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Collapsing the Vector of State


O#o van Nieuwenhuijze, MSc, MD.



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The following text describes HOW the collapse of the Vector of State takes place.
It is based on a Dimensional compression, operating in the system singularity set.
The 'mechanism' is the phase change IN the interface (at all levels of the system).
This is a Dimensional operation; thus a change of the Logic of the integral system.

The principle of dimensional (de)Compression involves a change of Logic (‘coherence’).
It involves the dynamic of a Boundary Transition (a.k.a. Total System Inversion).
Photon leaps, electron leaps, electron valency and electron bonding are thereby linked.
This integrates the sciences of (Integral) Phase Information, (Quantum) Atomic Electromagnetism, (Relativistic) Molecular Chemistry and (Classical) Material Physics

    The “Collapse of the Vector of State” is a ‘hologram implosion’ (dimensional compression), occurring on the replication cycle of the frequency of the oscillation of inversion, thus Vrobel-pulsed on the self-replication cycle-frequency-modulation which recalibrates the singularity stability synchronisation, from phase space, by a Gabor Field (a 4D organic local-focal wave field).

    Subatomic Atomic Molecular Material


  • science – (sub) atomic physics   (observation)
  • medicine – (bio) cell chemistry   (participation)
  • informatics – signal-/carrier wave  (options)
  • mathematics – art of abstraction  (choices)

Core concepts:

    1) Atomic Photonics
    The photon leaps between atoms determines the electron leaps within atoms: photon – electron – proton – neutron (functional hyper-recursion).

    2) Cell division
    ell division is the dynamic for boundary inversion by which the integrity of the part with/in  the whole is maintained: cell division – metabolism – immunity - learning

    3) SSSS
    All cells in the body originate from cell fusion of all humans in humanity (integration), followed by cell division (differentiation) from/of the zygote, while unity is maintained; as can be formulated as a Vrobel Fractal.

    4) Involvement
    We ‘navigate’ in reality by changing our identification (realisation/ abstraction) as seen in the Consciousness Activation Cascade and the Sleep Cycle brain wave: beta – alpha – theta delta.


  • 5=0) (dis)Identification
  • All is operated by One essence: the quintessence, of Phase Inversion: this can be described in terms of a Wave Node


    "Reality as such does no exist: reality is a realisation'.
    This was the conclusion of Edwin Schrödinger, based on his hypothesis:
    "Everything is composed of Atoms and we are all composed of atoms".
    Thus we are an electromagnetic field interacting with an electromagnetic field.

  1. The uniVerse is an Electromagnetic field.
  2. WE are a dynamic electromagnetic field.
  3. The interaction is an electromagnetic field.
  4. The outcome is an electromagnetic field.
  5. Any specific outcome at any time must be based on a field-field interaction.
    That applies to any specific measurement; and to any specific observation.
    "Objective reality" as such does not exist; it cannot exist.
    "Objective Reality" is by definition always based on "Subjective Realisation".

In "Scientific Consensus" (O#o, 2009) i described collective realisation.
The paper made use of a parallel of the forming of molecules, or 'amalgams'.
"Can we learn from atomolecular science, how we create ' objective reality?".
The conclusions was, "Yes; consensus is a collective cultural conditioning".

In a separate series of Essays ("The Bones of Belief") i explored this further.
There, i address how Bones, Reflexes, Beliefs, and Reality are 'the 'same'.
Each is the consequence of 'the same' bodily cellular metabolic process.
"The same' organs incorporate both food and information in/to our body.

Because every molecule is molecular structure AND form of information.
Molecular exchange between body cells is an electromagnetic dynamic.
The pattern is the same at every level: cell, organs, body, humanity.
Thus was described by Bert Verveen as the basis of Health and Disease.

Disease is the state of decay of the intercellular feedforward-feedback cycles.
Death is the state of collapse of the same cellular interaction dynamic.
Illth is the condition of impending loss of stability of the feedforward-feedback.


Bert Verveen described this for the dynamic of pathology of cell physiology.
He called his insight "System Patho Physiology" (
What he described for molecular cellular cycles also applies to information.
Because every molecule is simultaneously structural element AND signal.

    Every molecule is an electromagnetic collection of assorted Atoms.
    Every atom is composed of 'neutrons, protons, electrons and photons'.
    Every molecule is therefor a 'chain' of atomic electromagnetic orbits.
    The resulting combination of (connected) frequencies is called a "Spectrum".

      Roberto Renout pointed out that atoms and molecules are 'one of the same'.
      Atoms are forms of spatial radial (spherical) extensions of resonance.
      Molecules are forms of linear (concatenated) extensions of resonance.
      They are 'two directions' of extension of the same (Mach Conic) dynamic.

    Therein, photon leaps between atoms form the basis of atomic changes.
    The photon leap leads to an (orthogonal) electron leap within the atom.
    This can lead to electron oscillation ("Valence") between adjoint atoms.
    That can lead to electron orbit sharing ("Bonding") of the adjoint atoms.

"Photon-Leap <=> Electron-Leap <=> Electron-Valence <=> Electron Bonding".

    This is the cosmic principle of manifestation/materialisation of information.
    It is the electromagnetic field phase organisation: information in formation.
    Therein electric circuits and radio signal waves are aspects of the same process.
    This determines the link between information, electromagnetism, chemistry and physics.

    In our body we experience the same as Thinking, Feeling, Intent and Being.
    It is known as Consciousness, System Regulation, Physiology and Anatomy.
    The AtoMolecular (dis)connection is there seen as cell cycle (dis)connection.
    The cycles described by Bert Verveen, and Atomolecular dynamics are 'the same'.

System Patho Physiology describes cellular feedforward/feedback closure.
Molecules are atoms, thus information carriers: the same applies to Mind.
"Pheromones are hormones": the same applies to social interaction process.
"'Food' is information of/from our environment in/to our living body cells".

We can thus speak of System Eco-/ Socio-/ Psycho-/ Physio- Pathology.
Pathology is instability/decay/collapse of the system feedforward-feedback cycles.
Health is the stability of the integral feedforward-feedback cell (division) cycles.
Crucial is the 'wave node' in which the cell (molecule) cycles cross and link.

This dynamic is the same for the molecular material exchanged between cells.
It is the same dynamic between cellular exchanges between body organs.
It is the same dynamic for information exchange between living bodies.
It is part of the same dynamic of universal energy/information circulation.

The food chain in the environment continues within the living body.
Every interface/capsule/membrane/electron-bond specifies the exchange.
All process cycles at all levels cross in the feedforward feedback 'wave node'.
All atomolecules/cells/organs/beings form part of their ambient ' food circulation'.

All organs in our body form part of a "Möbius Loop", linking inside and outside.
All body organs together form the Möbius Loop, each forms a phase in the cycle.
Every cycle phase operates part of the dynamic of Total System Inversion.
Together they operate Autopoiesis (Maturana & Varela, ####), the dynamic of self-replication.

The regulation of system integration takes place in the wave node of the cycles.
Every Wave Node is a crossing point of the system turning inside-out; and v.v..
Every Wave Node is a system singularity, integrating the system in its context.
The wave node singularity operates system inversion integrity by phase logic.

The essence of Total System Inversion (integration integrity) is Boundary Transition.
Therein, a field is changed into a boundary, and/or vice versa.
At that level a boundary and a field are part of the same dynamic.
The dynamic is based on a 4-phase phase change; which is a dimensional logic.

Logic is the mathematical operator of (ex)chugs between dimensions.
Dimensions are different states/modes/stages/phases of phase organisation.
Phase organisation is specified by the dynamic of phase manifestation:


  • photon-leap Hypermandala
  • wave node system singularity
  • Möbius Loop concatenation
  • System Integration Regulation


  • Information Integration System
  • System Singularity Regulation
  • System Patho Physiology
  • Dynamic Cell Anatomy Health


  • Body
  • Mind
  • Soul
  • Spirit


  • Health
  • Adaptation
  • Compensation
  • DeCompensation


We can ONLY understand the Collapse of the Vector of State IN our own body.
We do NOT have access to he environment; the uniVerse around us.
We ONLY have the potential/possibility to change our interface interaction.
We ONLY change the interface interaction by changing the inner-phase phase.

The essence of Life of Freedom of Choice (our creative potential).
This involves our choice in involvement (participation in creation).
We can operate this only by chase change in the (body/cell) interface.
As a result, we change our experience in/of/for our environment.

The collapse of the vector of state is a very fundamental simple process.
It is the consequence of our logical operation of "Freedom of Choice".
Thereby we change our participation in creation; thus the uniVerse as a whole.
Because we are the inVerse of the uniVerse; by the Möbius Loop Wave Node.

    The dynamic of Freedom of Choice will be separately described.
    It is the same as the Quintessence, which the alchemists described.
    It is (indeed) "the philosopher's stone", and the "fountain of youth".
    By being able to choose wisely, feedforward-feedback collapse can be prevented.

The Collapse of the Vector of State thus describes more than was implied by Schrödinger.
It is NOT merely the dynamic by which Reality results from the process of Realisation.
We can see how/that the Collapse of State is a Dimensional (De)Compression.
It is based on the relationship between Freedom of Choice (quantum singularity) and the cascade of manifestation (the Equation of Health and uniVersal Creation).

By understanding the Collapse of the Vector of State, science and religion are united.
Science addressed the description of objective reality.
Religion addressed the experience of subjective realisation.
In essence they are one: Reality IS a Realisation (Verb, not noun).

This paper was made possible by combining the insights of many people, i.a.:
Uri Fidelman showed that the equations of physics are the equation of cognitive psychology.
Bert Verveen showed that cellular molecular exchange is the basis of integrity and health.
Bill Tiller showed that we need to describe the system IN its (wave node)singularities.

Together they all come to the same conclusion:
We create reality by our participation in creation, by changing the phase in the interface.
THAT is the essence of "The Collapse of the Vector of State", and this paper.
WE collapse the Vector of State, by operating Freedom of Choice.


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