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“Bringing Science to Life” must be understood in a quite literal sense.
It is a need to change from the science of Dead Matter, to a science of Consciousness.
It is NOT about ‘revival of a corpse’, nor a ‘rebirth’; but a case for healing.
It involves the traditional principles of healing, applied to classical science.

Paradoxically, it is modern science that best understands traditional health care.
”Matter is composed of molecules formed of atoms in formation: information”.
Information (consciousness) is at the core of creation/manifestation/materialisation.
Modern cosmology uses the same ideas as classical eastern philosophy, and healing.

The required paradigm shift

Healing is the restoration of integrity of integration of information, in a living being.
We can apply the same approach to revive’ our understanding of “science”, a ’rebirth’.
It is a fundamental change in ‘axiomatic’ scientific understanding, a “Paradigm Shift”.
It is about the inclusion of freedom of choice, involvement, in science.

Why is it that classical science chose to eliminate “involvement” in its approaches?
There was a pragmatic reason: it makes the requirements for testing more complex.
There was a dogmatic reason: the church in Rome originally forbade this to scientists.
There was a scientific reason: there was no understanding on how to do this.

Freedom of Choice

Now, that has changed: it is possible to understand and describe Freedom of Choice.
From that, it is possible to understand and describe the principle of the Soul.
We now know that freedom of choice operates in the interface, in phase space.
That also means that we must now apply the findings of science, to science itself.

Love, Life, Consciousness and Health can now be explicitly defined and described.
Yet they can not be specified, and the description is immaterial (not-material; metamaterial; meta-real).
All are based on Freedom of Choice, in the interface (system singularity innerphasing).
They are all defined, determined, conditioned by our participation in creation.

“Science of Choice”

Bringing Science to Life must start with a diagnosis, to come to a remedy.
The problems of science must be faced, not feared - they must be identified.
The exploration starts with the straightforward statement that science is unscientific.
The development of science is NOT predictable, but, is predictability the hallmark of science.

The description includes the explicit formulation on how we think.
Freedom of Choice initiates Flows of Thought forming patterns of Belief which we use to construct Reality
From the subatomic level upwards, we see how (un)linking wave nodes forms {Renout} “atomolecules”, forming body materials - by living body cells.
Every atomolecular structure  is an electromagnetic spectrum, thus information parcel, which we can interweave to form ideas.

‘Bury the science of Dead Matter’

This formulation makes our involvement in the realisation of reality explicit.
Our participation in creation operates in our body, as human AND humanity.
Science is incapable to describe that; the same is the case for any religion.
But we can all experience it in our body: it is based on this uniVersal dynamic.

We can no longer rely on the philosophy of determinism (control) of classical science.
They only apply to invariant properties of physics; not to society/biology/ecology.
The models of classical science become deadly if used on medicine (health care).
This series of essays needs to get rid of ‘classical ideas’ which obstruct life science.

[Science is Unscientific]
[Science as Non-sense]
[Sciencing Science]
[Realising Reality]
  1. The first section shows that science is unscientific, by its own standards.
  2. The second section looks at some of the consequences of this.
  3. The third section looks into the subjective/collective process of doing science.
  4. The fourth section looks into the remedy; as quantum theory describes: reality is a realisation.
[Reality] [Realisation] [i.-g.o.d.] [Magic]

The section on Realising Reality leads us to a much more fundamental concept.
Research how shown that focused intent (literally) affects the laws of physics.
That means that classical reality does not exist; all that exists is realisation.
What is needed now is a fundamental way to address and assess this.

We need to look into the way by which our ideas change how our body functions.
This interlink light fields, electromagnetism, chemistry and physics.
We can see how we (literally) turn ideas into physical (body) changes: “magic”.
“Magic” will serve as key word for responsibility in participation in creation.

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