Life, Love, Consciousness and Health Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Classical Science has its Blind Spot...
It cannot predict the unpredictable; uniqueness.
And it disregards its own involvement.
Thereby it cannot explain Life, Love, Consciousness and Health.

Freedom of Choice is the essence of Life.
Freedom of Choice, discerns life from dead matter.

In this web site, various essays, articles, papers and series explain this.

MetaThematics help understand that everything physical is in fact phasical (information in formation).

Fun-da-Mental present the basis of our participation in creation.

The Bones of Belief illustrate the parallel between our physical body (matter) and our mental body (information).

Much more important than those texts are our own, your own, experience of our connectedness, and oneness, with our context: the uniVerse we form part of.

Classical science observed, regarding itself as outsider, analysing, disconnected: quantifying.

Science of life qualifies: it experiences involvement, participation in creation, adding uniqueness.

Life, love, consciousness and health can now be described.
And experienced, as always before.

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