The Myth of Measure Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Measurement has become the mystique of science.
The dogma maintains that measurement is the basis of true knowing.
The doctrine forgets that the measurement instruments are first created.
As a result, it is not seen that the measurement device is an extension of our thinking.

Our thinking comprises our ideas, our reflexes, our models and our beliefs.
Those are again based on a more fundamental organic information processing dynamic.
However, the bodily information processing forms part of a larger uniVersal process.
Ultimately, everything we do is based on our use of Freedom of Choice, in Creation.

The idea that we get certainty by measurement is an illusion, or even delusion.
The measurement units are arbitrary - many different system are in use.
The measurement principle (theory) are consistently being further developed.
The critical boundaries of the measurement device are often disregarded/excluded/not-studied.

Measurement is merely the imprint of a step in the sand, in the mud, or in the clay.

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