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What is Science?

Science presently determines many of the actions of humans in humanity.
Science is composed of scientists; it is their actions that 'destroy Earth'.
"What is Science" leads to the question: "How do scientists act, together?".
We will find that their personal beliefs determine the overall effects of Science.


"Science" is no more than a sound.
"Science", is a symbol written on paper.
"Science" is a word in a dictionary; by/a definition.
"Science" is given meaning only in the mind of the users.

Science, as a word, denotes a process of communication.
Science, as a communication, refers to a complex social process.
Science, therefore refers to a society: a system of/for social organisation.
Science therein is operated by the principles and dynamics of/for social organisation.

Science is thereby determined by the communication/exchange between people.
Science is thereby defined by the relationship between participants in that communication.
Science is limited by the means and processes of communication, and participants in it.
Science is thus limited to, and restricted by, the limitations of the communication in the system.

Science is considered to be a social repository of existing reliable knowledge.
Science is regarded as a reliable means for adding to this 'body of knowledge of science'.
Science is trusted to be reliable and self-correcting; 'in itself a healthy body of knowledge'.
Science cannot be trusted in this respect: it is created by scientist; by personal involvement.

In this series of Essays we can explore the role of this personal Involvement.
We will find that we must not consider science as a reliable abstraction of knowledge.
Abstractions of knowledge, generalised, depersonalised, are known as religion.
As Philip Zimbardo showed: generalisation, abstraction, dehumanisation and denial are the basis of evil.


Science is the main cause of the present and ongoing planetary destruction.
Science is no entity in itself: it is a social systems of scientists working together.
Science, as irresponsible abstraction, must be replaced by Scientists; as response-able beings.
Science, as society of scientists, must be regarded in the same manner as a culture, company, corporation or cult.

Social system are based on the development and exchange of beliefs and ideas, bias and conviction.
Social organisation therein is similar to any and every living organism, operating with/on Freedom of Choice.
We find that we need to regard and specify the decisions for interaction taking place within any scientist.
This will lead to a model for social organisation, which is equivalent to and based on cellular communication.

Freedom of choice will be the core of the dynamic of/for social organisation; also for science.
We will find that we need to the describe the relational dynamic in terms of System Singularity Sets.
These are the 'formal' formulations for the way in which a system changes how it relates to the context.
Such descriptions take place in/in the interface of the system; where we interact with matter by information.


Our body is the key to understanding how such interaction between information and matter takes place.
Freedom of choice is 'tied in' with this interaction; and itself a process of operation on/of information.
This means that we can NOT explain Freedom of Choice as a property of matter, or materialisation.
Instead we find Freedom of Choice between the transitions of the different phases of matter; the "Quintessence".

Quintessence is the traditional alchemical term for describing how solid, liquid, gas and plasma interrelate.
Especially within our body we witness, experience and interact with the dynamics of change of phase.
All body materials are part of the anatomy, physiology, system regulation and information processing.
E.g. calcium, can be taken from the environment via food into the blood to be stored in the bone for use in the nerves.

We see that the change between states cannot be explained from within states; we need a change of perspective.
In terms of the understanding of alchemists we can specify that the formulation must refer to interface of the system.
In mathematical terms, this means that we need to look not at the sides of the equation, but the "=" in-between.
That is where we see, witness, operate, experience the involvement of the mathematician in mathematics; and of the scientist in science.


This means that the descriptions shift to, take place on/in, the interface of the system.
This also means that we cannot refer to the steady state of materiality of the system.
Instead, we need to identify the location, possibility and potential of changes.
This requires that we base our description on a logic which operate in the interface/definition.

Any formulation for a boundary transition can be used for this purpose.
The most well-known formulation if that of a Vortex.
A vortex 'rotates' through a boundary/zero-point from one domain to another.
In this transition the Vortex inverts through itself; thus is example for boundary inversion.

The Vortex can be seen to be the based for the forming of life (Lawrence Edwards).
The Vortex is the simplest shape to explain the resonant forms of atoms (####).
The Vortex can be recognised in a energy changes and flow forms (####).
The Vortex is Transdimensional, linking Volume by a Plane via a Line to a Point.

Within our body we can find the principle of the vortex throughout its organisation/structure.
Throughout the body we see that, and how, there are interchanges between 3D, 2D, 1D and 0D.
For example in sensation: 0D sensor cell, 1D neurone, 2D Plexus and 3D Brain organisation.
In the brain: 0D (Point Focus) fore-brain, 1D left brain logic, 2D Right Brain imaging and 3D hind-brain Integration.

In our body we can se that the entire body organisation is based on the dynamic of cell division of the Zygote.
Likewise we can see that the origin of the Zygote is based on the dynamic of cell fusion, linking all humans.
In both cases we can identify the same pattern: a ('lightning like') fractal of cell-fusion/division.
This offer the understanding that humans are part of humanity by the 4D Dynamic of a Fractal in creation.

Freedom of Choice lies at the essence and core of this 4D vortex fractal dynamic.
This, thus, does not take place in the different forms of matter, but in the phases between them.
Phase is the integrative word: phases of matter, phase of a process, lag/lead of phase, and "phase space".
The formulation of Freedom of Choice is associated with Phase space; and can be understood to operate by 4D Vortex Phase dynamics.

Although we cannot describe this ‘for lack of matter to refer to’, we can implicitly understand this.
Thereby we are able to look and describe beyond the structure and dynamics of material phases.
This makes it possible to understand the coherence of matter in terms of (material) phase organisation.
This is a means to define and describe the operation and organisation of information in matter.

This is what we experience, and live, in our living body.
Our living body dynamics is based on the interaction between living cells.
The intercellular exchanges of information is the basis for our consciousness and understanding.
That same intra-/intercellular dynamic of cell division/communication is the basis of/for social organisation.

It is this understanding that will be describe in the sequel of essays in this Series "What is Science".
We will first refer to the Series on MetaThematics, FunDaMentals, and Bones of Belief on this web site.
We can then use that insight of transcending matter, freedom of choice and the dynamic of thinking in the sequel.
We can then see that Science is created by Scientists, as a system of shared Belief, based on the dynamics of cell Division.

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