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Susie Vrobel has explored the significance of the Fractal in our body.
A Fractal is a formal way to describe the a boundary, as a system.
In a systems theoretical view this generalises to include the dynamics of cell division.
In an even more generalised sense this approach can be used to address the system of (dual) regulated (dual) chain reactions with/in the body (de)composing the body.

In her texts Susie Vrobel describes the fractal as the Time Fractal.
She also deals with the implications: the link between the Subjective and the Objective.
In this web site this work has very direct significance; it shows how we can trace consecutive dynamic states of the system; even when the Dimensional-Logic changes.
The titles of her papers - see below - are clear indicators of her interests.
The Time Fractal, is instrumental for Reality Generation; in which our perspective in involvement matters.


Susie Vrobel:

I feel privileged that Otto van Nieuwenhuijze has invited me to introduce my concept of fractal time in this context. In a nutshell, this notion defines time as a multidimensional phenomenon with a nested structure and an extended Now, our only access to ourselves and the rest of the world. I differentiate between the length, the depth and the density of time in describing our internal temporal structures. These temporal extensions are useful in definitions of dynamical diseases.

    The basic idea is that every nesting (= embedding, contextualising) creates further temporal depth.
    This nesting cascade grows whenever we interact with a new context.
    By changing our internal temporal complexity, i.e., the number of internal nestings, we change our interface, our world.
    Likewise, we select certain contexts and reject others, so as to interact with those contexts which allow us to grow.

Freedom of choice would hence be freedom of nesting: We determine which contextualisations to seek and which to avoid and continuously calibrate our internal temporal complexity. Or, in the immortal words of De Heer van Nieuwenhuijze: “Reality is a realisation”.

Here’s a selection of my publications on Fractal Time and observer-participant perspectives.
(Further texts can be found on my web site
(Artworks can be found in my gallery:

Online papers

[Eternity in an Hour]
[Nesting & DeNesting]
[Remembering and Forgetting]


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