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The Bones of Belief – Science as Construct of Beliefs

A Scientist is anybody who uses the tools of science.
The ‘material’ that science is created by, is the scientists themselves.
The beliefs of individual scientists create our collective realisations.
The reality that we know, is a mental construct of ideas: beliefs.

The tools of science are thought forms, mental constructs.
They are tools for the mind, to operate the construction of ideas.
They can be compared to instruments; for builders, of ideas.
Just as there are masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, …

There are classical, relativistic, probabilistic and field scientists.
Together they create the architecture of the ideas of humanity.
They thereby operate like the priests of any religion, of all religions.
They determine what people think - and hold to be real: “reality”.

The reality of science however is NOT real.
It is a mental construct; “a Map, is not the Territory”.
They complement the artist, who also partake in creating ideas.
Artists can be compared to the interior architects, tilers, painters, upholsterers

The Politics of Science

The reality of science is a realisation; it is a construct – a Creation.
Scientists are NOT outsiders to Reality; they are active creators.
By pretending that they are outsiders, they deny their involvement.
That makes then un-response-able; which makes them irresponsible.

We can see how science presently is destroying the planet Earth.
All problems of planetary pollution and destruction are caused by science.
De forestation and agriculture using weapons of mass destruction are creations of science.
The greatest problem therein is that scientists are unaware that they create that science.

Scientists are trained in a system of education.
That educational system is regulated and controlled by money.
The regulation is done via politicians, who also are regulated by money.
The problems that scientists create can thus all be traced back to the bankers.

Bankers are priests also; their church is that of attributed values.
Bankers, politicians, educators and administrators are architects.
They together create the ideas, by which other people create their ideas.
They are the toolmakers, by which scientists (can) do their work.

The Art of Science

The building materials that these architects work with are human idea(s)s.
Human ideas are implements by which people relate to their context.
Human ideals are instruments by which people relate to each other.
In both cases, these are the tools by which people create their context.

There are four kinds of art (“joint”, “link”) by which we relate to context.
They are 1) Painters, 2) Musicians, 3) Dancers and 4) Farmers (Landscape Architects).
They each explore how we relate to our context via our senses:
1) Visual art (symbols), 2) Auditory arts (code), 3) Kinesthetic Art (meaning) and 4) Aesthetic (realisation).

Art involves involvement; the participation in creation.
The four forms of art correspond with four distinct centres of awareness in our body:
1) Head, 2) Heart, 3) Hara and 4) Holy Bone (with four types of skeleton also).
Each domain represents a different logic of/for involvement/participation.

The artists show that the art of science is in itself incomplete; unrefined.
Artists often lead the way to the next development of science.
Politicians merely shape and regulate its execution.
But in all cases the collective consequence is the result of individual action.

The Beliefs of Science

Buddhists use the concept of Karma and Dharma; action and potential (intent).
They study the effect of the causation of our actions, in creation.
They can be regarded as the study of mental/social engineering.
It is part of the system of education for humans in humanity.

Luciferianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam form one group of religions.
Buddhism, Hinduism, Jain and , … also, together form a second group of ‘realisation’.
Taoism, Zen, … together also form a third group of visions on creation.
Sufism and spiritism, in all of its forms, are the fourth form of creation.

All of these world churches, religions, philosophies/lifestyles are related.
Within us, they form the complements of body, mind, soul and spirit.
Within our body they correspond with Head. Heart, Hara and Holy Bone.
They form the Anatomy, Physiology, Regulation and Integration of our Beliefs.

No human lives alone; every human is cell in the body of humanity.
Our individual realisations are all (inter)connected; part of a larger whole.
We are all scientists, politicians, artists and creators; and often irresponsible.
We need to understand how our actions and our intentions are related.

The Magic of Science

Scientists have a profound effect on the creating, shaping of our realisations.
Scientists try to convince themselves, each other and others that they create reality.
This makes scientists into magicians: the creation of new realities, by operating ideas.
All the tools of the scientists are (indeed) the instruments of ritual magic.

Many ‘scientists’ will be baffled by this notion.
It goes against their most basic beliefs.
They are convinced that what they do is real.
They are ‘certain’ that what they ‘know’ is ‘true’.

The Conditioning of Science

This is a consequence of their education.
They were educated to be irresponsible.
Because they learned that that are not response-able.
Because they assume that they can create without effect.

This strange idea stems from the erroneous concept of the Outsider-Observer.
This is a Luciferian/Judean/Christian/Islamic form of conditioned belief.
Therein humans are considered to be subservient to ‘gods’ (as if they are slaves).
In other ‘religions’ those ‘god’s are held to be Functions: Processes, Principles,  Essences.

The Health of Science

The purpose of these ‘religions’ is to be able to work with those Essences, in us.
These are Cosmic Principles, by which the whole universe is created.
As part of that creation, those principles created us also.
These principles thus operate within us; and we operate by those principles.

Sufism and related realisations are aware that we do this within us.
Taoism and related thought forms are aware that we do this in context.
Buddhism and such understandings realise that we do this together.
Judeo/Christian/Islam/.. hold that there is a script of reality to be believed in, and followed (a slave model).

Beliefs, Rituals, Life Style and Realisation all come together.
A Scientist, ideally, is able to operate all of these “beliefs’.
These are not churches, or religions, but systems for ‘engineering’.
They engineer the ‘Building Materials’ of/for our realisations.

The ‘religions’ can be compared to the digestive system of humanity.
They chew, digest, ingest and assimilate new (“unknown”) information.
Science thus created the “Material Science” by which it creates ‘our’ realisations.
They are the rock, wood, cement and nails from which we build our beliefs.

    The collective beliefs are called “Reality”.
    They are considered NOT to be realisation.
    Compare it to the medical view of our body.
    It is NOT believed to be formed by our lifestyle.

The Anatomy of Science

In fact, the anatomy is consequential to our life style (over generations).
Anatomy <= physiology <= Regulation <= Information (of phase space).
Likewise Reality is consequential to our participation in creation: “realisation”.
Compare it to: Earth <= Sun <= Cosmic Gas <= Plasma (Phase Space).

  • Science: the builders
  • Banking: the architects
  • Religion: materials
  • Humans: dwellers/buyers

We all together create, produce, the reality that we live ‘in’.
We each, individually, produce the ideas on which that belief ‘is’ founded.
We all, together, act on those ideas we believe in, and hold to be real.
We are the creators of the reality we live, by our creation of realisation.

Science can best be compared to the craft of magic.
It is the art op operating symbols, to manufacture (new) beliefs.
This is the same technique as used by book-based religions.
This form of magic becomes ‘black’ (matter) if not connected with Healing (life).

Material science presently is the foundation for the model of science.
Material Science however is devoid from the understanding of life.
Material Science lacks understanding of, and respect for, Freedom of Choice.
The model of Material Science has created a science of death (Kali Yuga).

The Healing of Science

It is necessary to bring science to life.
This requires the healing of health care.
The remedy is Integral Health Care.
The cure lies in integrating the world cultures/religions.

The world religions, together, offer an integral perspective.
Together they help understand how we collectively create realisation.
Together they have to tools by which we can each learn to be creators.
The first act of creation always lies in the intent to act; the action is consequential.

All religions, each in their own way, suggest that we need to master our thinking.
In the same way as we learn to use our body, we also must exercise our mind.
But that is meaningful only if we exercise and thereby realise our soul.
Which again acquires meaning only by understanding the nature of spirit.

Science has come to understand matter <= molecules <= atoms <= phase.
In the same manner science needs to understand that reality is a realisation.
That requires that scientist understand that THEY, together, create science.
The abstract concept of science does NOT exists; it is the conglomerate of actions of scientists.

    Every scientist is responsible for the creation of science.
    Every scientist is responsible for the outcome of science.
    Every scientist is responsible for all destruction by science.
    All scientists are response-able, and able to prevent/avoid/cure the ills caused by science.

The Disease of Science

Science is presently consistently destroying the planet Earth.
This is based on the origination of science in the negation of/from/by churches.
Western churches operated a hierarchical model; a slave system.
The remedy is that all people realise that they are not creatures but creators.

They are not creators in the sense of scientists/magicians.
They are creators in the sense of artists/healers.
They are not making materials separate from reality.
Everything they do contributes to the state of the universe.

The classical image of creation is that of making material objects.
The relativistic interpretation is that of the creative process.
The probabilistic view is that of learning to be creators.
The integral perspective is that of realisation of being creator.

Science is NOT the product of the activity of science; books.
Science is NOT the productivity of scientists: planetary illth.
Science is NOT the learning of living as scientist; the belief.
Science is the active art of conscious participation in creation.

The Responsibility of Science

Science creates constructs of beliefs.
Scientists learn to build belief constructs.
Scientists think that what they belief is very real.
Scientists in fact act on what they believe; their realisations.

Responsibility of science requires response-ability of scientists.
The only way to do that is to have scientist be response-able thinkers.
That means that they are able to develop ideas free from education and money.
And that they learn, realise, and are aware that all that we think matters.

    Science is the art of conscious acting.
    It is the art of acting in conscious being.
    It is the acting from conscious awareness.
    It is the art of becoming conscious being in action.

The scientists must learn to be the cleaners, janitors, repairmen, and guardians of the ‘Temple of science’.
This temple is a mental construct - as is any temple.
As the designers of it all they must also be the keeper of it all.
As they are the ones to create it, they must also be able to destroy it.

Scientists can be compared to cells of our body.
More specifically, they are the bone cells.

They, together, create the skeleton of beliefs.
They, individually, must correct these, when wrong.

The Construct of Science

Bone cells navigate by their DNA, neighbours, the bone EM field and thus on the movement/position of our body in our context.
Scientists likewise must use their inner wisdom, peers, potential and nature as the bases of their creation.
Bone cells are the cells that are most sheltered by their created product.
Scientists are most sheltered from reality by their technology, guild, education and beliefs.

Bone cells however are but part of all body cells types.
Bones cells are fed by the blood, but they also produce it.
Science cannot be determined by bankers; science forms a basis for money.
Science must guard its own value(s), integrity, wholesomeness and health.

Science is composed of/by individual scientists.
It is these scientists that must compose their own mental hygiene and health.
This can only be done by understanding what they work with and on: their beliefs.
This means that they must understand the basis of their own belief-creation: religion.

    Science is not separate from society.
    Science is not separate from religion.
    Science is not separate from reality.
    Science is created by scientists, thus ‘alive’.

Scientists as sculptors of Beliefs

Scientists create the beliefs/bones for the mental skeleton for humanity.
Engineering education creates the scaffolding that scientists stand on.
Banking politics determine the values that scientific constructs materialise.
But the material it is all based on is the scientist’s own beliefs and ideas.

We must stop believing that science is healthy and wholesome.
We must accept that science is sick and destructive.
We must realise that the disease is not in the scientists and science.
The disease lies in the way science is controlled, via money, by lies.

The cure lies not in the bankers, politicians, educators or gullible students.
The remedy can be found in individual responsibility, by response-ability.
The crux lies in seeing that (collective) reality is merely (individual) realisation.
Scientists ‘create the bone’ of beliefs of what we hold to be real.

Healing (the beliefs of) Science

As is seen in healing, health lies in the well-being of every unique cell.
The cells themselves all have direct experience of their context.
The same is the case for every individual organ.
The same is the case for the connective tissue and sensory system.

Disease in the body is based on loss of integrity of the part in the whole.
The cell/organ/body no longer functions integrated within context.
For integrity to be restored, the cell/organ/body/information must be healthy.
Each scientist is therein response-able, and must be responsible.

Scientists pretended that they were not involved in creation.
As if high priests, they operated observation and interpretation.
The effect of science however is seen in its interference with creation.
As all religions show: that is where we learn to operate our realisation.

Science is the construct of beliefs, a skeleton of bones of belief.
Scientists are the cells of humanity creating our beliefs.
Science is the practice of a form of religion.
Religions aim to become conscious of realisation.

Science is part of Society

Above, science was compared to art, politics and trade.
Scientists were compared to builders.
Bankers were compared to the architects.
Society needs to realise that it is the buyer: YOU ARE THE BUYER.

By buying into the beliefs of science, people become believers.
As a result, science becomes a church rather than religion.
It becomes a tool or technique, rather than a way-of-life philosophy.
It makes science irresponsible, by making scientist un-response-able.

Science in effect operates as the colony of Bone Cells for humanity.
We need to understand the way scientists create the bones of belief.
We cannot find it in their models of reality; but in methods for realisation.
This is where we need to study/understand science as a form of religion.

Rather than focus on the reality of science we must focus on the act of realisation.
The realisation of knowledge of scientists is based on what they believe.
Scientists often learn to operate ideas in the form of ‘knowledge’.
They often fail to realise that knowledge is a belief in ideas.

- - -

By relating beliefs to bones we can see how scientists create science.
Scientists are the builder of the bones of the body of knowledge of humanity.
Be aware how the architects determine the use of the builders in building the building.
And realise that we all live in the result; by buying into the beliefs of science.

We are all responsible for the destruction of the planet,
as long as we let others determine our beliefs and ideas.
This is most explicitly the case, for the scientist creating science.
They are responsible for the damage; and response-able for the cure.

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