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“Consciousness Engineering” was a curious conference which never took place.
The project was conceived while travelling in North Carolina with Joyce Holbrook.
In visiting the Blue Mountains YMCA it was evident that it is an ideal conference setting.
However, EVERY mailing for calling for the conference, crashed the computer.

“The Formulation of Consciousness” was mini-conference held in the year 2002.
A handful of invited participant gathered in Amsterdam for the purpose.
Most had, independently, presented their mathematical models on consciousness.
Although that was in the same conference, their ideas remained unconnected.

“The Formulation of Consciousness” was a means to bring their ideas together.
By bringing the researchers together, they could all integrate their findings.
For that purpose, a novel form of meeting was designed: “The Mini-conference”.
It deepened the ideas, by deepening contact, aiming towards a joint presentation.

Not all of the conference aims could be realised at that time, alas.
The internet-provider proved to be totally unreliable in providing internet.
As a result, the option of being “Present while Absent” was not possible.
But, with the help of Jorn Mols and C. M. a very powerful meeting was held.

Every participant was asked to present his ideas in an hour audio-recorded session.
Then, each added another half hour of private video-recording of their own insights.
Plus, each presented a 15-minute video-recorded talk in their native language.
At the end of the week, they presented their findings as a panel to invited public.

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