and absorb the molecular spectrum in our gut. It is evident that the food is broken down into its molecular spectrum to feed the cells. It is the signature of that spectrum that informs our body of our context.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2007a), “The Mind of the Scientist(Calibrating the Core/Code of Science), CASYS, Liège. [PPT]
Descriptions of objective science is based on scientists’ subjective experience. The language of equations and formulations are a reflection of the internal processes in our mind. The relationship between the external reality and internal realisation is found in our body. All impressions of the ‘world around us’ are in fact sensations from sensory cells in and on the surface of our body. As such, we do not experience a reality ‘around’ is. it means that the image that we construct of our context is an artefact, based on the integrative regulatory digestive processes of the cells within our body. These intracellular and intercellular processes are experienced as our mind. It means that we need to (learn to) calibrate the characteristics and settings of our mind as is done for all measuring devices that are used in science. We need to learn to calibrate and use the mind of the scientist, as that is the one tool of science on which all science is based.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2007b), “The Equation of Health(Our Body Math/Map of Health and Knowledge), CASYS, Liège. [PPT]
Health can be described in great precision and detail. The Equation of Health is a formal formulation of the nature and characteristics of the integrity of our body. It is based in the trace of the unfoldment of the first cell of our body, the Zygote. This method makes use of a generalised form of the Time Fractal of Susie Vrobel. The same method can be used to trace back the origin of the zygote from the merging of all the ancestors of a person. This trace back can be done also for all previous state phase changes from which our body was formed. Together this shows, in fractal form, the complete decision tree by which the organism unfolds its coherence in the context. This is the Equation of Health. The result is a 4D Fractal Tree that interfaces with its context: the inputs from the context integrate back into this fractal system. Experience which ‘do not compute’ into this system fractal disintegrate the system, locally in nodes, pathways or circuits or systemically by the disintegration of whole system. The Equation of Health offers a fundamental basis for healing by a first principle understanding of health.


O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2007c), “Creation and Creativity in Science”..
Science is a social activity. It is a culture (or cult) of communication, in which the outcome of the collective is based on the qualities of the individual. Personal experience, interaction in relationships, group membership and belonging to a species are all processed at different levels of conscious. All of these level play a role in the creation of the findings of science. Science itself is inherently unscientific (in the Classical sense): it is neither predictable nor repeatable. Instead of focussing on the archiving and validation of the work of others in science, it pays of to focus on the art of seeing the unseen and communicating the unknown. It is the artist-scientist, not the scientist-archiver, which creates science.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2007d), “Time and Timing in our Body and Life”..
The cells in our body operate as a unit, in unity, because of the synergy our of their synchronisation. The Gap Phase in the cells cycle makes it possible for cells to, individually, work together. The Meridian system is a high speed system for phase integration. The Time Fractal Susie Vrobel) makes it possible to describe how all the cells in our body form one integral unit. This can be best seen by regarding our body not as an object, but as a process in time. On basis of understanding the principle of process coherence, it is possible to also discern loss of process coherence. There are many Time Base Diseases, in which the loss of cell synchronisation, locally or regionally, is the basis of loss of body integrity. These can be found in the body anatomy, physiology, regulatory and phase information systems of the body.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2009a), “Science of Life (Partcipation in Creation)
Life operates by the use of Freedom of Choice.Freedom of choice is located in the interface, in the system boundary. It is a singularity, operated by a 4D Vortex dynamic. In our body this can be sen in the dynamic of Cell Division, in the principle if information/material ingestion, in immunity/consciousness and in the regulatory system, representing the dynamics of life. Life is the experience of Freedom of Choice; which we learn to operate by trial; and error. Error (Feedback) is a crucial factor in learning how to operate the vector operating the 4D Dimensional logic. We experience in our body how this links and unifies the light field, electromagnetic, chemical and physical fields in the body; i.e. the photon, electron, free electron (chemical) and boudn electron (physical) balance; which is the means for the Consciousness Activation Cascade.

O#o (van Nieuwenhuijze, Otto), (2009a), “Scientific Consensus (Is Science Scientific?)
Science is NOT  scientific, in the classical sense. The development os science is  organic, because iot is developed by scientists. Every 'Objective  Observation' is based on Subjective Sensation. Science is created by  scientist, as instrument for collective Angst Reduction; a psychologic  defence strategy for society. Science developed out of resistance  against the church rule in Europe, with its oppressive mind control., said to be founded on scripture. All descriptions are always based on  experience; not the other way around as some scientific fundamentalists  aim to proclaim. These are the so-called unscientists, practising  unscience, and thus able to declare anything to be unscientific.  Unscientists operate emotional means to prevent scientific research.  Scientists explore the unknown; Unscientists attempt to prevent such studies by proclaiming something unscientific. The unscientists operate  the same methods as were used by the inquisition for their witch hunts.  By understanding how we relate to the unknown we can also understand  that nothing is 'unscientific".

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