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When i had my first lessons in statistics, i was baffled.
I had an intuitive repulsed revulsion; i considered it the mince meat machine of mathematics.
At times i call it the Pig's Rear End: whatever goes in, comes out …. unrecognisable.
Statistics - like a bed of Procrustes - does not offer any explanation.

    Certainly, statistics is intended to deal with complexity.
    And at times when there is a lack of understanding, statistics can help.
    But statistics is no more than a sorting tray/array, as in archaeology.
    It shows a distribution of the findings, but offers no explanation.

The uniVerse derives from an underlying fundamental logic.
Logic is the foundations of mathematics, our thinking, our mind, and creation.
Logic operates at the level of dimensional transitions and changes.
Logic unites what seems to be different at the level of our perceptions.

Statistics derived after a very successful complexification of mathematics.
From "Values" (scalars) "Vectors" and then “Matrixes” were defined.
A point was developed into a line (vector), then into a scattering/array (matrix).
It was also the development from Space through Time to Energy, in a halfway solution.

    The logical next step would have been to look for the means of integration.
    In fact, that was found later in the development of the idea of a fractal.
    Therein it was possible to see that a Vector could split, as a system interface.
    In splitting. the vector itself could/would scatter (fractal) ending up as an Array.

A different view on the same is found in our 4D brain function.
There we see the relationship between Forebrain, Left Brain, Right Brain and Hind Brain.
It is the relationship between a Point-, Line, Plane- and Integral perspective.
It is same as seen in the relationship between Sensor, Neurone, Plexus and Brain.

    The Sensor Functions as a Point, and operates by releasing a Dirac Pulse.
    The Neurone functions as a Line, and operates by using Fourier Code.
    The Plexus functions as a Plane, and operates is a Moiré Pattern.
    The Brain operates as a Volume, and operates as a Hologram.

Statistics lacks the capacity to identify and refine.
It is based on a lack of insight in the relationship between flow and turbulence.
It is based on lack of understanding of the relationship between atoms and molecules.
It is based on lack of insight in the (un)linking of waves in a wave node; which is equivalent to the (un)linking a Rod and a Ring in a molecular organisation.

The basis if this (un)linking is known as the 3rd Order System: Boundary Transition.
The 1st Order System is the steady state (physical, invariant) system.
The 2nd Order System is the functional variable (fluid, flow) system.
The 4th Order System in the integral system; the information in formation.

It is interesting that Statistics is characteristic for a 3rd Order System.
Our society seems to be stuck in the 3rd Order Level (the system definition).
The 3rd Order is the level of the System Critical Boundary Transition.
It is typical that this is equivalent to Puberty; 'society got stuck in puberty'.

    Babies are busy being learning how to incorporate in their body.
    Children are busy playing exploring the use of their mind.
    Adolescents are busy acting learning to discover their soul/self.
    Adults live their life in the realisation of their (and everybody's) uniqueness in Humanity on Earth.

The 'clinging to the use of Statistics' seems to indicate this notion of 'being stuck in puberty'.
Instead of finding out what is really going on, a simile of understanding is thought to be satisfactory.
This is equivalent to the addiction to artificial surrogate foods and materials.
The same is seen in the use of artificial fertilisers and vitamins in the food of this society.

    Another example of 3rd Order System Stagnation Syndrome' is democracy.
    Democracy, or Democrazy or Demockery is symptomatic for adolescence.
    The democratic system has an 'puberal' abstruse system for selecting 'leaders'.
    The normal natural form of leadership is self-determination: "Autarchy".

Autarchy requires that you are able to understand the relationship between the part and the whole.
That is the same requirement for the survival of the organism in its environment.
It is the same as the dynamic from growing up from baby to child to adolescent to adult.
Is is the same as the transition from Values to Variable to Functions to Logic in Mathematics.

(Some) Mathematicians in their own way 'got stuck in puberty'.
They look at mathematical solutions only 'within predictable domains'.
People like René Thom 'pushed the envelope' to look into the Critical Boundary.
Topology and Dimensional Analysis 'broke through the boundary' - relating the part to the whole.

Statistics in that sense i regard as an intermediate product; a 'halfway place'.
Statistics makes it possible to do pattern recognition; against already known patterns.
It analyses 'something' and 'grinds it up to its components'. and compares them.
At that level, synthetic vitamins and natural vitamins may be found to be the same; which for our body they are not.

"Statistics" developed out of the mathematical mind set of the vector Matrix.
It is a side product of the development of the mathematical Series, and Sweeping method.
It is a first step towards Pattern Recognition.
It requires another step for completion: the understanding of origin.

Causation is not the same as Origination (a.k.a. Creation).
Causation is in fact continuation, in a time line, within a frame of manifestation.
Origination accounts for the emergence of the timeline, out of the dynamic of creation.
Creation is de understanding of the transition from information to matter (manifestation).

Creation incorporates conscious involvement.
Statistics offers no links to causation or creation.
Statistics does not even offer links to continuation.
Statistics merely offers pattern recognition; re-cognition.

Statistics makes use of data sampling.
As in the Cauchy Array Sweeping method, it samples for what is known already.
Statistics therein is a generalised form of Mathematical (Taylor/Fourier) Series.
Referon Analysis shows how we use reference systems to condition our observations.

"The Collapse of the Vector of State" specifies the role of our own involvement.
It is based on the capacity for system boundary adaptation, of our Regulatory System.
It is based on the 4D Dynamic processes of a System Boundary Transition/Inversion.
This has been described in the paper on 4D D Logic: "Human Limits to Man Made Models".

Therein we see that the universe can be understood as originating from a 4D 'pixel'.
This is a Gabor Point, unifying a point, line, circle and a sphere.
In its dynamic this point unfolds to a sphere and collapses back on itself: in inverse.
The whole dynamic is based on a series of LOGICAL changes of/to the reference system.

Statistics samples data with respect to pre-established reference systems.
Statistical operations sample for frequency, spread, skewness and anomalies.
Those are the same operations of point, line, plane and volume reference.
(An the are the same as shown in Mathemusics as Drums, Strings, Flute and Voice).

    Statistics in itself is merely a 'half-baked product'.
    Statistics was introduced at a time when Analysis could not yet offer insight.
    Since, Mathematical Analysis has started the tools that now are needed.
    But many, 'like addicts', still chose to forego Analysis and keep on using Statistics.

"How to Lie with Statistics" (Moroney) perhaps most succinctly summarises my view on statistics.
Yes, statistics is a clever mental tool; but so is a mince meat machine.
Yes, statistics is effective; as is an a-bomb or machine gun.
Statistics avoids/dodges/eliminates/hides access to direct actual understanding.

In my view science would be much helped if statistics were admitted not to be a tool of science.
Statistics only offers patter recognition; it does not give real understanding.
Patter recognition may suffice for replication, not for creation.
Statistics has harmed humanity by anonymisation, generalisation, abstraction, and de-realisation.

    The findings of Philip Zimbardo (“The Lucifer Principe”) apply to statistics.
    Statistics already has done much harm, by creating a dehumanised science.
    By lacking understanding, statistics leads to lack of response-ability, due to lack of involvement.
    This is best seen in "Modern Medicine" (which by its tenets is in fact quite obsolete).

I am aware that this text reads more as a 'rant' rather than an essay.
I find it very difficult to spell out the dehumanising characteristics of statistics.
This is mainly because many people using statistics are no longer aware of its limitations.
They are so used to its lack of involvement, that they no longer see why it is toxic.

Statistics is a mind set; a satisfaction with a sufficiency of statistics.
It seemingly no longer needs, nor asks or calls for, a direct understanding.
It proposes that pattern recognition is sufficient; in disregarding uniqueness.
There are better ways to do this: by requiring that statistics must be completed by analytic understanding.

Statistics operates in the domain of the 3rd Order System.
At that level, the complexity normally surpasses our understanding.
Also, it runs into the limitations of our descriptions.
Because, at that level, 4th Order System understanding is needed for intellectual closure.

    4th Order System description includes its integration within its context.
    From that level, the pattern can be traced back to its origination.
    That is described in the paper entitled "The Equation of Health".
    The whole series of Essays of "Bringing Science to Life" offers a remedy for … statistics.

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