Sense and Nonsense Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

The following essay addresses the relationship between sense and nonsense.
From our body we can see how we create 'reality' by our realisation.
We each do that individually in a uniquely different manner.
We therefore must come to understand how our viewpoints are linked.

Something makes sense, when te image of the world in our head helps is deal with our environment.
Something does not make sense, if it is not compatible with our experience of our context.
Making sense, or nn-sense, is based on the relationship between perception and projection.
Thus not only our realisation, but also our reflexes determine the process, thus the outcome.

The first part of the description focuses on understanding the dynamics in our body.
This includes the relationship between the processes in our body and those around it.
The second part deals with the need for a different form of description.
Sense and non-sense require a holographic representation, in/on/across the interface.

Sense and nonsense thus requires a comparison of multiple (holographic) perspectives.
This requires a multidimensional logic: multi-valued and multi-variable, yet integrative.
In our body we can see how this multidimensional lgic works; and how we can use it.
Because our body in itself is a result of, thus manifestation of, this multidimensional logic.

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