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Shifting the Paradigm
Scientist Involvement in Science


O#o van Nieuwenhuijze, MSc, MD.



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Scientific involvement MUST be described.
Scientists placed themselves ‘outside of reality’, thereby in effect ‘playing god’,
By denying their own involvement, scientists became irresponsible.
Humanity now is ‘unable’ to respond to the pollution science created.

Science started in a time of totalitarian psychological church domination.
A few men (‘priests’) pretended they were able to decide what people should think.
They were wrong, as a few inquisitive explorers (‘scientists’) demonstrated.
The church oligarchs then ‘allowed’ such researchers to create “science”, but ‘forbade’ them to study spirit.

The Church oligarchy desired to maintain totalitarian domination on the study of spirit.
Because it is their instrument for monopolisation for psychological domination.
Yet over the ages scientists have, unbeknownst, nevertheless discovered the essence of spirit:
Scientists duly studied matter, to discover molecules, atoms and (now) phase in formation.

These consecutive stages of explorations are, what is called, a Paradigm Shift.
A Paradigm Shift, is a change of Logic; which is a change of involvement.
Every Logical change corresponds with a change in/between Dimensions.
Life, as we know it, involves Freedom of Choice in the change of Dimensions.

Part 1 summarises the 4D Dynamic Logic of System Boundary/Singularity inversion.
Part 2 summarises how the 4D Logic dynamics determines of body system boundary, and health.
Part 3 describes how we operate this 4D Dynamic in body and mind for changing consciousness.
Part 4 describes how we experience the same dynamic in social system boundary transformation/relocation: “a paradigm shift”.

Part 1: the 4D Dynamic logic in cosmic creation
Shifting the Event Horizon

4D System Boundary Interfacing

In a uniVerse every part, is part of the uniVerse as a whole.
The interface by which the part and whole are connected, separates them also.
This is the system-boundary; a filter specifying the relationship between part & whole.
It involves the outside, the interface, the inside and the dimension of shared existence.

This interface specifies and object in context via dynamic relationship via the interactive interface.
Object (0D), Relationship (1D), Interaction (2D) to Context (3D) is one integral system.
A boundary shift must operate in/on each of there four dimension /aspects/domains.
A boundary is by definition a phase change in the interface in 4 Dimensions.

In this reality we operate in/on the interplay of four different dimensions (Involvement).
Exactly as the Alchemists described, it involves the relationship between Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma.
They used the terms Earth, Water, Air and Fire; and used the word “Quintessence” for the transition between them.
Nowadays we call that logical Operator a “change in degree of Freedom”.

Within our living body we experience this as our use of Freedom of Choice.
In our body we see that all body materials transmute between matter, molecules, atoms and information.
In fact our body, and life, is based on the integration of Freedom of Choice, in the interplay between matter and information.
And all atoms in our body continuously function in those four dimensions.

  • Paradigm Shift is based on using Freedom of Choice
    to reset the system boundary, in the system singularity, in context

4D System Boundary operations

Any material boundary in physical Space exists because it was created by a molecular chemical process in time.
Every such process in time is based on an electromagnetic atomic energy transformation  in phase space.
The energy gradient, is a system boundary, defining the object in time in its context.
The change of the boundary takes place in the underlying domain; it is a change in phase space.

For a system boundary to be re-set, the underlying information space is changed.
The change of the boundary itself takes place as/in a change of system boundary (singularity) energy state.
The change of the boundary/energy expresses itself as its (existence) time base.
The change of a boundary thus involves Space, Time, Energy and Information.

This is what we explicitly experience/oerate with/in/as our living (human) body.
Our whole body is defined by a system of logically concatenated/nested/embedded boundaries.
Each of these boundaries is continuously reset; redefining matter by reorganising molecules by reconnecting atoms by rephasing information.
Phase re-organisation, in our body, must always operate at all these four levels/dimensions.

    For example, calcium from the mountains is found in our food/blood/bone and used for nerve activation.
    It is the change of atoms in/by the dynamic of consciousness which determines their position.
    They continuously coherently move from one phase state to another, in phase space.
    This is the dynamic of life, love, health and consciousness.

In our body we can see that every human is part of humanity.
All choices we make individually we therefore at the same time make collectively.
A paradigm shift is a repositioning/rephasing of our system interface.
By it, we change the event horizon of consciousness/energy/time/space.

















    4D Systemic rephasing the interface

4D Subjective/Objective interfacing/innerphasing

We can use every description of objective science as formulation of subjective sensation.
In our body, every molecule is a form of (electromagnetic) information; “a spectrum”.
In that sense our body anatomy is immaterial; it is consequential to the physiology/flow of information.
Crucial is that flow regulation by the body organs, which together operate as a Möbius Loop.

This organ function is typical for the integral function of atomolecules, cells, organs and our body.
In each cares their dynamic is based on their function as part in the whole.
Our body is part of the universe as a whole; in fact it is its inverse.
The relationship between both is determined (de’termine’s) in the system interface.

The essence of life, love, consciousness and health is defined in the system interface.
In our body, the system boundary is forever being redefined.
This dynamic of boundary re-definition has been described by i.a. Hans Selye.
This dynamic of the boundary shift operates in/via/as the change on/of the singularities of the system.

Our body integrity is NOT based on anatomy, nor on physiology, but on the integrity of the singularities of the system .
The singularities of the system boundary of our body form one coherent integral pattern.
Their (inter) connectedness and dynamic has been described in “The Equation of Health” (O#o, ####).
Health is based on the stability of the system singularity set, the SSSS,

In health we see the dynamic of the Paradigm Shift, in action.
We can see that the system boundary is always being redefined.
Photon Leap <=> Electron Leap <=> Electron Valence <=> Electron Bonding.
This is the fundamental logical operator (The Quintessence) by which we shift between dimensions.

4D Body Boundary (re)Definition

Freedom of Choice operates in Phase Space; the realm of pure information in formation.
Phase change operates as photon leaps on atoms, changing their ‘energy’.
As a result, the affinity between atoms is changed and molecules are (un-/de-/re-)formed: chemistry.
Depending on the context this can lead to their ‘condensation’ by electron bonding: physics.

Thus we see that the word Anatomy [space] is an oxymoron; it is in fact a space phase form of flow.
Likewise we can see that the word Physiology [time] is a conundrum: in fact we know it is based on phase regulation.
However we also know that the word Regulatory System [energy] is a paradox: it is meaningless without phase inversion phase coherence.
This means that information integration [consciousness] is our only means for realisation of the nature of life and creation.

The dynamic of realisation is based on our participation in creation.
Our participation in creation operates by our change in involvement in context.
Our change of involvement is based on stable/coherent change of the system singularity set.
The stability is determined by the relationship of information in formation, in the phase inversion of the uniVerse in inVerse, in our body.

We can use every description of science to understand this.
Because every scientific observation is not a fact/noun but a verb/choice.
Every scientific fact of reality is merely an artefact resulting from the dynamic of realisation.
That is known as “the Collapse of the Vector of State” (O#o, 2011).

    The “Collapse of the Vector of State” is the information condensation (dimensional (de)compression).
    This operates by the principle of Total System Inversion (O#o, ####).
    This is based on the dynamic/architecture of the Vortex (O#o, ####).
    This is the basis the relationship between Consciousness, Energy, Time and Space (O#o, ####).

Part 2: the 4D Dynamic logic in living beings
Shifting Life Balance

In our body we see how we operate this interaction between these dimensions.
That is what the Alchemists described: the role of Freedom of Choice in material transmutation.
This is what we experience in our use of Free Will in our body; as means to experience our participation in creation.
As Uri Fidelmann (####) pointed out: all ‘laws of creation’, are based on the laws of mind by which we give meaning to our participation in creation.

That is what we witness also in the systematic Paradigm Shift of science.
In studying matter scientists found molecules formed from atoms formed of phase coherence (information in formation).
This was called the transition from physics to chemistry to electromagnetism to informatics.
It is also known as the transition from (Classical) Determinism to Relativity to Probability to (our participation in ) Creation.


















4D Boundary Shift = Boundary Transition = Boundary inVersion

The four theories/forms/forces/materials of science are all one: phase.
They are the same principle, operating in different modes of (phase) coherence.
The change of coherence of phase operates by transmutation: change of degrees of freedom.
Change of phase is in effect/fact a logical operator: of the inversion of phase.

Phase change is equivalent to a point-vortex turning itself inside out.
Energy is the topo-logical equivalent of a vortex stream line turning inside out on itself (Edwards, ####).
Time is the logical phase stabilisation as a plane circle/cycle looping back on itself.
Space is the recursion (and hyperincursion) of a volume in ongoing self-replication.

Roberto Renout implied that we experience this dynamic in the logic of atomolecular formation (The Hupermandala).
Vanessa Hill has shown that the inversion process operates via a cascade of geometrical/logical stages in phase change.
Walter Schempp described that this reverberation can be formulated as a Hopf Fibration.
Peter Rowlands has shown this as the algebra of energy phase time space replication.

In essence matter/space/solids, can be represented as a 3-fold inversion: shown as a tetrahedron.
In a same manner molecules/time/cycles can be represented by a triangle.
The atom/energy/gradient of quantum states can be represented by a line segment.
The quantum leap itself can be represented by a (Gabor) point; a point in phase space inverting on itself.


















4D Boundary = Phase Change

In mathematical physics this is described as the invertability between a fermion and the universe.
In physical chemistry this is described as the interchange between a photon leap and an electron leap.
In bio-chemical physiology this is seen as the reactivity of atomolecular formation/dissolution.
In physiology of health it is seen as the (un)linking of the cellular process cycles.

Bert Verveen has shown that this is the only, one, basis of health and disease.
The dynamic of (Non-)closure of the cell communication cycles operates between organs/cells/molecules/phase in our body.
Simultaneously (Non-)Closure of molecular exchange cycles operates in cells/organs/bodies/species on Earth.
The principle of phase inversion in the Gabor Point, operates the change of orientation in the system singularities by which the SSSS is maintained in interaction with our context; the universe.


The mechanism/dynamic/principle/logic of the paradigm shift is this based on the dynamic of the regulatory system in our body.
The regulation of the system boundary takes place with/in the system singularity set, only.
The only means for changing the SSSS coherence is by changing the orientation of the singularities of the system.
That is: we change our relationship with/in our environment by changing how we relate to the uniVerse.

    Our body is the uniVerse in inVerse.
    Our mind is the process of exchange between internal/external flows.
    Our soul is the critical boundary transition with/in the system interface.
    Our spirit is our fundamental essence of being part of the whole.

This is what the church oligarchy has consistently implied yet denied.
Their power was based on claiming that humans are not gods.
Instead, they claimed that only ‘they’ could interface with the universe.
The result is that ‘they’ created irresponsible science which destroys Earth.

Yet, the solution is simple: every human is not a creature but a creator.
Every decision you take matters; it operates your realisation of reality.
Reality as such does not exist: it is ongoing realisation in creation.
The wilful use of our participation inn creation is traditionally called Magic.


Part 3: the 4D Dynamic logic in individual realisation
Shifting the barrier of consciousness


Magic operates by the dynamic of the ongoing paradigm shift.
Magic is the expression of intent/will, with its effect on realisation.
In our body we see, in detail, how the activation of will takes place
Pineal gland => Hypophysis => organ glands => body cell activation.

The pineal gland responds to the light field in the brain: choice/decision.
The hypophysis filters electromagnetic body response: animal/neuronal/external or vegetative/hormonal/internal adaptation.
The organ glands mediate a biochemical change in body climate.
The body cells respond to the change in climate by a change in activation.

The change in body cell activation creates a change of the body in context.
Due to the change of body in context, the context is incited to change.
Depending on the context materialisation (density/coherence) those context changes will be propagated/reflected.
The changes that are propagated change the universe as a whole; the environment changes that reflect back change us (“Learning”).

Magic is the simple act of using freedom of choice in creation.
The word “Magic” derives from he Sanskrit word “Magd”: meaning “creative potential”.
In our body we see how light, electromagnetism, chemistry and physics are linked.
In fact, it is the change from photon field to electromagnetic field to free-electron flow, to electron bonding.

In our body we see that the instrument of/for paradigm shift is a  change of phase in electromagnetic field coherence.
Therein the uniVersal electromagnetic field and its inVerse, our body, are always in interaction.
The relationship between both is ONLY based on the boundary formulation, of the system interface between both.
Our body is in that sense a Soliton standing wave of an information wave in phase space.


The basis of our participation in creation lies in our ability to interface with that interface.
The change in the interface operates only by inner-phasing: phase change within the interface.
Thereby the transparency (openness/closure) of the interface is modulated.
This is the ONLY ‘engine’ for our participation in creation: phase inversion in that interface.

This defines the logic for our participation in creation: inversion of a Gabor point [consciousness].
We operate this as the inversion of the admittance/resistance of the system interface [energy].
This leads to a change in process/exchange across the interface [time].
The result is a change in manifestation/materialisation of space phase coherence: phase state [Space].

In this manner Freedom of Choice operates a change of logic in the interplay of dimensions.
That leads to change of singularity set organisation/operation/coherence.
That again determines a change in the exchange between the part and the whole; the system in/and its context.
That then results in a change of manifestation/concentration/con-densation/mater-ialisation of phase state in the context.


This the alchemists described: alchemy is the engineering branch of magic.
Magic is the natural expression of Free Will in our participation in Creation.
Free will operates because we have freedom of choice in our body, as part of the universe in inverse.
Freedom of choice exists because it is the dimensional logical operator (“the quintessence”) by which we operate change in phase space.

A change in phase space leads to a shock wave in phase space: energy.
A change in phase space coherence (“energy”) can lead to a phase space reverberation (oscillation): a “time” base.
A change in time base can lead to a phase lock in process space: a standing wave known as “space”.
The mechanism for shifting a paradigm/interface/consciousness/logic is thus fundamental and universal.

However: in a uni-Verse every part … is part of the whole.
Any change in creation - by change in participation - has effect.
Any change in involvement, changes both creation and the creator.
This universe therein operates as a mirror; to learn to gauge the effect of Freedom of Choice.

Churches claimed that ‘they’ had monopoly on understanding creation.
Science ignored that such consequences exist, and created havoc.
Magic acknowledges that the interaction exists, but not completely.
Healing is the art in which the instrument of paradigm/system-boundary shift is known/understood/operated with the understanding that any action is valid only if it enhances the integrity of the (uniVerse/inVerse as a ) whole.


Any shortcoming of magic lie in the shortcoming in (dimensional awareness of) the magician.
Every human is 1) individual, in 2) relationship, in 3) groups, in 4) humanity.
Every life form is 1) body, 2) mind, 3) soul and 4) spirit.
Only when the human realises that we are all that (1&2&3&4), will magic be healing; induced change will be universally beneficent.

Shifting a paradigm is the logical consequence of taking a decision.
It leads to a change in logic which affects the singularities/inter-facing/inter-face/system.
This leads to a different involvement/interaction/dynamic/exchange with/in the context.
Which again leads to a different realisation/reality/experience/under-standing.

Part 4: the 4D Dynamic logic in social reorganisation
The Paradigm Shift

Individual/Collective Consciousness/Paradigm Transition/Shift

A social “Paradigm Shift” is based on individual consciousness transition.
It is NOT an abstract/general/impersonal/involontary passive social event.
It is always an unique/individial/personal/conscious active realisation.
The social change is the result of interpersonal human communication.

This involves four inter-personal boundaries in consciousness/awareness communication.
1) The internal realisation in  the speaker/author, 2) expression, 3) interpretation and 4) realisation in the listener/reader.
This inter-personal transfer complements the 4D intra-personal components of realisation:
1) conscious (choice), 2) subconscious (opinion), 3) unconscious (belief) and 4) unconscious (conviction) transformation.


















Shifting a boundary/interface/singularity/reality is always based on a 4D phase change.
In our body we experience/operate this uniVersal principle; by which our body/being is formed.
The principle of physical/dynamic/energetic/information boundary change is the same.
A Barrier of Consciousness ~ ‘Barrier of Light’ ~ ‘Barrier of Sound’ ~ a Space Barrier.

    The speed of Matter (invariance) is a space-based barrier/limitation [material].
    The speed of Sound is a time based-barrier/limitation [molecular].
    The speed of Light is an acceleration-based barrier [atomic].
    The speed of Thought is co-ordination based barrier/limitation [phase].

A boundary/definition is formulated in Dimensional Analysis Mathematics as a Dimensionless Number.
The same mathematics applies for States, Processes, Transformation and Integration.
The Barrier of Consciousness is based on the same principle as other forms of boundaries.
Shifting a Barrier/Boundary of Counsaciousness

Involvement: Participation in creation

Our body is composed of a precisely layered set of interfaces; each functions as a Filter.
All body materials are designed to respond to changes of flow of information.
In our body (as elsewhere) electric circulation and radio waves are coupled.
Changes of (phase) state within our body therefor always interact with our context.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to be an outsider in the dynamic of ongoing uniVersal creation.
Our body is composed of atoms; our environment is composed of atoms.
Each is a dynamic electromagnetic field with corresponding active radio components.
Our environment, our body, their interaction and the outcome are electromagnetic information fields.

Our participation in creation is determined by only one factor: inVOLVEment.
involvement literally describes the fundamental essence of the process.
By a dynamic phase rotation each singularity rotates inside-out (4x 90 degree angles).
As a result the uniVerse inVolves into its inVerse, our body, which eVolves into the universe.

This is the dynamic equivalent of the process of phase complication of uniVersal manifestation.
Therein phase waves cycle as Energy shock waves to recycle to for Time base cycles.
When the time wave stabilises the energy wave a standing wave is formed, “Space”.
It is seen in the 4x 90 degree spin relationship between photon-leap <=> electron-leap <=> electron-valence <=> electron-bonding.

Cosmic eVolution

The four fold spin orthogonalisation is the principle of manifestation and creation.
As manifestation, it inVolves a 4 fold hyper)incursion leading to atomolecular materialisation.
As creation it eVolves as a systematic recycling of the system interface, in its context.
In our living body we operate both processes (using Freedom of Choice), as part of the dynamic of life.

Freedom of choice amounts to the use of orientation of the 4D (Vortex) spin vector.
Thereby we can change our involvement, by shifting the direction between two directions.
We can change the substantiation of the system interface (changing our involvement).
We can also change the location of the system interface (“shifting the paradigm”).

This is the same dynamic as we find in the materialisation of the atomolecules.
Roberto Renout, in his work on the hypermandaly, implied that atoms and molecules share their dynamic.
Concentruc resonance leads to atom formation, concatenated resonance as molecule formation.

Changing Self-Definition

We also find this dynamic in the hypophysis, with its (combined) choice of response.
The Neuropypophysis leads to linear neuronal animal response: external adaptation.
The Adenohypophysis leads to hormonal vegetative response: internal adaptation.
Thereby impulses from the pineal gland are polarised for organ gland- and cell activation.

Another example of the same is the dynamic of memorisation; in DNA and the brain.
In the brain, it stems from the interplay between cortex (context) and cerebellum (core).
In DNA it is based on the interplay between sensor-protein (information) and portal-protein (activation).
Again, in both cases it involves the interplay between Ring and Rod dynamics.


Changing Collective Consensus


Shifting the Paradigm; Creating Paradise, or Hell

This universe as a whole is a training ground for our realisation of our participation in creation.
We learn this by experiencing the consequences of our actions (resulting from our use of Freedom of Choice; “Magic”).
By learning from these consequences we can change our (inter)actions: learning/creation/healing/consciousness.
But the correction of the action can be achieved/realised only in/by/as its point of origin in creation: the individual creator.

Every human is a cell in the body of humanity.
The same fractal by which cell division forms our body, is the fractal by which cell fusion integrates your body with the whole of humanity.
At one level we operate as humanity as one organism/species; on the other hand the consciousness/actions of the species originate in the/each individual unique human being.
You are the decisive factor, determining of humans/humanity live in paradise or in hell.

Hell originates when you/we ignore our participation in creation (reality, as noun)
Purgatory originates when freedom of choice is realised incompletely, erratic/chaotic; (realisation as noun).
Paradise originates when freedom of choice is used in a manner consistent with the dynamic of ongoing universal creation (realisation, verb).
Heaven is the principle of being able to change our involvement, by shifting our interface, by changing its interface; by changing our use of freedom of choice (creation, noun=verb)


Alchemists already realised that objective reality stems from subjective realisation.
They already understood that the four forms/forces of physics are one and the same.
They realised that inner degrees of freedom in matter correspond with freedom of choice in our body.
What they called the “Quintessence”, is the logical operator by which we operate the paradigm shift, by changing our involvement.


Shifting a paradigm is easy: realise that reality is merely a realisation.
Understand that matter = molecules = atoms = phase information in formation.
Know that electron-bond <=> electron-Valence <=> electron-leap <=> photon-leap.
Realise that this is what you (learn to) operate in (y)our body: anatomy <=> physiology <=> neurocrine-regulation <=> information-Integration.


Classical science pretended that reality was physical only.
That was because the church forbade the study of spirit.
Science has since shifted its paradigm: physics=> chemistrty = electromagnetism => informatics.
All that remains to be understood is that every description of objective reality of science, is a formulation of the science of subjective realisation.


Shifting the paradigm is easy: every decision has that effect.
Realising a paradigm shift demands more: coherence in making choices.
Creating a paradigm shift is crucial: consistent choices coherent with/in the changing context.
Shifting the interface/paradigm/consciousness/choices is the instrument to learn to understand cosmic creation, by participation.



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