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Mathematics has been an evolution, a development, of ideas.
The tool of Mathematics is its language; instruments for ideas.
Every mathematical formula is a symbol, for a mental action.
Mathematics is the choreography of the dance of our ideas.

Mathematics, as a language, is as limited as any language.
It is a model, an expression; a formulation – an utterance.
It has no relationship (at all) to reality; it gauges our realisation.
Mathematics needs to be learned; as a code by ‘initiation’.

As any code, or cipher, the meaning of mathematics is ‘secret’.
By learning the ‘secret’ it is possible to interpret the code; as idea.
As with any cipher, you are free to give any meaning to any symbol.
The symbol is the (any) representation of any (the) idea (realisation).

The development of mathematics is the development of (a(ny)) language.
Natural language is designed to ‘address’ “observables”, observations; realisations.
Mathematics addresses, deals with ‘mentations’; realisations: thinking: abstractions.
It does not describe WHAT we perceive, but HOW we perceive; the choice/logic.

Mathematics is therefore always founded on logic: assumptions.
From the assumptions definitions ensue: (dis)identification.
That again leads to formulae; equations; processing information.
The end result is (in whichever way) the obtaining of a Value.

    It needs to be stressed that this is an individual mental process.
    Combined with, for a larger part, the process of communication.
    The purpose is to arrive on an agreement of a form of observation.
    In that sense, the Values divined by mathematics, are our creation.

Mathematics thereby is a ‘trace’, or ‘spoor’, of a process of realisation.
The Symbol is related to observation, communication, realisation and … participation.
Different kinds of mathematics reflect different modes of involvement.
The changes of mathematical models, reflect changes in participation.

    Pharaonic Mathematics used Geometry and Algebra for Taxation.
    Geometry, to size up the land; algebra, to calculate the tithe percentage.
    Vedic and Aztec mathematics served the processes, of Timing.
    It served the planning of sowing and reaping; as done in all cultures.

    The history of mathematics demonstrates the complexifying of understanding.
    Initial models dealt with the counting the position and motions of whole objects.
    Storage and trading of goods, ship travel time and bookkeeping for farming.
    To be extended to bookkeeping of cities and fleets, and harvests and storage.

    Then ballistics became a consideration: path of projectiles; and earth navigation.
    The language of mathematic needed to change; from Values to Functions.
    With an increase interest in interaction, Mathematics was altered, adapted.
    Every new human interest led to a redefinition of (the role of) mathematics.

Over thousands of years mathematics developed and evolved; as did humanity.
Mathematics is an abstract code of language, and the languaging of abstraction.
Mathematics doe NOT describe our reality; it only/merely formulates our realisation.
In that, the word “our’ is NOT an abstraction, but a generalisation of individuation.







realisation (verb)





realisation (noun)









Many people/scientists ignore anonymisation, generalisation, abstraction and de-realisation in science.
They do not realise that Objective Science refers to a linguistic Object; a model.
The outspoken example is the term “Reality”; which is often presented as ‘Truth’.
Thus ignores that Truth is a Truism, and that always Reality is only a realisation.

This is also seen in the education of mathematics; which is often very incomplete.
Symbols, functions, operators and values are resented as if logical and ‘real’.
Only advanced mathematicians are aware that mathematics is based on assumptions.
Only most advances mathematicians are aware that we define and thereby create mathematics.

Mathematics is a formulation of our ideation; of our identification with ideas.
We are able to do that, because we are conscious of our consciousness.
We are able to ‘walk to the map of the world in our head’; and redesign it.
We process that information by the same organs that we use for digestion.

Hinduism acknowledges that we process food and information in the same manner.
In Hinduism, the organs and the ‘gods’ are the same: creative principles/powers.
Via our organs we reset the system interface, i.e. change our balance in our context.
This is instantiated/exemplified in our regulatory system, calibrating system interfacing.

Mathematics operates our world image; a conscious conscious activity.
It is based on our animal instinct of interacting within different territories.
That is again based on our vegetative capacity for self-expression in a context.
Which again is based on our cellular/microbial/fungal/viral embedding in Earth.

Our capacity for mathematics is thus based on cellular life and freedom of choice.
The function(ality) of mathematics is based on our vegetative system functioning.
The purpose of mathematics is the animal ability for changing the territory.
The outcome of mathematics is determined by our human determination/intent.

Mathematics is NOT real, it is NOT a reality, it is NOT realisation.
Like footsteps on the sand, mathematics traces our steps in our mind.
It is the dynamic of the mind i seek to understand; not mathematics.
Mathematics serves as magic mirror to peer into the invisible landscape of our ideas.

Mathematics therein is the equivalent of the Wilson Cloud Chamber in physics.
As a mere/purely mental tool it helps us organise our ideas.
That however does not mean that it helps us understand our ideas.
In order to be able to do so, we must se how we create/use our logic.

Logic is the description of the consequences of our change in involvement.
That changes the nature/characteristic of our embedding; in four dimensions.
Logic is the formulation for changes in dimensional organisation.
What we need to understand is: how that is based on our own use of freedom of choice.

Science, Humanity, Government, Corporations are severely damaging this planet.
Such institutions are all Abstractions; we must fully understand how they function.
Because we must realise that, as abstractions, they are not real; and cannot decide.
That is why i write this text on mathematics: mathematics is not real.

We must fully understand this; we must not confuse ourselves with the instrument.
Mathematics is not real; it is not even a model; it is a ‘crystallisation of ideas’.
In our body we see how cells make use of crystallisation of ideas to form our body.
We must understand how our choices/decisions/involvement determine(s) the outcome.

That is the purpose of the section on “MetaThematics”; to look beyond mathematics.
That is elaborated in “The Bones of Belief”: how the decisions create/affect our body.
MatheMusics” show how we can understand that as consciousness in our body.
Fun’daMentals” postulates that every ideation is our own creation’; as human and as humanity.

    Mathematics is only/merely a reflection of this understanding.
    We only use languaging collectively, as society in/of/for humanity.
    Therein we mutually shape our own thinking (“Ubuntu”) by/from our own mistakes.
    That is how, and why, mathematics is in ongoing creation; as part of our development of ideas, in consequence of the choices we make, in our involvement/participation/imagination in Creation.

Mathematics operates at the level of our imagination of/for/in Creation.
This does NOT make mathematics real; quite the contrary.
Mathematics operates at the transition between realisation (verb) and Realisation (noun).
This has been described in the paper entitled “The Collapse of the Vector of State”.

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