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"Sticks and stones can break your bones but words can break your spirit".

The following essay deals with the effect of our use of words in creating science.
Words are used to refer to objects within our context; words can however replace the meaning of that context within our mind.
We need to make a distinction between 1) our use of words to refer to our context and 2) our use of words in operating our mind.
Discern between words as 1) sounds, 2) meaning, 3) opinion or 4) reality/realisation.

We can make use of the simple parallel of the use of words in the description of science, or the use of words in the creation of art, such as literature, poetry, oratory or invocations.
The ability to use words to evoke images in the mind fully, without connection to reality, is at the core of the essence of the creation of science.
In fact, the art of science is based on our ability to memorise changes of our context as part of the world image that we create within our head.
Just as a reminder: this approach is based on the evolutionary development from microbe to plant to animal to self-aware beings.

  • Microbes are embedded in the context and needs to deal with the actual present situation.
    In living within that environment there are two main motivators which are 1) the avoidance of own excrement or polluted/toxic environment, and 2) seeking nutrition (food/information).
    Microbes make use of solubility/oxidation/
    (interfacing inside-outside)
  • Plants interface between shit/excrement/manure/nutrient (below: Earth & Water) and (above:  Air & Light) climate conditions: Hot & Cold, Wet & Dry.
    The plants make use of the properties of microbes to feed the roots (symbiosis).
    (interfacing up-down) {fear/faint}
  • Animals have the ability to store information/food pertained in one environment to use it in a different environment.
    eating and excreting, for foraging and sleeping can therefore all take place in environments of their own. Animals can remember these specific spaces and make use of them by going there.
    (interfacing ‘left-right’ (alternatives) {flight/fight}
  • Self-conscious beings have the added ability to use these memories of the different environments to create ideas which are separate from the context that we live in.
    This goes beyond the ability for memorisation found in animals; it involves the experience of a "world in our head"; projected on the environment and created, as a new context.
    (interfacing forward-backward (future-past; realisation/reality))

Science is a collective conditioned consensus construct in which words are used to evoke idea is about our reality but based on our realisation.
Science as such is neither real nor true, but only a description of a model of perception of our realisation.
Science as such is the enterprise of human communication, as social event, in which people compare their ideas and ideals.
Many scientists forget this aspect of subjective sensation as the basis of the social dynamic of the creation of consensus which leads to a use of words with similar meaning for different people.

Science - Society

It is necessary to be aware that at this level there is no distinction between science, religion, Low giving and politics.
In each case there is a specific use of words, as code, with the aim to produce a specific conduct in the people in that specific society.
It is that specific use of words as cold in order to evoke a specific conditioned response which is ignored or denied by many scientists.
They hesitate, or refuse, to admit that the activity of engaging in science happens by the same principles and processes as the participation in any religion.

    Science in that respect is identical to any other cult.
    Scientists are requires to undergo a specific kind of initiation.
    There are in they are conditions/cultured to understand a specific social code/ritual.
    But the essence of the initiation in that congregation is that they share the same conduct (conformity/culture).

Scientists - Sciencing

Scientists ignored this, or refuse to know this, because the principle and procedure of this social training is the same of that used in magic.
Magic, in its original meaning, refers to the ability to put one's ideas in action, to be able to experience our environment in a different manner.
In other words it is the art/act of changing one's own realisation in order to be able to change one's own experience of reality.
This evidently requires the presupposition of the fundamental assumption of religion, that there exists a reality beyond the one that we now.

This being the case we can understand that science, as scientists, operates the change of collective conditioning, which is perceived as a change in cultural understanding.
One of the fundamental tenets in the science of life is that every description of reality is in fact a formulation of our own realisation.
In the previous essays, meta-thematics, fun’daMentals, Bones of Belief and MatheMusics we looked at the way that we can describe and understand reality beyond the matter of physical matter.
Now we continue the exploration which was already started in the Bones of Belief and MatheMusics, which is that of the understanding of the integration of information with matter in our body.

Information in formation

The Bones of Belief postulates that the same process dynamics which creates our bones, also create our reflexes, beliefs and reality.
MatheMusics deepens that insight by looking into the process, by which processes are linked to each other.
At that level we can see that the body as a whole is a network of interlinked process cycles, which link to each other as closed and open systems.
By using music as a metaphor we can see that the body as a whole is a hologram of wave fields cycles interlinked at different levels (‘harmonics’).

In this specific essay, we look at the same concept as that of MatheMusics  from a different perspective: as the relationship between the carrier wave and the signal.
In MatheMusics we can see that the body in its physical organisation is the consequence of the intercellular communication, as part of an integral wave field.
in that sense, the physical body is the output (loudspeaker/music) of the intercellular, communication process (software/computation).
in this specific essay we elaborate on the notion that within our body we operate by four distinct levels of code.

4D Code

  1. Sensor cells respond to changes of the environment by in Dirac pulse,
    which in mathemusics was compared to a drumbeat.
  2. Neurones relay those changes through the body in Fourier code,
    which in mathemusics was compared to a drum folley.
  3. Nerve plexus integrates those changes in the body in a Moiré pattern,
    which in mathemusics was compared to a drum roll of many drums.
  4. The brain integrates those body signals in a Gabor hologram,
    which in mathemusics was compared to a sonic orgone.
  5. There is a direct relationship between the way our sensory cells, neurones, plexus and brain integrate in formation at four different levels of code,
    which we experience as four different levels of consciousness,
    which are four different phases of system boundary transition,
    which are four different modes of involvement (which reflects the four forms of science, used by scientists).

Decoding Code

The same system by which we process information/signal/vibrations from our context in creating our world image, we also process the specific vibrations known as words.
the difference is that in the decoding of words the signal itself is a code, and thus needs to be decoded within our own brain.
that means that the cold of the word is entered into the brain, and processed, as a wave form, which is then converted to, and decoded from the waveforms of meanings as they are stored in our brain.

this means that this level of processing of word information takes place in direct interaction with the areas of information storage in the brain which is in fact the area of the stories of memories, beliefs, reflexes and the world image which we call reality.

Waves in formation are Information

This means that we need to be very specific about the way we normally interacts with that brain part, and the specific meaning of the waveforms that are stored in it.
evidently, is this brain area (this memory archive) is not part of the natural self-healing hygiene, then the information constructs (waveforms) stored in this area may be faulty.
That is for that reason that mystical training always advocates meditation as medication; because by that practice the brain area with those memories can be used in restored.
In fact, this is directly related to the practice of Self-healing by meditation, and essential for the discharge of charge as is required for the elimination of diseases.

Many diseases are a consequence only of "computational errors" in this brain area of memory storage.
Specifically degenerative diseases, such as cancer, are the result of the loss of stability of the system interface in its changing context.
Most often this involves unresolved issues of the past, which need to be 'digested' in order to be resolved and release.
One such charge discharge is achieved and the erroneous memory construct is released, the disease "spontaneously" resolves.

Realising Reality

Again, this takes place by the mechanism of reality realisation which above has been referred to using the word "magic".
It involves the act of a change in the realisation as a result of which a change in the experience of reality can be achieved.
Healing and self-healing in that sense is of direct application of this principle/definition of magic.
Storytelling, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and meditation are traditional instruments to achieve such a change of world image by the help of others.

Science - Suggestibility

In hypnosis there is a direct internal response in the listener to the use of words by a speaker.
This (see above) involves the use of language as code, and the ability to decode that wave form, in the ‘memory’-brain.
Scientists communicate with each other using words, spoken or written, in symbols or code (thus by the same essence/principle).
There too, we use our ability to 1) interpret words and 2) given meaning, on basis of the world image that we have stored in our brain.

There is a direct parallel between the editing of the world image in our brain by the use of code/words as done in science and the editing of the world image in our brain by the use of words/symbols as is used in healing.
This is where we can understand that sentence presented as the first line of this essay: "sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can break your spirit".
Because in the same way that words can be used to heal, they can also be used to harm; as is often shown in the politics of war.
Scientists may no longer ignore that in the process of doing science they use words to change our world image and thus to change our world definition.

Territorial/Political Science

There is that at direct parallel between the editing of the world image in our brain by the use of code/words as done in science and the editing of the world image in our brain by the use of words/symbols as is used in healing.
This is where we can understand this sentence which was presented as the first line of this essay: "sticks and stones can break your bones, and words can break your spirit".
Because in the same way that words can be used to heal, they can also be used to harm; as is often shown in the politics of war.
Scientists may no longer ignore that in the process of doing science they use words to change our world image and thus to change our world definition This is the definition of Symbolic Magic).

This has some very direct consequences: the activity of sciencing is in fact the operation of politics, because it is the creation or resolution of territorial conflict.
There is no real difference between the territorially is in our head and the territories in the world around us.
As described before the ability of the animal is to be able to memorise territorially is in the world that we live on, and the skill self conscious beings that we can redefine the boundaries of the territorially is of the world image that we created within our head.
Every scientist therefore is a politician, a warmonger, an animal, and the potential peacemaker.

Healing Realisation

It is only possible to experience this, and to do this, by realising that this is what already always happens.
In science we always operate politics, art, hypnosis and principles of healing.
All of these activities involve the redefinition of definition, the re-setting of the boundaries of the system.
Of these activities have direct repercussions on the regulatory system in our body which is operates precisely the same functions in and for our physical being.

It is therefore essential to be able to make this same kind of distinctions in the process of realisation as were described for the dynamic of information integration.
We need to be able to this between words, meanings, opinions and reality.
This distinction, deferment, pre-requires a healthy immune system in mind and body.
In the website for integral health care this has been elaborated in their description of the causes and the resolution of cancers.

Science as cancer (?)

Cancer is a system disease based on the collapse of the system interface as a result of the loss of self definition.
In that case, in the body and for the body, the experience of the environment can no longer be discerned from the experience of self.
Most often this is the case when the person is tired, stressed, exhausted, or unable to function properly as a result of any kind of toxin.
This is where electromagnetic, or chemical pollution, and physical or mental this orientation/Alienation can become the prime instigator of cancer.

Cancer, or AIDS, or any of the ‘degenerative diseases’ simply serve as examples of the possibility for the collapse of the system self-definition.
The causes can be traced back to specific forms of vibration (be it information, radiation, chemical- or physical pollution).
Words however also are specific forms of vibration, waveforms, and those can cause exactly the same kinds of loss of self-definition.
This is why, and how, words can alienate people from their own world image; which is intensely use by advertising, politics and religion, but also in science.

Scientists use words to define their realisation of reality for themselves and each other.
When they created a model as object in language, they call that ‘objective reality’.
It is always based on subjective realisation.
It becomes consensus only by a territorial communication process; it is never REAL.

This involves the fundamental property of the words, the process dynamics of communication, the sensation/awareness of their own self image, and the territorial interactions/strive in communicating those views to others.
It is at that level that every listener in the scientific discourse will experience/undergo the same effect as the listener under hypnosis.
It is essential that the listener is always able to identify with their own world image, while they are engaged in listening to the world image at presented by another.
It is in essence the relationship between, say, this self-conscious human (our world image) and the aware animal (the experience of the environment).

In our daily living we learn to negotiate, to interact, to develop our own world image in respect to, in relation to, as a result of, or experience of the world around us.
Our growing-up from 1) baby to 2) child to 3) adolescent to 4) adults is specifically aimed for the development of your own stable reliable communicable and shareable world image.
Society and the development of culture is based on the way we can share our unique individual world image with each other.
Evidently the dynamics of communication between people is based on the dynamic of cell communication, and all the diseases that can take place at the level of the cells, the organs and the body can take place at the level society (science/humanity) also.

Self-healing Dynamic

The reliability and stability of the unique individual world image is likewise also based on the dynamic of health, as the takes place within our own body.
The experience of health is operated as the daily (nightly) cycle known as the sleep cycle.
Therein we experience a shift of perspective from 1) the environment to 2) the body to 3) the organs to 4) the cells and back again.
This is known as the 1) beta, 2) alpha, 3) theta and 4) delta levels of consciousness, as they are called in the study of meditation and hypnosis.
The ability to maintain stability in your own world image (world view) in interaction with others is directly related to your ability to maintain stability in your 'loss' of world view is experienced in meditation.

This makes it possible to be able to gauge the difference between the words, its meaning, the opinion and reality.
When people cannot longer listen to the words of others as expressing merely an opinion, this is indication that their mental immune system is weak.
As was described above, this is equivalent to the precursor states of a degenerative disease such as cancer.
As was described before cancer can be defined as a disease of loss of self/identity; the same applies for the loss of identity/self in interaction with others.

Dogmatism = Disease

The inability to take in information which then operate at the level of the individual also at the level of social groups.
In this manner her scientists can oppose innovations in their own field or even denied the possibility and potential of such innovations.
Such scientists are equivalent to the fundamentalists in the religions, and can therefore be called scientific “fundamentalists”.
Instead of being open to the exploration for innovation - as is the purpose of science for society - they denounce new ideas, proclaiming that ‘it differs from what is known’.

As has been described above this kind of behaviour simply a form of pathology.
In medical terminology this is called ‘coping insufficiency’ or a ‘coping deficiency’.
As has been described above this is often the result of systemic system fatigue.
The solution is always the same: to restore in system integrity by restoring the system definition (the wave form function).

From the sleep cycle (see above) we can see that this takes place in the systematic series of steps.
therein the attention is shift that from 1) the environment to 2) the body to 3) the organs to 4) the cells.
In science this means a shift from 1) observation to 2) gauging the instrumentation to 3) the identification of the identification into the observation and finally 4) to the subjective realisation of that realisation.
As can be seen the use of words in this case the comp seemingly confusing because we need to juxtapose the use of the word as a noun (referring to the context, of the observation) with the use of the same word as a verb (self referential, for the Observer). (It is basically the understanding of the difference between the observation as a noun and the use of the word observation as a verb.)

Reality is an Abstraction

The social dynamics of sciencing involves four different levels of abstraction.
These correspond with the meaning for 1) the individual, 2) in the communication/interaction, 3) in the group, 4) for outsiders.
This has been described in greater detail in the paper entitled "scientific consensus".
It involves the difference between 1) anonymisation, 2) generalisation, 3) abstraction and 4) dogmatisation.

The following table summarises these different levels for understanding in the schema.
It addresses the elements of 1) interpretation, 2) communication, 3) abstraction and 4) realisation.
Therein the words are always to be interpreted as waveforms, which are given meaning in interplay brain memory.
Always the process itself must be understood as based on the fundamental dynamics of Self-healing and learning.





sensor cell












Social/Cultural Conditioning

People have been conditioned from childhood on to become responsive to language.
Language for most people is not an external experience but it has become ‘internalised’.
This seeming/semblant ‘internalisation’ is due to reflex driven information processing.
At the reflex level, conscious involvement (only) seems to be absent.

In passing to the reflex level an internal system boundary is crossed.
As a result, it is possible to mis-take/con-fuse the external and the internal.
This is explicit in the formulation of so-called “objective science”, in which the users of those words no longer realise that the words “objective science” referrer to an “object in language” - that is a model and not to an object in the real world.
A scientific objective fact (realisation) is an “object of consensus” (artefact) instead of an objective reality realisation (reality).

It is important to make this distinction because many people no longer discern the effect of words on their own being.
They assume that words are external to them, while in is in effect and in fact the words affect them directly.
This is most explicitly seen in the practice of hypnosis, which is the act of using words in such a way that the mind of the listener is entrained with, and becomes operated by, the speaker.

Hypnotic Science

The understanding of hypnosis is required to be able to understand the use of the construct of science.
Science as such is neither objective nor subjective, but both.
Science is an amalgamate, that construct blending different elements together, which together have a consistency seemingly of their own.
However, upon scrutiny, it can be seen that the consistency of the amalgamate-in this case science-is based on the elements that it is composed of.

    In this case it is in part determined by the properties of language, which refers to objects in our context, as pointed out by Maturana & Varela
    In part it is of retirement by the properties of mind, which is based on the dynamics of individual realisation.

Science - opinion

The lack of understanding of subjective/territorial involvement is a major cause in the misunderstanding of science.
Scientists themselves are subjectively confused in and by what they objectively do.
The traditional way of expressing this is that they confuse the map with the territory.
This means that they mistake the models that they make for the reality that they try to describe.

    The other text in this series of essays explain how that confusion can be resolved.
    Therein it is important to understand our use of language in communication.
    Also we must understand the principles of wave form decoding in our brain.
    This understanding is traditionally known as the art of magic.

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