Cosmic/Subatomic Life Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care
The topics in this section call for a change in scale and scope in our understanding of life.
Here, we do not deal with ‘your’ life, nor with ‘our’ life.
Here the quest is for the understanding of life in general.
This - from fundamental principles - needs to address the question not of life in the uniVerse, but of life of the uniVerse.

It means that we need to considers Life as a cosmic characteristic - because Consciousness appears to be a cosmic characteristic.
This implies that Life is universally pervasive: it thus is a sub-atomic trait also.

In this section such topics are explored as to reflect on those characteristics.

Cell Division

One of the first topics is that of Cell Division.
This topic illustrates the connectedness of life with/in the context.
It also exemplifies that we need to overcome limitations in mathematics - as it has been defined - to be able to address how life and matter are interconnected.
In this case it becomes clear in having a specific conundrum: how can we describe that “a cell after division is the same cell as it is before division”?

Pineal Portal

The Pineal Gland in a sense serves as ‘the virtual cell’ for the whole body.
It can be considered to be the vestige/representation for the original cell; the Zygote.
The Pineal is therein linked to the origination of the Zygote, located at the Sacrum.
In it, we experience the inverse of the whole body: the uniVerse in inVerse.

Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice can be localised in detail within all living beings.
It is not found in the materials of the body, but in the transitions between them.
The coherence of the change between the materials matters, the coherence of the materials is immaterial.
Freedom of Choice is a Dimensional Operator, related to the core of each atom.

The Virus Project

    The specifics of the link between information and matter is explored in the study of Virus.

  • On the one hand the biology of the virus is considered: how does it function as an antenna?
    • The work of Phil Callahan, Bruce Lipton, Lynn Margulis and others present the need to look at the intelligence in the functioning of matter at this level.

  • On the other hand we need to study the characteristics of a computer ‘virus’. What is the minimal “programming code”, to affect matter?
    • Here we need to think in a different matter about computers: at this level the software determines the hardware.

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