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The Bhindu of Creation.
O#o van Nieuwenhuijze

“Bhindu” is a Sanskrit word for a seed point for creation.
It is also the seed point for realisation, because our existence is part of universal creation.

The Bhindu is thereby simultaneous the logic for describing the consciousness of realisation, AND the formal formulation of/for the emergence of our body. The “Bhindu” is the seed node and origination of the “Diffractal” of “The Equation of Health” and thereby the formula for manifestation of our physical body.

 At present – to my knowledge – the Bhindu lies beyond our capacity for description. It calls for more than a geometric algebra for the formulation of structural coherence.
It requires more than an integral differential calculus to define its phase/state dynamics.
It involves more than an operator/functor concept for interaction with/in its contexts.
It also requires the understanding that we are part of the equation; and in fact form the switching logic of/for creation by which this Bhindu is engaged or remains dormant.

Creation, Potential, Possibilities and Realisation are thus all part of this Bhindu notation.

Bindu Characteristics

This is the question posed by the concept of the Bhindu:

“What is a description for an identifier (formulation), an operator (a formula), which describes our identification with/as…”:

  1. 1) the emergence of a point (out of nowhere)
  2. 2) the bifurcation of that point (turning it into a descriptor for a line segment)
  3. 3) of which the end point can make a right angle turn at right angles (turning it into a potential circle )
  4. 4) of which the end point can again turn at right angles (turning it into a potential sphere ) …

Depending on the sameness (or not) of the ‘splitting’ of the (end)point, this

  • produces a sphere
  • creates a fractal
  • causes a diffractal, or
  • becomes a transdimensional (4D+) operator
  • This Bhindu is the underlying formal logic on which all my realisations are based.

The emergence of the uniVerse as a whole requires no other operator than this Bindu.

  • In a technical sense it is The GOD-Equation: Generator, Operator, Destructor of phase state.
    The formulation however makes clear that g.o.d. is a fundamental universal operator of logic. It is neither an entity nor and object, it has no personal characteristics, but it defines the universe as we know it, live it, realise it and thus ‘are it’. We are a g.o.d.-bindu.
  • Evidently this gives direct meaning to our existence; by giving it meaning, we create meaning. Also it means that our reality is our realisation: the Bindu formulates, indiscriminately, our own being and that of the universe in the same terms and on the same basis. This means the Bindu notation bridges science and religion.
  • Operating the Bhindu as mental concept of/for creation makes science and art: it depends on your own inner state and degree of involvement. This is thus not a simple mathematical formulation, or formal notation for a dynamic logic of creation, it is also a notation for our inner mental cognitive process, and expression of our engagement with/in/to/of(f) our context.
  • As is evident from the last formulation (“with/in/to/of(f)”) there is a need for a formal notation, a mimicry in language, for our commitment and engagement in realisation and/of creation.

What I see in my mind is a ‘seed crystal’ of/for CREATION.

  • It exists as a latent potential point, UNTIL it is activated.
  • THEN the point can become a line segment, or circle, or sphere, or higher orders of complexity ‘bubbles within bubbles; a sequence generator with an open end (Taylor, Fourier, Prandtl, Thom ….).
  • OR the end points themselves split, again and again, creating a fractal (Mandelbrot, Feigenbaum, Vrobel, …) or diffractal (O#o, …).
  • In short, it combines a description of state combined with a formulation of dynamic, a concept of their (cor)relation (coherence) AND an inherent state-switch for activation (related to our involvement).

I have been using this as seed crystal (Bhindu) for all my realisations; but could never describe it.

    If you, the reader, have deal with descriptions of creation, the universe, the origination of substance of the experience of consciousness in our living being ... then you have been dealing with this principle of consciousness in creation also. In this case you may have come to a formal notation of/for it? (E.g.: the Laban notation, in dance.)

The basic Bhindu notation has the following characteristics:

  • x marks the spot
  • y is the function
  • z is the operation, and
  • . is the description.

Each of these symbols has literal meaning (observe the shape of the letters):

  • X is the act of engagement in creation
  • Y is the act of making a distinction (bifurcation)
  • Z is the operator or reflection.
  • . is the zero-point, which is a Dimensional node for creation. Any moment of choice is such a Bhindu.

This Bhindu operator is the only instrument needed to describe the origination, unfoldment, interactional dynamics of its coherence, and thus its existence; of the uniVerse, and our Body.
Is there a vector definition or functor formulation which describes this?
I reckon I am not the first to see this.
You, the reader live it in all you are doing?
Any suggestions?



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