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Nothing is Unscientific

“Unscientific” is a term used by “Unscientists” knowledgeable in “Unscience”. Unscience is a belief.

“Unscientific” is a term - most often - used to denounce novel ideas.

  • “Unscience” is the dogma that ”everything that is known, is real, true, and published in science’’. ‘And not so, if not so...’
  • “Unscientists” claim that they uphold ‘truth”; they wish to impose the truism of their belief as dogma onto others. (‘Rape’).
  • “Unscientific” expresses their bias against other views/knowledge.
  • “Unsciencing” is the act of imposing beliefs as dogma on others.


    “Unscientists” are the equivalent of the inquisition,
    Unscience”, is their witch hunt.
    “Unscientific” denounces others as ‘non-believers’.
    Unsciencing” is cured by demonstrating the limitations of science.


  • Belief, as conviction, is (literally) an idée Fixe: an idea held as if certain, and thereby taken to be real.
  • Dogma, as mind set, is a belief imposed on a groep of ‘believers.
  • Bias is a belief that excludes (the possibility of ) other ideas.

Scientific explorations over centuries has led to the insight that
Reality is a Realisation, truth a truism, and that Freedom of Choice determines our involvement in observation, and thereby the outcome.
There is as a result no fixed reality, as fundamentalist unscientists claim.
This means that what is written in publications of science is not fact.

    Science is the art of exploring the unknown.
    Unscience is a belief that all that can be known is known,
    and has been described by science.

In being a belief, Unscientists have no arguments for their statements.
No definite statements can be made about what is not studied/known.
They cannot prove, demonstrate nor claim, because whatever is said to be ‘unscentific’, has not been studied by scientists. ‘Unscientific’ topics merit study, which will by definition lead to new insight/conclusions.

By having no rational arguments, unscientists resort to manipulation by intimidation and propaganda; using defilement, character assassination, lies and deception. This is a symptom of social pathology.
The cure lies in defining the limitations of science.

    Unscientists are Fundamentalists, comparable with so-called bible-bashers, proselytising their biased belief by trying to impose them on others.

    This is a denial of Freedom of Choice, and Free Will of others.

Unscientists operate a form of dictatorship, and and attempt to enforce and impose mental subservience (slavery).
Unscientists often operate to denounce findings and ideas which go against specific corporate interests.
In effect they are undercover mercenaries/assassins for such commercial interests.
Their emotional arguments usually have nothing to do with science. The conflict is a decoy to lay to waste findings, work, and lives of scientists,
for the benefit of unseen others.

In conflicts initiated by unscientists,
see who gains from the work that it wastes.

The cure for this fundamentalism is to acknowledge it’s pathology, and not feed it. Unscience is a belief (in groups, a religion) like any other. Its adherents are free to express their views and have their opinions.
They are not free to impose and enforce their beliefs on others.

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