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Science of Life is not an ‘outsider’, but response-able participant in creation.
We need to dispel collective myths, to be able to understand this.
We need to understand how we collaborate with other people, life forms, and nature.
This we (can) learn best from our own body, in the way it functions at all levels: consciousness, exchange with other life forms, and our own creations, in nature.

The Myth

First we need to dispel the Myths, of creation, and of the emergence of life. Although many old and learned cultures have described the emergence of life in the uniVerse, many of those descriptions have been formulated in code. The meaning of this code has often been hijacked for political purpose of people control: political deception.

By studying the Myths of Creation, it can be seen that all address the same abstract principles, and all come to the same conclusions - even though their metaphors and language for description differs. Those views we now need to integrate with the models proposed by mechanical material science - of which we now know all to well that this does not explain the emergence of live nor of conscious being.

This project, The Creation of Myths of Creation, is meant to discern between belief and fact; especially the belief in (so-called) facts. It is necessary to realise that all measurements reflect perceptional bias. Objective Reality does not exist; it is always a subjective realisation. To which extent are the so-called Myth of Creation metaphors for the way we function, in trying to operate (individually and collectively) at such levels of abstraction and complexity, such as when we contemplate the emergence of life in the uniVerse?

The Consequences and Implications

Freedom of Choice is characteristic of Life.

Learning to operate freedom of choice is done by learning from their sequences of consequences.
This has very direct consequences for Health, Politics, Science and You.


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