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Cell division is one of the most basic aspects of life.
Cell division helps to understand why a Science of Life is needed.

From one moment to another, one cell splits and doubles.


  • What is “the mathematics” of Cell Division?
  • What are the electromagnetic forces?
  • How does “the chemistry” work?
  • Why, the resulting cell shapes?

The shape of the cell is the result of chemistry: essentially, changes in acid-base balance.
The changes in acidity are but a different way of describing changes in electric field charge.
But how are these electromagnetic charge fields, and their force lines, representative for the information pattern?

The complexity that we need to describe each of these levels, and their interaction, requires more, and deeper understanding, than is required for any of the description levels.
At present science focuses its description on force field; especially in relationship to (atomic) electromagnetic charge fields.
However: the charge fields, the temperature gradients, the atomic binding patterns and gravitation, are all interrelated.
In our body this matters even more: the matter of our body is secreted by our cells: we need to describe our body from the level from which cells are created.

"The Equation of Health" formulates that (and how) our body is part of our universal context.
The (shifts of) balance between our body and our context reflect on the way the body balance is 'computed'.
This leads to a shift in the regulatory system; mediated by the neuronal/glandular system.
That results in a shift in chemical balance and thus in the degree of material crystallisation.

Our body is essentially a fluid crystal.
The molecular substances are secreted in response to the reaction of the body in/to the context.
All of those changes take place in changes in (large scale local focal) atomic (re)configurations.
This means that we need to understand what created the atoms, as part of the cosmic patterns of/in creation (noun/verb).

Classical science is of 'no' use in this matter: its focus is inert points of invariant matter; 'deadness'.
Relativistic descriptions are likewise useless: we need description in which the event horizon can be varied.
Quantum Mechanical descriptions are no help either; specifically because of the (Copenhagen Convention) Mechanical interpretation.
The only description that may have some merit is the field formulation; which (due to Freedom of Choice) can never be specific.

Science (and social politics of the slave state) has limited its description to the predictable traits of dead matter.
Life requires a different perspective, of creation of coherence in change in the formation of matter.
Therein we need a description at all levels of formulation: plasma, gas, liquid and solid.
This is essentially an 'Alchemical' formulation: accounting for freedom of Choice, and Degrees of Freedom, with Participation in Creation.

At present much of science has become mercantile, even mercenary, out of an imposed need to be 'commercial'.
Science is however an art, of exploring the Unknown, and trying to create new knowledge by which to understand it.
Science is based on scientists; and objectivity is a conditioned form of collective, subjective, consensus.
These perspectives are all needed in describing, and understanding, the division of - living - cells.

This cannot be accounted for by models for calculation based on invariant determinism.
Nor are the statistical method relevant, because they do not contain criteria for choice.
The Singularity System (Stability Set) is but one part of the required description.
The core element, the quintessence, is the pivot - and operation - of freedom of choice.

This makes informatics the core of every description.
Albeit that this description requires a multivalent (multi-valued) logic.
Also, in these computations any function is an operator and all equations are integrators.
This requires a difference perspective on mathematics, where subjective involvement - literally - matters.

On these pages some of the aspects will be explored.
Starting point is a very simple image: that of cell division.
This leads to the need for a new exploration in mathematics (some relevant perspectives will be explored).
Ultimately this leads to the need to see the direct correlation between our mental/cerebral/bodily functioning; and mathematical operations.


  1. Mathematics: 1=?= 2
  2. Electromagnetism: Qi =?= coherence
  3. Chemistry: Liquid =?= Solid
  4. Organisation: Form =!= Function

to be continued ...

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