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“Time machines” are mathematical models for system behaviour.
Their description contains (implied) its internal system time cycles.
It also contains the formulation how the time cycles are connected.
That includes the formulation of the time fractal, of cycle divisions/decisions.

Every system time cycle division corresponds with a decision.
A time model/machine is accurate only if it contains the system fractal.
This is seen in a linear manner in molecules formed of atoms.
It is seen in a complexed manner in biological cellular systems.

Time machining is based on choices, made with/in context.
Therein, 'emotional' values define/determine system coherence.
System integrity is maintained by opting for specific time cycles.
Each time cycle is a wave band on which the system cycles, within context.

The decisions can be pre-empted from the time model of the system.
The time cycle division fractal specifies the opportunities for decisions.
Time machining can be stepped forward per system defined time cycle.
Each division decision takes place within the momentaneous context.

Time machine analysis relates to Fourier Analysis of the system.
Therein, all time cycles of the systems are inventoried, and described.
But more information is needed: how when the time cycles divide.
These are division decisions as seen in embryology; and bio-conception.

The coherence and temporal (fractal) concatenation of time cycles stands central.
This is analogous to the temporal organisation on atoms and in molecules.
That is the basis of/for the time cycle concatenation addressed by Bert Verveen.
And is defines the local specific time cycle coherence monitored by Jan van der Greef.

Jan van der Greef measured the metabolomes of the living system.
These are the molecular cycles/circuits between living body cells.
The hormone groups are defined by molecules with a same basis.
Organic functioning is based on choices/coherence between those cycles.

Bert Verveen has described that, how, health is based on metabolomic concatenation.
The circuits of molecular exchanges between organs/cells form logical cycles.
These cycles are attuned by/in/at/as the moments of decisions in/for the system.
Therein the feedforward/feedback (non)closure determines (disease or) health.

Björn Nordenström described that all cellular exchanges/circuits are electromagnetic.
Phil Callahan described that every molecule=spectrum is a form of information.
Cyil Smith shows that this is about magnetic vector potential - field coherence.
Vanessa Hill has shown the patterns of organisation/coherence of these bio-cycles.

Roberto Renout has shown that the basis lies in temporal-spatial coherence organisation (the HyperMandala).
Molecules and atoms therein are part of the same resonant circuit dynamics (AtoMolecules).
Atoms are forms of resonance in concentric coherence manner.
Molecules are forms of resonance which are concatenated yet coherent.

At the core of the atomolecular formation lies the decision/division of/for coherence.
The Hypermandala described by Roberto Renout unifies atoms and/as molecules.
The magnetic field potential described by Cyril Smith define their relation/organisation.
The bio-electric circuits described by Bjön Nordenström describes their extension.

The concept of Time Machining integrates all their findings.
It extends the understanding of the HyperMandala of/for AtoMolecules {Roberto Renout}.
It incorporates the GeoGebra of biomolecular organisation shown by Vanessa Hill.
It hinges on the orthogonalisation/collapse of the charge of the (magnetic) field potential addressed by Cyril Smith.

The forces/choices at play are those at the atomolecular level.
The principle of the choices/potentials are those of the wave nodes of the circuits.
The circuits involved are the multi-valued resonance logic in/of atom formation.
The core of freedom of choice lies in orthogonalisation at tat level: (non)concatenation.

The essence of choice and participation in creation lies at that level.
It was described as the mechanism of/for the collapse of the vector of State (O#o).
It amounts to the instrument of yes/no (un)linking a wave node.
The prime example of/for this is the relation of the quantum leap/transition/decision.

Freedom of choice operate at, WITHIN, the Quantum Leap Level.
Freedom of choice consists of/in the yes/no/maybe/don't_know making of the leap.
Freedom of Choice IS the decision of///for division of the cycle/circuit of the wave node.
Freedom of Choice is (in that sense) a 'particle' in the classical physical interpretation.

The decision/division of father quantum leap is equivalent to a photon leap.
The photon leap triggers an electron leap in the resonant atoms.
The electron leap triggers a valence shift in the coupling of atomolecules.
The valence shift can trigger electron bonding in the molecular formation.

Together this mechanism determines the organisation/concatenation of resonant cycles.
Jos van Coenegrachts has shown that atoms are resonant states of the Riemann Zeta Function.
The difference between resonant states are the resolution/dissolution of resonant nodes.
The logic of material formation/organisation 'hinges' on the logic of fission/fusion in wave nodes.

Any material object is thus a schema of resonant {Coenegrachts} waves cycles.
These cycles relate in the schema of nodes of the {Renout) Hypermandala.
Their connections are determined in the {Verveen} system coherence formulation.
Life and consciousness is based on flipping the {Smith} magnetic vector potential.

Every atom, molecule, cell and living organism is a time machine.
For each, the resonant/time cycles are defined, and with/in it their connections.
The connections determine their {Coenegrachts/Hill} concatenation/organisation.
They thereby contain their {Vrobel/Verveen} Fractal pattern of potential (dis)organisation.

Roel van Wijk has studied the patterns of cellular (= 'wave node') divisions.
This is the basis of the patterns of the Time Fractal described by Susie Vrobel.
Jaap van der Wal has studied their continuation in embryo-logical formation.
This elaborates the HyperMandala of Roberto Renout and GeoGebra of Vanessa Hill and Peter Rowlands.

Together it means that we can now be very explicit on the 'machine' of Freedom of Choice.
The concept of the Time Machine specifies the moments of options for choices.
In every choice the wave node can be collapsed or unfolded (Dimensional (de)Compression).
The time machine as a whole specifies/determines the complexity of wave_node/Freedom_of_choice/System_Boundary/Realisation interfacing collapse-or_creation.

The Time machine is an extension of the concept of the Atomolecule of Roberto Renout.
It is based on the elaboration of the concept of the Time Fractal of Susie Vrobel.
It specifies the integrity/integration of the system in context as shown by Bert Verveen.
It operates like a specified resonator (' a Stradivarius') for specific combinations of wave node organisation as implied by Jos van Coenegrachts.

The Time Machine describes the concatenation of time cycles of the system.
Its internal Time Cycle concatenations specifies its moments for division decisions.
Each division decision redefines its system organisation/interfacing with/in its context.
The pattern of potentials for lacunation/Freedom_of_Choice reorganisation/relocation determines/defines consciousness and life of the system in context

Life and consciousness can thus be defined and described in absolute detail.
The basis lies in the (un)weaving of wave nodes at the sub-quantum level.
The Time Fractal of Atomolecular organisation determines cell body organisation.
Consciousness and life are based on Freedom_of_Choice/wave-node at every level.

"The Time Machine" describes the 'fixed' organisation of time cycle linking.
It corresponds with the reflex/robot/resonant/eigen functioning of any living being.
"Freedom of Choice is the essence of this construct/organisation.
It is by redefining the Freedom_of_choice/wave_node/division/decision that conscious life is defined

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