White Noise and Silent Sound Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Music makes a fundamental mistake in ignoring no-sound; or silence.
Silence is not mute, it is simply unspoken.
Mathematics calls it the Dirac Ocean of fundamental vibration.
In MetaThematics it is called the dimension/reality of Phase.

Most people are conditioned to believe in Matter as (if) ‘Real’.
They forget that matter is the product of cosmic creation/manifestation.
And that Matter is a form of Molecules formed of Atoms, which are forms of Phase.
In order to understand creation, and manifestation, the only basis of reality is Phase.

Phase space is associated with the subatomic state/process/dimensions.
It is not simply subatomic; because every atom is also universal.
Phase space itself in local/focal/universal; and the dual of the atom.
Where the atom is local/focal, phase space is its dual: general/universal.

There is a local vibrational component in phase space; ‘atomic’.
There are relational strand-like vibrations, the dual of ‘molecular’.
There are planar sheet like phase dynamics, the dual of ‘lattices’.
There are also volumetric ‘correlated’ phase states, the dual of material coherence.

It is this 4 dimensional vibrational form/state/dimension/logic which is related to Silent Sound.
It is the edge of reality as we know it; but not reality as we know it.
It is the singular state of universal state change; the “Quintessence”.
It is the universal connection point to the dual state of the reality, as we know it.

For many people this is (very) difficult to understand.
They are not aware that words are limited in  their use (and potential) to materialised states.
They are not aware that classical theory fails, because it does not account for causation.
That is why relativity, probability and unified theory replace(d) classical theory.

Physicists realised that matter is molecular, atomic, and ultimately vibrations.
Mathematicians realised that the vibrational state must be described; “the Dirac Ocean’.
Logicians failed to realise that at this level they must account for changes of dimensions.
Philosophers tried but failed to formulate that we must account for our own involvement.

These consideration become important, crucial, within MetaThematics.
It is necessary to realise that we cannot describe reality; we must describe realisation.
We can no longer refer to material state/structure/coherence, in order to understand realisation/creation.
Instead we must describe the underlying basis of creation itself; at the level of vibration.

That is what is described in MatheMusics.
That is why the description used 4D D Dynamic logic.
That is why we must account for (our use of) Freedom of Choice.
And that is why we must describe vibration at the non-physical/meta-physical/phasical levels/dimensions.

The description of Silent Sound addresses all of this.
Most musicians have no understanding that this exist; nor what this means.
Most physicists likewise neglect to study the phasics underlying physics.
In Mathemusics that relationship is made explicit; in our experience with/in our own body.


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