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The Bones of Belief - the extent of our body of knowledge

Our body of knowledge is composed of the processes of cell communication.
The ideas we form, are formed by the living cells of our body.
As we seen in conception: our body cells are formed by our (fore)parents.
As we infer from evolution: all life forms on earth are therein linked.

Our body of knowledge is not of the same order (nature and size) as our physical body.
Our body of knowledge is temporal: based on process cycles: relativistic.
The system boundary of our living body is a singularity; it is probabilistic.
The system singularity links the part  into  the whole; it is unified always.

In Nature, everything is Classical, Relativistic, Probabilistic and Unified, all at the same time.
These scientific models were created, because they seem to work.
They pertain to, respectively, physics, chemistry, electromagnetism and information.
They refer to, respectively, matter, molecules, atoms and phase space.

These theories apply to our body also.
This means that we can recognise and use them for our own being.
It means we can describe the system boundary at each of those four levels.
Physical states, chemical processes, electromagnetic transformation and information integration.

Especially in our body we see that theta information level is most important.
Without information, a human is dead.
Without information integrity, a human is sick (in spirit, soul, mind and/or body).
Without information integrity, the living body decays and/or collapses.

Quantum Science discusses the collapse of the vector of State.
This is the vector which is related to the integrity of our body.
It is also the vector relating to our realisation within context.
This vector is the System Singularity Stability Set, a.k.a. the Soul.

The collapse of the vector of state does not only refer to our perceptions.
The collapse of the vector of state can backfire, and collapse our body.
This is because the body itself is in ongoing re-creation.
The underlying model, suggested by Pribram, is Hologram-dynamics.


A Hologram is a 2D version of a radio signal, with a carrier wave and signal wave.
A molecule is a 1D version of a carrier wave which is also a signal wave.
An atom is a 0D version of a carrier wave coinciding with a signal wave.
Our body is the 3D expression of this integral integrated concept.

The HyperBoule of Roberto Renout shows the co-incidence of information dynamics.
Therein, atoms and molecules represent the same concept, in different orientations.
In Atoms, the fractal of extension is 0D; composed of ' concentric cycles'.
In Molecules, the organisation is that of concatenation of process cycles.

Our body as a whole is composed of such interwoven cycles.
The 'weaving' of coherence combines 0D and 1D to form 2D.
Our body as a whole ca be regarded as a HyperBoule: a wave front.
This wave front interacts with its context; reverberating with/in itself.


The body as a whole therein operates like/as a 'crystal ball'.
In a crystal ball, light rays from the whole environments can enter.
In the core of the ball the light rays cross and continue to exit the system.
In the centre of the sphere, all light rays coincide; and invert.

In the core of the sphere, there is a virtual point of projection of the whole universe.
In that core point, the projection also inverses.
That is: the core of the sphere is a virtual node, with the universe in inverse.
This is the principle which we see in our body, in the first cell, the zygote.

Bruce Lipton showed how the information of the environment is, in the cell, written into the DNA.
James Oschman described how the electromagnetic information is relayed to the cells.
Hans Reckeweg described how the information from our context is taken into the body, organs, cells and DNA.
The model of the Crystal Ball summarises this: our body is the uniVerse in inVerse.


In our body we have an incessant dynamic of internal inversion.
The basic principle of the dynamic of life is hat of a Vortex (Lawrence Edwards).
The basis model of body coherence is the reverberation in a 'crystal ball'.
The basic formulation for our body, and life, is that of a hologram dynamic.

As a hologram, our body is based on the colony of living cells: information in matter.
As a hologram, our body is not based on a photographic plate, but a fractal.
The fractal of body coherence is known as the "soul", and described in "The Equation of Health".
In living, we operate, reverberate, the dynamic of the Vortex with/in this system fractal.

Gerhard Hanappi described this principle, without the fractal, as a system of cycles.
Therein cycles are internal, defining, bounding and partially external.
Our body is thus composed of a system of 3 and a half cycles, which are nested.
They are equivalent to ' cell', 'organ', 'body' and 'environment'.

Our body is by definition a (half) closed open system.
Buddhism uses exactly the same formulation of the 3,5 system cycles.
In the Hanappi Model it is seen how they are all interconnected.
Together they form the dynamic by which our body operates with/in context.


In Chines Medicine these cycles are known also, as Ren Mo, Du Mo, Dai Mo and Chong Mo.
Ren Mo, Du Mo and Dai Mo are the ring meridians around the Zygote in X, Y and Z axes.
Chong Mo is the 4th component, for integration, for Total System Inversion.
Chong Mo is the system vortex fractal inverting on itself: 'through the black hole'.

This concept is described also in the Emerald Table of Hermes Tresmegistos.
It describes the process dynamics of information integration.
It is know as: "As Above, So Below" and refers to the condition for integrity.
IFF right=left, up=down, front=back, THEN inside=outside.


Integrity of the body is NOT based on integrity outside of context.
Bodily Integrity is bad on integration of the body with/in the context.
Integrity of the Body, IS integrity of the system boundary of the organism.
This comprises the stability of the Singularity Set of the integral/integrated system.

The body is but the result of the 4D dynamic of the hologram/vortex inversion.
The body interface is not the skin, connective tissues, cell membranes and molecules of the body.
The Body interface also includes all the exchanges between cells: matter, molecules, electrons and 'photons'.
The processing of food and information forms integral aspect of the organisation and composition of our body.

Our body is composed of mater, molecules, and atoms in formation (information).
Our body is simultaneously physical, chemical, electromagnetic and information.
Our body definition is simultaneously classical, relativistic, probabilistic and unified.
Our body operates by Somatic, Ayurvedic, Acupuncture and Shamanic concepts.

The definition of our body thus depends on the level of the body which is considered.
The system Boundary is defines, flexible, interactive or in ongoing creation.
The difference in Referon pertain to the differences in involvement with/in context.
The boundary of the body is thus closes, semi-closed, semi-open and open all at the same time.

    The knowledge of our body encompasses all of these levels.
    Again, these are the 3,5 Buddhist/Hanappi cycles defining the body.
    Again, these 3 meridians and the 4th half-inversion vortex govern coherence.
    Again: the connection between them can be defined by a (Vrobel) Fractal.


Our Body Knowledge, thus our Knowledge Body, is defined by our identification with/in context.
It is NOT limited/restricted to the definition of our physicals body.
We know that w are connected to all of nature via the Food Chain.
We also know that we not only ingest food, but also information from our context.

The digestion of food operates by the same dynamic as the incorporation of information.
The cellular exchanges between our cells, (metabolomes, and cell cycles) are part of the food chain around us.
In he Food Chain, all life forms exchange DNA, thus accumulated understanding of living-in-context.
All life forms feed each other information: all life forms of earth form one system.

We thus all have our own living body; and body of knowledge.
We all inherit our Zygote from our forebears; and share their DNA in(-)formation.
We all share life experiences (stored in DNA) via the food chain, between all species.
We all operate the same (Lipton) mechanism for incorporation of information.


Our Body of Knowledge is thus, simultaneously, operating in 4 dimensions.
Pivotal is (1) your own use of freedom of choice, in your sovereign body.
Consequential is (2) the sharing of DNA wih all humans, and (3) all life forms.
Fundamental is (4) the information of information by the principle of creation/manifestation.

Our body of knowledge thus simultaneously includes:
1) you, 2) humanity, 3) all life forms, 4) the universe
Within our body we see systems which operate at each of those levels.
Holy Bone, Hara, Heart and Head represent the mineral, vegetative, animal and mental components.

The Pineal gland, for example, reflects the information of the uniVerse as a whole.
The Heart correspond with the sharing of sentiments between animal species.
The Hara (the Gut) represents the sharing of vegetative experience.
The Body (bone) cell represents the foundation of/for information integration in living being.

Where science focused on the material body, mysticism focused on the experiential body.
Together they relate to the physical body and the body of knowledge.
Together they span, thus integrate, the body of matter and the body of information.
In living we each accomplish the same: integrating information with matter in our living body.

Our body therein is composed of living cells connected in organs to for  our body and humanity.
Humanity is composed of our body, and that of our ancestors throughout time.
Our ancestors evolved from diversification of all life forms, of the planet; and the planet.
Our planet is integral part of the planetary system, al planetary systems, all galaxies and the uniVerse as a whole.

Our body of knowledge encompasses that all.
Everything outside us (uniVerse) has its complement within us (inVerse).
Our 'skin' is the 'interface' by/in which the two are connected.
Our existence is based on how the skin separates them, but also, especially, way the way they are connected.


In evolution we see how the interface operates as a filter.
The complexity of the body is not determined by the number of cells, but the membranes between them.
As a 'Crystal Ball'; the DNA mirrors (and stores) the dynamics in/at/of the cell membrane.
It is the layeredness of the membranes, which determines how we can process information.

In Radio Diagrams this is modelled by the interlay of four schematic components.
Source, resistor, coil and capacitor are therein all interconnected.
As their mathematical formulations show: they all are duals for each other.
Together they define the relationship on time and space for energy flow.

Energy Flow is the interplay between the magnetic and electric waves.
The electromagnetic wave is however always correlated with jumps of photons
It is not practical to regard these as particles; they are crossing points of waves.
The formulation of energy thus refers (only) to the cusps of the system of waves.

The formulation or Energy of the system refers to the system singularities (only).
The formulation of energy MUST be supplemented/complemented with the formulation of information.
We see this in the atoms, where all jumps of electrons are tied in with jumps of photons.
The local and non-local wave cycles are therein always (inter)connected.


We experience this within our own body.
The local composition of our body forms part of the environment dynamics.
On the one hand we are composed of a body (food chain) on the other by human mating (Zygote formation).
Again this is what is described by the HyperBoule: the atomic (Ring) and molecular (Rod) axes of self-replication.

Peter Rowlands has created an algebraic formulation for universal explication.
Therein the symmetric (concentric) and asymmetric (eccentric) modes are related.
Vanessa Hill has shown how both forms (as Nodes and Branches) create the coherence of bio-molecules.
What both describe for biology and physics applies to psychology and sociology also.

Bert Verveen has shown how we need to understand the integrity of cell cycles.
He showed that every disease results from disorganisation of cell cycle coherence.
This can be understood in terms of the HyperBoule, as shown by Robert Renout en Vanessa Hill.
This foundation of pathology applies to physiology, psychology, sociology and (dis)integration in/of creation.


We are not separate identities; but nodular processors of information.
As individual, we are cells (processors) in the body of humanity.
As species, we are an organ on the body of all life forms of Earth.
As Earthlings, we are uniVersal cosmic beings.

We operate/process all of these experiences/relationships at different levels of realisation.
The differences in levels of consciousness/awareness are important.
They provide different ' bandwidths' for processing information.
It is more appropriate to say that they are separate 'gears' by which we process realisation.

Realisation is not just the cognitive experiential process; it is also the dynamic of active creation.
in our body we can see how we put changes of consciousness (decisions) in realisation.
The underlying principle is that of operating freedom of choice.
Therein each of us is sovereign, by having a unique body.


Yet our bodies are also interconnected.
We are at the same time unique, in relationship, group member and cell in the species.
The relationship between us can (again) be represented by a Vortex/Tetrahedron.
(0D) self, (1D) relationship, (2D) group, (3D) network: point, line, plane, volume.
Each of these is defined by an increase in bonding between phase cycles ((See STEC, 4D reality)).

Our consciousness is able to deal with each of these distinct/interrelated levels.
We all operate all these modes of consciousness; not only in our sleep cycle.
We all experience self, relating, group processes and the environment as a whole.
We all have normal para processing in realisation; we are all psychic.

    I prefer to replace paranormal by normal-para.
    Once the logic of interfacing is understood, paranormal is normal.
    Yet, the interfacing operates at separate (para) levels of information processing.
    Thence: we all operate normal para information processes/processing.


Our body of knowledge incorporates four distinct interrelated levels.
1) self, 2) relationships, 3) groups, 4) context.

In other words, we sense 1) our own being, 2) all interactions, 3) all transformation in relating and 4) our integral context.
As mentioned; the pineal gland is an example: DMT release can evoke ' god awareness'.


God Awareness is described, by many, as experiencing the uniVerse as a whole.
All space, all time, all interactions are experienced as ONE.
It is traditionally called omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent; it is natural part of our being.
It is the result of operating in integral holographic mode: experiencing the uniVerse in inVerse.

Within our body we can identify the structural (anatomic/atomic) elements associated with the different modes of consciousness/involvement.
Likewise we can identify the cell systems which off-set the 'carrier wave' of the material substrate and use it for processing information.
Therein, e.g., the pineal gland is the informational/organisational counterpart of the atom.
(Both operate the dynamic of the vortex, in static/resonant versus dynamic/transient sense; compare the text on the HyperBoule, linking time and space.)

The four levels of awareness relate to 'four brain frequencies'.
Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta relate to context, body. organs and cells.
The electromagnetic Signals are modulated by photons causing electron jumps.
Thus the physical body operates as 'resonator' for light-field signal processing.


Somatic medicine disregards this direct relationship between information and matter.
Psychology denies the indirect interconnectedness between all people and life forms.
Sociology (politics) ignores the interconnectedness of all life forms.
Religions (and churches, mind police) manipulates the beliefs about our oneness with Nature.

We experience the oneness of nature within us.
Psychotropic drugs are legislated to a large extent to prevent experience of this.
Sexuality is manipulated to a large extent to distort our experience of this.
In natural cultures, the oneness with others, nature and the universe is lived.

In this formulation of The Body of Knowledge we can address this.
Our body of Knowledge extends beyond your physical body.
We share information with all other people and life forms (also via DNA).
We are one with the uniVerse; our body is its inVerse.

The dynamics by which our system interface, is also the interface for incorporating information.
Just as all our body cells originate from the zygote, the zygote originates from all ancestors.
In both cases, the decision tree has the form of a fractal.
That (time) Fractal is the equivalent/counterpart of a Vortex; or tetrahedron.


We need to see how we interface with, and are one with, our context.
This formulation must be done in the interface, where we are one with our context.
In that interface, the operand instrument is that of vortex inversion.
The molecules oaf life are composed by this process, and reflect its structure and organisation.

  • Suzy Vrobel has described the Time Fractal by which the connections can be described.
  • Roberto Renout has presented the HyperBoule, by which the Ring/Rod versions of the Fractal are described.
  • Vanessa Hill has described the geometry of biology, by which he dynamics thereof can be seen in bio-molecules.
  • Rudy Labadie addressed the role of ring and rod formations for communication in the molecules of life.
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