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The Science of Life

Otto van Nieuwenhuijze, MSc, MD,
Independent Research Scientist
17-11 Gerard Doustraat,
Amsterdam, NL-1072 VJ, The Netherlands

Editined by Johanna Buchenau


More and more, the models of science determine the life of people. The following proposes that there are many healthy reasons why we need a Science of Life. Economy is not helped by measures of objective quantities, instead of subjective qualities. Peoples are not helped by being ruled as if they are machine parts. Health care and ecology is not helped by models of dead matter.

At present we are very close to the onset of a science of life. Scientific modelling has already led from a study of matter to a view on information. Tiller e.a. already showed that energy follows thought: intent determines the effect of matter. Earlier work has already described that every form of matter is a form of information. The universe is a form of information, in formation.

What is needed still is the realisation that every description of science, describes the scientist's inner working. Science is created by scientists: “Reality is a Realisation”. Quantum Theory already approached the gap of the Heisenberg uncertainty. All that scientists needs to do, is to take the leap, step into the gap, and realise their responsibility (and response-ability) in their creation.

We in fact already have a science of life, in inverse. Reverse engineering this we can realise that the models of science are freeze-frame glimpses of our thinking. What is needed is a generalisation of the concept; a formulation of conscience with its direct practical application: a Science of Life.

Science of Life specifies the location our involvement in our Freedom of Choice, in the pivot of the interface of the system with/in its context; a fractal system; the “SSSS”: The System Stability Singularity Set (SSSS) is a fractal in space and time, expressing the change of (4D Dynamic) logic, in our changing involvement with/in our context. This logic changes the permeability of the interface, thereby regulating our separation/connection in our environment: our participation in creation.

Science of Life, consciousness, reverse engineering material science, reality realisation


Modern Medicine is based on Classical Science. Classical Medicine needs more than just the new classical relativistic quantum field models of science. Science regarded the scientist as a (classical) outsider with a (relativistic) event horizon, separated by a (quantum) leap from true involvement. Health Care addresses the experience of Life. Life differs fundamentally from ‘dead matter’.

    We need a science able to address the fundamental characteristic of life:
    Freedom of Choice.

Classical Science created models for the prediction of material behaviour, by studying matter, molecules, atoms and (now) cosmic/subatomic phase space.
This science created new materials and objects, and destroys the planet.
Classical science ignored life and creation.
It focused on inertia, invariance, homogeneity and continuity; with good results.
It fails to explain how matter comes into existence; or how all objects in the universe are related in the same ongoing creative process.

Modern Medicine makes use of the initial formulations of classical matter, and its approach of deterministic mechanistic system control. It yet has to integrate the findings of relativistic, probabilistic and unified science. ‘Modern’ medicine still needs to understand the extent to which the electro-hydrodynamics determine the nature and state of the body. Classical science of matter cannot explain how living beings use freedom of choice; it is an unhealthy foundation for health care.

Traditional Health Care is well aware of the role of involvement; as is the case in New Science; and shows what New Science seeks in daily healing practice.

Science is not a book-based belief.
Science is a method to study the unknown. [Definition of Science]
It still needs to study life, love consciousness and health; and it needs to include the involvement of the scientist in its description.

    It is well time that we clarify these matters by juxtaposing the models of matter and the involvement with life:

Modern Medicine   :  Classical Science

Traditional Health Care  :  New Science

This means that we need to integrate the findings of classical, relativistic, probabilistic and integral science. We must also include our involvement: our use of Freedom of Choice. Science of Life is set up for that purpose.


‘Modern’ medical Science is an application of classical material science; which was not designed to pertain to living beings; it can only assess and address the material aspects of the system. Since, “science” is often equated with this reductionistic mechanical material interpretation. Some people even claim this to be ‘science’. Some state: ‘if it is not described, it cannot be described, thus it cannot exist, thus is unscientific’. The claims of predictability and repeatability of inert matter are immaterial; living being are characterised by being predictably unpredictable; because of their innate use of freedom of choice.

A change in perspective is a must. As long as ‘modern medicine’ adheres to the tenets of ‘classical science’, subjects will be regarded as objects, consciousness will be reduced to (DNA) matter, and living beings as cadavers. This is not a figure of speech. Medical students still spend much time studying cadavers; without considering how this alienates them from contact with living beings.

Modern medicine manipulates politicians and the public by referring to the merits of classical science. Classical science is a deadly foundation for health care. Classical science addressed invariance: action+reaction=0 (No-change).
Invariance was traditionally called Hell (Closed System).

Most of the complaints about ‘regular’ medicine are based on this. It is based on a bias: a model of control and domination (as in dealing with objects) instead of participation/interaction based on consciousness and communication (offered by Traditional Health Care).

Life is an open system. In life, all ‘Closed Systems’ integrate in/to their context via singularities (mathematics), anomalies (physics), taboos (society),  dogma (religion) and axioms (science).
Life involves the regulation of the system singularities (pivotal points).

Modern/Classical Medicine’s does not guarantee its interventions.

‘Modern’ medicine uses the philosophy of mechanical material control and domination (a war model) to overrule all ‘other’ forms of healing. It ridicules or rejects as ‘unproven’ all aspects which discern living beings from dead matter; the “blind spots” of classical science (life, love, consciousness and health). (For example: it demands the use of RCT (Random Control Trial) studies for hand-on healing. RCT was developed to assess effect of pharmaceutical powders; most of which are white when refined. RCT is meaningless where practitioner and patient can usually feel immediate effect.)

It claims its model is “proven verifiable, repeatable and predictable” (these are dead matter traits of Classical Science). Classical medicine uses these claims for asking higher prices, muscling political agenda’s, and bribing professional/public goodwill by advertising, and to discourage use of other forms of healing. This tendency is reinforced by a deceptive predominance of corporate (profit) interest in medical care. As long as “disease” equates with “profit”, diseases will be maintained, or created.

All interpretations and applications of that model reflect that. “Doctors educated by doctors” creates a vicious cycle whereby New Science is – still – not incorporated into the body of knowledge of medical science. Traditional Health Care however reflects the insights of Modern Physics (and mathematics) and uses them in daily practice.

Few people (and fewer doctors) are aware how the medical model is crippled by ‘belief’ in Classical science. The mechanistic material model is associated with control and mass production; it was developed for (and from) the study of inert matter. Living beings are thereby regarded by the mechanical material ‘laws of inertia/dead matter’.  Since 1900 science underwent drastic changes, not matter, but information is now the essence. The focus shifted from (classical, material) matter of physics, to (relativistic, molecular) chemical processes, to (probabilistic, atomic) electromagnetic interactions, and now to (phase-field) information integrity. All of these considerations can be recognised in the living being; but still need to be included in the classical medical model.

New science realises that reality is a realisation. We need to bridge the gap between reality and realisation, matter and information, object and subject, by relating creation (noun) to (the verb) creation. We can learn from our living body how we participate in creation. We must identify our participation in creation; and describe this as the mathematics, chemistry and physics of involvement. Science needs to include the findings of Traditional Health Care: understanding life. Health is integrity in personal involvement. Your involvement matters. This must be part of the formulation of medicine.


We can combine these by resolving the core problem of modern medicine by:

  • Update Classical Medicine from classical science through relativity and probability theory to the now emerging field theory of science.
  • Integrate the time-tested methods of healing from all cultures in New Science; combining experience with life involvement with insight into matter.
  • Bringing Science to Life
    (Integrating Traditional Health Care with New Science)
  • Healing Health Care (Integrating the result with Classical Medicine).

From material science we can understand that matter has internal degrees of freedom; this is what discerns the distinct material phases of matter such as e.g. ice, water, mist and steam. (Solid, liquid, gas and plasma.) This however is not enough to be able to explain how living organisms make use of the degrees of freedom, via the use of freedom of choice.

This involves:

  • degrees of freedom of matter, in the various phases of matter
  • freedom of choice in mind, with different modes of involvement.

The changes of the system are based on the internal degrees of freedom of the system (material phase states). We experience this as different forms of consciousness, in our involvement in creation. In life forms, all forms of matter are trans-material (information-responsive): redefining itself in response to changes of information. All body materials serve the purpose of processing information.


Compare a rock and a living being:
you realise the difference between classical science and the science of life.
A rock will not move; if moved, an external influence was present. Left to themselves living beings are predictably unpredictable. There, external variation is incorporated in the system (O#o, 2005).
There is a fundamental difference between a rock and a human: Freedom of Choice in involvement.

  • Traditional Health Care can help science understand the role of involvement.
  • Modern physics (New Science) can help Traditional Health Care explain how we can restore the integration of information and matter in our living being.

Together this gives insight into Freedom of Choice of Information in Matter: “Science of Life”.

  • Bringing Science to Life:
    New Science + Traditional Health Care = “Science of Life”
  • Healing Health Care:
    Classical Science Modern Medicine + Science of Life = “Integral Health Care”

Science of Life offers on one hand direct insight into the importance of involvement in life; which must form part of the description of science. On the other hand it provides profound understanding of the relationship between information and matter, in universal creation. The Science of Life links the objective with the subjective, and the part into the whole. It is at the same time an instrument for understanding (consciousness) and a method for healing (experience).

Freedom of Choice is the characteristic of Life. We thus bridge the knowledge of dealing with living beings with the knowledge of observing dead matter. We can thereby Bring Science to Life, and Heal Health Care. The Science of Life provides the necessary basis for a science of/for healing.


  • Reverse engineering
  • Literature


We need to elaborate on the classical models on the formulation of matter (atomic physics) and their generalised form; information in formation (cosmogenesis).

  • Atomic physics describes how matter is made up of molecules which are composed of atoms which originate from phase space. This shows a direct link between information and matter.
  • Cosmogenesis shows how phased space coheres into Cosmic Gas to Stars and planets, showing how information in formation forms (verb) forms (noun) in phases of phases (stages in forms of matter). [Explanation would be nice for the average educated medical doctor. More Quantum/Cosmos/Phase Theory]

This is what we find in our body. The anatomy, physiology, regulatory system and information system reflect the physics, chemistry, electromagnetism and information processing in our body.

Those levels of description (customary in ‘modern’ medicine) are however not sufficient.

We need to describe the functioning of the part in terms of the functioning of the whole in relationship to our own involvement.

  • Science of life

Science of Life requires explicit understanding of our involvement in our experience/operate of that relationship between information and matter in our body.

  • Vitagenesis shows how in evolution, degrees of freedom are incorporated into ever more complex life forms (demonstrating an inverse process of the second law of thermodynamics: as the complicity of the life form increases, the associated form of consciousness is ever more explicit). [Explanation forthcoming for the average educated medical doctor.  Second law of thermodynamics, inverse process?]
  • Embryology: We experience all this in our body, where our freedom of choice affects the interaction between phasics and physics, resulting in a different state in our body.

Our body does not operate on the basis of physics (‘medical disease management’), but as phasics (“traditional health care”).
Phasics (changes of phase state) operates in phase space, in the domain of information. It is the basis for the dynamics of information in formation. It operates by changes in logic, in which unity and units, boundary and fields, part and whole, state and process are interchangeable always. More important than the relationship between phase and state (phasics and physics) is the ability for consciousness/intelligence ‘switching’ between the dual modes.

    This is achieved by integrating the closed system perspective (scientific ‘reality’) with the open system involvement (healing “realisation”).

That requires a change of reference system from the object state to the subject process. The most basic way to describe this is in terms of vortex dynamics.
Rapoport (2009) describes how vortex mathematics integrates information and matter.
Rowlands and Hill (2005, 2007, 2009, 2009) describe how the algebra of the nilpotent operator has the same architecture as the geometric organisation of the molecules of life in our body.

Instead of dealing with reality, we are dealing with realisation.

In Science of Life the established models of material science (addressing the degrees of freedom of matter) are not seen as models of reality, but as formulations of our realisation. We can juxtapose these models and show how, together, they help understand our involvement in the phase state of matter in our body, by freedom of choice in our mind. For our body, for example, this requires a system of formulation (the SSSS) which must operate at every connected level of the membrane of the cell, organ, body and species.

    System Stability Singularity Set (SSSS)

In living beings this introduces the need to identify and define the fundamental and essential system dynamic by which the continuity of the system (organism) can be described, wherein at each moment the organisation/dynamic/embedding/logic can change. For this purpose we introduce the System Stability Singularity Set (SSSS): the integral system of singularities of the system (integral part of the ongoing system dynamics) in which the unity of the system is maintained while the number of units changes.

This system has already been defined and described by Selye (1976) as the Regulatory System in the body. Mineral- and cortico-steroids exert anti- and pro-inflammatory effects on the body, i.e. they affirm or dissolve the membranes in the system. The body can thereby redefine itself with/in its context by a dynamic which is known as the (animal) Fight/Flight and Fear/Faint (vegetative) mode of system change. (Changing of (animal/adapt) or in (vegetative/adopt) the context.)

There is one underlying principle: innerphasing the interface. It is the flow of information, which defines the material organisation of the body: the Manifestation of Information. Body materials (Ho, 1993) are “Transducer-transponder (cell)”, “liquid-crystal (blood)”, “piëzo-electric (bone)”, “transistor” (bone), i.e. particularly and specifically capable of responding to changes in (phase) information. Our body is not an object, but a processor of information.

All hormones operate at this level. They function as electromagnetic antennae (Callahan, 1977) distributing information into the body. Molecules can accept, store, transform and release information; not only at the level of molecular dynamics (enzymes), electromagnetic information (hormones) but also at the photon level (pigments). The molecular conveyance of magneto-electric signals as hormones is dual to the electromagnetic conveyance of signals in neurones. Fröhlich (2006) described how it determines the cell energy level and cell membrane potential. Nordenström (1983) described how all body materials and body fluids determine electromagnetic processes and processing in the body. Smith (1992) showed how the dual system of hormones and neurones establishes the regulatory system of information regulation. Becker (1985) described how the electrodynamic patterns in the body determine the shaping of the body and the process of healing.


The same applies for the organisation of the organic system.

Cell, organ, body and species are all defined and interlinked by the SSSS of the system. Health can thereby be defined as the preservation of the SSSS organisation (O#o, 1996d, 1998b, O#o in Vrobel (2008)) throughout the existence of the system.


We are dealing with a re-definition of the system with/in its context; determined by re-phasing the interface. This puts the focus of description in the interface. This is where we need to drastically change the perspective, from Eulerian ‘Objects’ with system states, to Lagrangian relativistic dynamic Subjects. It can be described as a change from looking at the equation, to looking at the way the mathematician operates the equation sign.

The Nilpotent operator of Rowlands (2009) can be considered to offer such a change in perspective.

 Φ = 1    Φ = 0

Schema 1: the two types of equations, between which living beings can switch.


The description needs to include the changes at the system boundary, in order to be able to account for the changes within the system. In mathematics this is achieved by relocating the frame of reference from the system to the boundary. This boundary does not operate at the local level, but – for health – at every level of the interface, at every level of the integration of the system into its context: the SSSS.

In changing the perspective from the field to the interface, the understanding of health is changed from that of the preservation of state of an object, to a preservation of balance of an exchange in a context (switching between Φ = 1 and Φ = 0; as living organisms do). Traditional healing techniques understand and operate this principle: the organism is experienced as art of its organic context.
The vitality and life of a system is determined by the manner by which the closure in openness is maintained in a changing context. The embedding of the stable/closed system is related to its environment by regulation of its boundary closure. To be able to operate system closure in a coherent continuous manner in a changing context, a formulation using 4 vortices (4D operators) is required, in Fractal time-space (Vrobel, 2008), thus energy-information dynamical. This requires a 4D D Logic, to be able to address the 4 orthogonal rotations of phase by which a closed system can be opened and vice versa. A simple example of a 4D-change continuity-operator is a vortex. A Vortex combines a 0D point with a 1D flow line with a 2D surface of a 3D Volume.

There are changes to the system logic. It amounts to the Opening/Closing of the system, i.e. the change of involvement in context. That is the essence of life. We must relate the changes of phase in the system to the phase changes in the interface. This is where phase changes in the interface determine the phase states of our body. We need to account for the continuity of coherence with, at the same time, continuity of transitions of phase state. (The calcium in the mountain, in the food, in the blood, in the bone, in the nerve, creates nerve electric potential de-/repolarisation; for the purpose of enhancing our interfacing interaction with/in our context). The change of logic determines the change of integration with/in the context. Instead of describing ‘continuity’ we need to define how the system logic is redefined.

Fundamental of life is the interchangeability of Boundary and Field, i.e. the dimensionality of the system, i.e. the operant logic (O#o, 1982, 1987, 1996, 1998, 1999a,b,c,d). This change of Logic is known as Freedom of Choice. Freedom of choice can be precisioned and positioned on the interface of the system. Freedom of Choice there defines the openness/closure of the system, by a change of involvement.

Instead of regarding the field, we need to identify with the boundary. Instead if dealing with singularity; we need to operate (at least) duality. This is implied in the term singularity: a site where the duality of the system is made explicit – in the interface.
Example is the transition between the zygote and the first cell pair in cellular division. From the perspective of the objects, there now is duality. From the perspective of the subject, there is unity. Both approaches are true and valid (a Dual Logic is required). In considering a system as a Field, we can regard it as distinct from its context. In regarding the system in/by/at/as a Boundary, we experience it in continuity with(in) its context (”love”).


Freedom of choice discerns the living being from dead matter. It is that dynamic which we experience in the reorganisation of the boundaries in our body. It is that principle which redefines the degree of structuralisation/manifestation of our body. That is the key to disintegration and reintegration; disease and health.

We experience this in our body. We see the activation of freedom of choice in detail in the internal system of cell communication:

  • J van der Greef described the Metabolomes, the molecular exchange cycles between cells;
  • A Verveen described how these cycles define health (physiology), and disease (pathology) when they are deranged: (((socio)psycho)patho)physiology.

P Callahan explains that we are dealing with molecules as antennae; forms of information: the dynamics of mind is the same as that of the body. The ‘metabolic cycles’ between the cells serve the same function as the protein-strands in microbial communication or sperm in fertilisation: information exchange. Non-closure in the metabolomic cycles is the basis of disease, in mind and body. This level demonstrates the dynamics of health and understand the emergence of disease. The change between closure and non-closure is the mechanism by which we operate freedom of choice in our body. This operates in the SSSS, the dynamic interface which integrates the system with/in its context. Important is that health can now be explicitly described: it is the maintained integrity of cellular division, as established by the SSSS, reflected in the maintenance of the metabolomic mind/matter circuits in balance with changes in the context.


The integrity of the individual cell is its foundation. This integrity is derived from
temporal integrity: the health history of the first cell (the zygote), and
spatial integration: the integrity of the SSSS (the ongoing dynamics of cellular division).

We witness how consciousness and body are integrated in this process, and how our body is the integrative factor in that experience. This offers an integral formulation of/for the integration of our body with/in our context: Health (system integrity).

Figure 1. Consciousness Cascade for Activation of Realisation


  •  Worldview:

In our head ‘around the pineal gland’ we experience the interplay of two holographic projections (Pribram, 1994). [Why ‘around’?]
In the cerebellum we experience the aggregate of proprioceptic information from within the body (O#o, 2002, 1998d).
In the cerebrum we find the integration of our experience of our context; relayed by the sensory system cells on the periphery of the body (the sensory organs).
In our body we relate cortical sensoricepsis to cerebellar propriocepsis.

Our perceived reality is a ‘Moiré’ interplay of the two ‘Gabor’ holographic projections. [Definition]

The Pineal gland serves as a primordial cell in the body, responding to the difference between the two hologram states, in conjunction with their correspondence, on which our Freedom of Choice is based. We ‘there’ choose whether we change our involvement.

    [The pineal gland operates in the core of the skull. It is a regulator for the whole interbrain.
    The interbrain (diencephalon) consists of the Thalamic nuclei, the Hypothalamic nuclei, the Hypophysis and the Epiphysis (pineal). Even in Classical Medical science education based on the study of cadavers, the Thalamus is called the “gateway to consciousness” or “control centre”. Descartes called the Pineal Gland the “Seat of the Soul”. It is the DMT production in the pineal gland which enables the mind to perceive beyond the physical domain.
    In this region, all central nerve pathway are switched by synapses, but also the neuronal control of the hormone system is based in the interbrain. The optical nerve crossing is located with contact to the interbrain. The pacemaker function of the Thalamus Brainwave-Frequency is entrained to the Schumann resonace frequency of Earth; and the basis for the capacity for self-healing (Anderson & Anderson, 1968: citation in Oshman, Energy Medicine, Chapter 7.8)]


Figure 2. The Pineal Gland as Gate Keeper between outer/inner realisations


  •  Animal/Vegetative response:

If involvement is changed, this is relayed to the hypophysis, which no longer operates in response to hologram/photons, but to electromagneto-dynamics.

The neurohypophysis elicits an (animal) neural reaction (‘telegram’|fight/flight), and the adenohypophysis engenders a (vegetative) hormonal response (‘mail’|fear/faint).

  • Organic adaptation:

Due to this the glandular system of the body is reconditioned, releasing hormones (affecting regional neurones also) affecting free electrons; this is the acid/base level of response of the system, conditioning the internal climate of the body.

  • Cell activation:

The cells respond to the change in internal climate, by internal and external adaptation; ‘hardening or softening’; ‘heating up or cooling down’. These are the ‘alchemical’ changes in the interface resp. of the cell; the ‘humours’ of traditional medicine. They offer an apt description for the dynamic materialisation (liquid-crystal crystallisation) under influence of a change of available free electrons due to a shift in animal/vegetative response in the system due to a shift in choice of involvement.

The Pineal Gland Consciousness Activation Cascade exemplifies how changes in realisation percolate through our body and determine our body state; and state of health.
The Pineal Gland Consciousness Activation Cascade, exemplifies how we operate our Freedom of Choice, and thereby experience our participation in creation using the Fractal SSSS of the body.


  • Freedom of Choice in Matter: in the moments of phase change
  • Freedom of Choice in the body: the cell singularity site
  • Freedom of Choice in Mind: Consciousness Activation Cascade
  • Exercising Freedom of Choice in Life: Sovereign being

Science of Life focuses not on physics but on phasics. It defines the system on basis of its emergence. It does so by not regarding the isolated system state, but the integrated system dynamic. It does so by referring not to the field/object but to the boundary/subject. It therein operates from the perspective of the Open System; and is thereby able to use all the formulations of the Closed system. This makes it possible to invert this: all descriptions of the closed system can be interpreted as expressions of experience of the open system. Again: all our models or reality are formulations of our realisation

Mathematics offers models for description, e.g. as nested wave envelopes of systems. The singularities which connect all these envelopes of the system are dynamically linked, at the level of the SSSS; not at the object level. A system therein has no hierarchy. Every cell in the system is autarchic (self governing); not hierarchic. In a living system hierarchy refers to hieros archè; the common origin of all units of the system in the unity of the initiation of the system. (This refers to the unifying function of the fractal of bifurcation of cell division.)

Our body does not operate by control and domination; these are used to operate inert/dead object systems. Our body operates by co-ordination and/of communication; these are characteristics of Open System functioning. It is necessary to understand that the term (control) hierarchy which is used in mechanical science/medicine is not applicable in the science of life. Instead we find the original meaning of the word: hieros archè (integral origin); throughout the development of the system we see that cell division is always calibrated and maintained, whereby the SSSS maintains or restores the original integrity of the system with its context.
Hieros Archè is the common origin of all body cells, from the first cell, by the time fractal of cell division. The SSSS can be understood as a fractal category operator, in which units are maintained in unity. This relies on the ongoing use of a 4D Dynamic Logic, in which the opening and closure of the integration/integrity of the system boundary is all-ways maintained (O#o, 1999c).

The process of unfoldment of the system is also the processing of the maintenance of (self)integration of the system, with/in its changing context. In our body we experience how all our body cell materials respond to these changes in phase relationship; and thereby determine the organisation and manifestation of our body. Self-healing is an innate trait of the system.


Health Care has in-depth understanding of this interrelationship between phasics (information) and physics (matter):

Classical Medicine regards only a very limited aspect of this: the inert material aspect.
Natural Health Care  (e.g. Ayurveda) understands our body physiology, as part of the processes in nature; in terms of continuity in process dynamics.
Meridian therapy (e.g. Acupuncture) understands this at the level of interaction in the interface, of any membrane and system boundary, where the interplay between electricity and magnetism redefines the integration of the system in the context, by the direct interplay between physics and phase.
Spiritual Healing operates at a yet more fundamental level; that of (Gabor) field integration; where the field of the part and the field of the context are understood to be distinct, yet part of the same process in creation. Therein we find that in humans the properties of minerals, plants, animals and freedom of choice are all present. This insight is available in health care; and experienced in all life forms.

Again we see the Consciousness Continuity Cascade of:

  • information, regulation, physiology and anatomy,

in relating

  • hologram, electromagnetic, acid/base (chemical) and information-material

in the combined use of

  • spiritual, meridian, ayurvedic and somatic treatments.

From the perspective of life science, this means that we need to combine

  • field theory, probability theory, relativity theory, and classical theory,

albeit that we need to include our involvement in each of these forms of description. We must stop pretending that we are outsider, remove the blinkers of the assumption of the event horizon, take the quantum leap, and put ourselves in the picture.

This can be considered in relationship to the holographic (pineal), electromagnetic (hypophysis), free-electron (acid/base, glandular) and structural (cellular) level of relay of freedom of choice into the body; adapting the interfacing of the body by adapting the innerphasing at all consecutive levels of body organisation. These consecutive levels are defined by the embryologic unfoldment of the body from the Zygote (O#o, 2007).


While ‘modern’ Medicine has excellent descriptions of the cellular system, Traditional Health Care has the experience of the SSSS. Modern physics and traditional medicine therein Complement each other. Modern science provides a description of observation; traditional health care provides the experience of involvement. This is why the science of life needs to integrate the two perspectives: the objective observation and subjective experience; material and informational: physics plus phasics. Both are desired, together, for a science of health care; which is why both are provided in the Science of Life. In our body we can experience how both complement each other. The intercellular communication (internal food chain) is part of the ongoing evolution of life forms on Earth, in which the exchange of DNA serves the exchange of information (External food chain) of experience of life on Earth.

The SSSS is the fundamental dynamic which operates the health (integrity) of the system, on ongoing basis. The health of an organism thus does not depend on the cells of the system, but on the SSSS relating the cells of the system in its context. All diseases are always systemic, and based on shifting of the system boundary with/in/through/out_of the system.

Aging is the loss of such temporal continuity, due to loss or temporal integrity: subsets of the system no longer operate in the same time flow as the rest of the system.

Homeopathy, acupuncture and the forms of healing are well-known in the manner that they can serve to ‘remind’ the-part-or-the-whole of the system of the temporal disjunction between the-part-and-the-whole of the system, by re-phasing the system.

What we experience as a change at the level of Electro-Magnetism is the consequence of the logic operating at a deeper level; where the phase changes are determined by the changing on/of/in the interface.

The possibilities and potential for the electromagnetic (meridian/homeopathic) information healing is based on the specific characteristics of the materials of the body. All are secreted by living cells, wherein all cells are linked by the ongoing SSSS process, as part of their integral context. This information exchange operates at the level of photons, electrons (atoms), acid-base balance (molecules) and cell dynamics (matter) as changes of phase, electrons, free electrons and bound electrons.

In our body we can see the ‘precise’ position of our involvement in creation (focused on the pineal gland) together with the relay cascade by which we make our involvement matter; by the way our body can respond to our mental decisions.

In our body we see that we operate a realm of ideas: mental images, of holographic information, in phase space, which we imagine in our brain as if the world around us; these are only bodily sensory sensations. We relate these to propriocepsis sensations from within our body. I.e. we relate the changes of the surface of the body (boundary) to the change within the body (field).

The whole basis of consciousness, awareness, realisation and creation lies in the relationship between the boundary and the field. Freedom of Choice lies in our ability to switch between them. This is the extent of our involvement; the way we fill in the Quantum Leap and collapse probability into relating/relativity and into realisation. The models of science, and the modalities of healing, all present the same pattern. The essence is the principle of boundary transition.

The integrative factor … is our body.
Self-Healing is an innate trait of the system.


Scientific models limit their realisation to their level of description. Classical medicine limits this realisation to the perspective of causality. Cultures limit this creation to levels defined by the scope of their cultural definition. From the universal perspective however we need to realise the full and integral perspective.

Life operates by incorporating Freedom of Choice in the interaction between Information and Matter. This takes place in the interface between space and time, in the time fractal of cell division, by which the body is formed and maintained. This operates on the System Stability Singularity Set, by which the integrity of the system is maintained within a changing context. The Consciousness Activation Cascade demonstrates how therein photon fields, electromagnetic interchange, acid-base-balance shift and materialisation by electron-binding are all interlinked; the body materials secreted by the living cell are all information-responsive: in our body we experience that, how, ‘the software forms the hardware’ (over billions of years).

This has profound implications for health care. Presently health care is dominated by the material mechanistic deterministic model. This is not just in the form of a doctrine of medicine which bases itself on a model of inert matter, but also a domination and control of this medical apparatus by money, politics, manipulation of information and deception (advertising). Much of medicine is manipulated by money, and profiteering off disease. This deterministic materialistic control model is contrary to the interests of health care.

Traditional forms of healing realise that every organism emerges out of its natural context, as part of this natural context. For them, healing is based on the restoration of the integrity of the system, by restoring the integration into the context. Most of the descriptions of these forms of health care are based on the interfacing of the system with/in its context; which is why these models are not understood by medical science: the models of health care relate to the innerphasing/interfacing in/at/on/of the interface; in the system singularity. The models of medicine relate to inert objects. Science of Life shows how these can be related to living beings, by realising that the singularities in the Classical System are the pivots for realisation of Freedom of Choice in living beings.

Science of Life positions its frame of reference within our body.
Depending on the degree to which our decision from Freedom of Choice percolates into our body, we will relate to the context in a different manner, operate from a different level of consciousness, experience a different modality of realisation, and realise a different level of (dis)integration.

Only this understanding is needed to integrate all forms of healing, all forms of science, all fundamental forces of physics, and all levels of consciousness. Healing is the activation or restoration of the self-healing dynamic of the system. This does not take place at the object level, as the object (system definition) emerges from the dynamic of subjectivation (immersion in involvement; participation in creation). Healing is the restoration of the ‘envelope’ of wholeness in/to the system.

Once the duality of the Objective (Euler) and subjective (Lagrange) reference systems is taken into account, the complementarity between both is evident and can be used to enhance either system.

This duality is to be understood in a larger perspective:

    Classical Somatic Medicine has excellent results using the material perspective only.
    Natural Medicine (Ayurveda) has profound results by using the physiological continuity of the organism with/in its context.
    Regulation Therapy (Acupuncture) has impressive results by resetting the regulation of the system in its context, by interacting with the electromagnetic system information which calibrates the integration of the system within its context.
    Information Therapy (Spiritual healing) has miraculous results by reorienting the realisation of the individual with/in the context, operating only on information.

Classical medicine can acquire the experience of involvement offered by Traditional Health Care (Bringing Science to Life).
Traditional Health care can increase the capacity of its description by incorporating the analytical descriptive methods of classical medicine (Healing Health Care).


By making use of the models of medicine and science we can describe this. By making use of the methods of traditional healing we can (physically) know this. We must however realise that our reality is not based on what we think, but in what we are. We are simultaneously human, animal, plant and mineral; we are simultaneously individual, participant in relationships, group interactor, and creator in creation; we are simultaneously body, mind, soul and spirit, and we are simultaneously individual, human, life form and universal.

This makes science of life more than a next step in cultural development, by the integration of traditional health care with modern science. It is also a means for the realisation of the integration of all cultures; by the realisation of the significance of the ways in which they differ. Together, the world cultures form humanity, in the same way that together the organs permit our body to function in a changing context.

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