Your Body as Music Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

The whole uniVerse is a manifestation of Vibrations.
Al material objects are constellations of atomic vibrations.
All body cell cycles and cell divisions are forms of vibrations.
All our sensations of our environment are based on sensor cells responding to vibrations.

When someone dies often all materials of the body are still intact.
Yet soon, within days, the body organs and the body cells decay.
This shows that bodily integrity is NOT based in properties of matter.
Instead, the coherence of life within and between cells is based on their shared vibrations.

This dynamic of the body already starts in the moment of conception.
The vibrations of the sperm flagellae, and of the egg membrane, come to resonance.
That leads to the fusion of maternal and paternal DNA: attuning molecular vibrations.
This then forms the basis for attunement of all ensuing life-long cell divisions.

Cell division takes place on basis of the individual cell cycle.
Cell division is always synchronised to the body vibrations; if not, cancer results.
Cell activity involves the production of molecules, which are responsive to information.
Celss thus operate photon leaps to operate electron leaps with ensuing shifts of free- and bound electrons.

In our body we see the interaction of a light field, an electromagnetic field, a (chemical)flow of free electrons and a (physical) formation of bound electrons.
All physical materials are continuously being created and destroyed by the living body cells.
A well-known example of this is the bone formation and healing of bone by bone cells (osteoblasts and osteoclasts).
The calcium migrates from the environment to the metabolic cycle to the blood stream to the bones; to be used for neurve depolarisation, and kidney elimination.

The body materials are part of an ongoing process of transmutation; phase change.
Body materials themselves have special transcendental properties; such as semi-conducting.
Body materials are piezo-electric, liquid-crystal, transistor, intelligent-gel.
All are Filters, in Circuits, of the human body as Circuit Board for processing Information.

The most fundamental/integrative component is the Light Field (the light body).
Secondary to that is the Electromagnetic (Nordenström) Bio-Circuit System.
Tertiary to that is the ‘chemical’ flow field of free electrons (acid/base-balance).
Consequential, only, is the manifestation of the physical field of bound electrons.

It is logical to regard the body as an electromagnetic field with four aspects.
1) photonic, 2) electromagnetic, 3) free electrons, and 4) bound electrons.
This is the interplay between photon-leaps, electron leaps, electron valence and electron bonding.
This is equivalent to the photon-electron-proton-neutron interplay in/of/as the atom.

    Fundamental is the understanding that our body is not material.
    Body material is immaterial!.
    What matters, is how information matters.
    Our body is, literally, information in formation.

We cannot easily see or describe the photon level of this field of vibrations.
We know that the photon leaps determine the electron leaps in atomic vibrations.
But we cannot discern the interaction of light fields: two colour frequencies merge.
Out of the interplay of two colours a new colour is formed; we do not see their components.

    (A different way to interpret the same is that photons have spin orientation.
     Colour is then equivalent to a phase direction, with respect to the observer.
     Colours are then relative Doppler shifts of white light, relative to the observer.
     That means that any colour field is an ‘aura’ of phase orientation/propagation.)

We cannot easily perceive the electromagnetic wave field in the body; it IS the body.
Our body appears to be electromagntically insensitive; in fact that is a “Blind Spot”.
The electromagnetic information processing (of carrier an signal wave) is its basis.
The interweaving of local electric and non-local magnetic waves for its “Matrix”.

We can easily see the physical wave field of the body; the ‘anatomical manifestation’.
It is however merely the lattice/matrix of electron bond ‘crystallisation’/formation.
Conflicts or confusions at that level lead to material fragmentation (symptoms).
This has similar lack of insight in the underlying interaction for the light field.

Light, electromagnetism, sound and motion are interrelated aspects of field vibration.
They are the complement of “sensation” as our basis for (environment) realisation.
Our sensory organs each register part of the environmental vibrations.
They are able to compose them to an integral signal, because our body itself is an integral wave field.

We can therefor reflect on the nature of the dynamics of the chemical field in/of our body.
We know that it operates by the same dynamics as the electromagnetic light field.
We know that it operates with(/in) the physical properties of matter as its wave guide.
That means that we can consider our body as a system of vibrations within a resonator.

In other words: we can regard the vibrations in the body as music.
We can regard the whole body, the organs, the cells and body materials as the instrument.
We must however bearing mind that in this case the music is a manifestation of the music.
For that reason, the other Essays in this series elaborate the possibility for understanding/visualising the 4D natute of the body field of vibrations.

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