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Not-knowing is the basis of all our knowing.
A baby is not born with knowledge, but with the capacity for learning.
Learning is not based on any specific operation, but on a logic.
The logic is based on the coherence of information in our body/being.

Information is stored/encoded in our body in four different manners.
Every one pertains to a different level of information code/storage.
Every level has its own form of information encoding/storage.
Every material form therein is a form of information in formation.

This means that we embody a massive amount of information.
Every form of matter, is a form of information.
Every body process, is an information process.
It means that we contain more 'knowledge' than we know.

Knowledge is Data :: Code :: Information :: Understanding.
Learning is Sensation :: Communication :: Assimilation :: Integration.
Experience stems from Sensory Cell :: Neurone :: Plexus :: Brain.
It is 'recorded'  in the body: Matter :: Molecules :: Atoms :: Information 

Knowledge is the understanding of code of information.
Data is the material form of communication of information.
Life is dealing with how we interact with our context.
Life is all about our ability to operate Freedom of Choice.

Life is NOT about knowledge, of information.
Life deals with Freedom of Choice, in/and/of Creation.
Creation is the  ongoing process of manifestation.
Life is the art/act of participation in creation.

You can only experience creation IF there is unknowing.
Creation is a manifestation of choices; of Freedom of Choice.
We see/experience this in the origin/organisation of our body.
We same in the manifestation/materialisation of the uniVerse as a whole.

The inverse is the condensation of information in formation.
Our body is the materialisation of information in formation.
Our Regulatory System operates the dynamics of body formation.
It operates on basis of the principle of Information Integration.

Knowing Unknowing

"The more you know the less you know".
The old saying gets ever more meaning with internet access.
Like a medieval river, the information flow contains sewage and 'food'.
For our body, food is information; information IS food.

The more information you have, the less you know.
You know less, because you do not know what you know.
In order to understand, you must condense information.
This is what we see/experience in our living body.

We experience in the dynamics of our metabolic system
     (mouth, stomach, duodenum, gut).
We experience it in the dynamics of the life cycle of ageing
     (Baby, Child, Adolescent, Adult).
We experience it in the sensory system
     (sensor, neurone, plexus, brain).
We experience in the dynamics of learning.

Our body as a whole operates in this manner.
Our body is an information processor.
All body materials process information.
Our body is a manifestation of information.

We incorporate information into our DNA ("The Reckeweg Principle").
We incorporate information into our DNA ("The Oshman Principle").
We incorporate information into our DNA ("The Lipton Mechanism").
We incorporate information into our DNA ("The Fröhlich Mechanism").

    DNA can be compared to a magic wand; it holds no power in itself.
    DNA serves as an antenna. focussing device, an amplifier of intent
    Like the baton of an orchestra director, it does NOT create the music.

    DNA is formed by the process of forming information in formation in matter.

DNA is a scroll, a physical record of life experience.
We all add our own experience, by our life choices
We all do that as part of humanity; adding to ancestral records.
We all, as humans, add to the information of Life in DNA records.

    All life forms exchange DNA information; it is the essence of the Food Chain.
    All life forms exchange life experience-on-Earth since life on Earth began.
    All DNA is uniquely 'tuned' by the experience of each unique living being.
    All life forms in that sense form one form of (DNA-related) life on/of Earth.

DNA is the consequence of experience of life on Earth.
DNA, for the body, can serve as an emergency reboot backup copy.
DNA can be modified and molested by (y)our own life experience.
DNA can be deranged, for your offspring, by what you do in your life.

DNA is but ONE example of how our body incorporates information.
Diseases are a manifestation of the same information (dis)condensation.
This applies to our physiology, psychology, sociology and ecology.
Diseases of anatomy are consequential to disarray of physiology ("The Verveen Principle").

DNA is a precipitation of information in matter.
The information condensation used a 4D Logic.
It uses a Gabor Hologram :: Moiré Array :: Fourier Code :: Dirac Pulse.
It links Cells :: Organs :: Body :: Humanity (Life :: Earth :: Solar System :: UniVerse).

Within us we all have DNA as 'molecule' unifying all differentiated body cells.
The same DNA links us with ALL our ancestors, for ALL of humanity.
The same DNA is shared, by ancestry and food chain, by all life forms on Earth.
The same DNA is compiled from RNA, Proteins and Amino Acids.

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