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The Bones of Belief
- Crystallised Carrier Case for operating Freedom of Choice.

The purpose of beliefs is not to live like a skeleton; dead and inert.
The skeleton is the trellis, by which we can uphold ourselves in a context.
The skeleton serves as a carrier wave for a local focal soliton; the living system.
The purpose of the skeleton is "to live a life of magic"; to operate Freedom of Choice.

Magic is the power or potential for intentional creation.
It is the exercising of the essence of our life.
Whereas science presently aims to describe what is determined, magic addresses the act of creation.
Specifically. it deals with our interplaying with the interchange between carrier/signal wave in hologram modulation.

A hologram is a 4D version of a radio signal- and carrier wave combination.
That in itself is the 3D equivalent of an electrical flow through a conductor.
Which again is a 2D equivalent of a river and a bedding.
Which is a 1D equivalent of Pressure and Flow.

What we are dealing with is a dimensional set of equivalents of Impedance and Resistance.
In system theory it is called the difference between Transvariable (tension) and Pervariable (Flow).
These are the system parameters by which flow around the system relates to the flow through the system.
It is the equivalent between the brain functions at the cortex versus those of the cerebellum/core.

We operate freedom of choice by changing our mode of involvement.
This is done by changing the openness (Admittancy) of the system interface.
The active use of freedom of choice is called life.
The intentional change of involvement in context (creation) is called magic.

Magic is spoken of in fairy tails, and a vast amount of literary fiction.
It is always dismissed and fantasy, and nonsense.
Yet, magic deals with exactly the same topic as described by Cosmology.
In magic, universal creation is addressed from the perspective of participation.

In that sense, every day we perform magic.
We wake up in the morning, and use Options & Choices, Doubts & Decisions.
Then, in the evening or some time later, we experience what we envisioned.
We do the same for making a journey, meeting friends, harvesting a crop or building a mansion.

We continuously interact with ongoing creation.
In order to understand this, it helps to study it.
In order to describe it, we will need appropriate symbols.
We will need a suitable symbol-set for describing our participation in creation.

Such symbolic language set already exists; it is called The Occult, or Magic.
Occult, because the meaning of what addressed is as if "hidden by the symbol".
This is because the symbol is operated in a different dimension.
Magic is all about orchestrating/composing the experience; not the description.

If you look only at the symbols, you fully fail to fathom the magic.
The symbol is merely the written score, of our dance in creation.
Compare it to mathematics: "the score for the choreography of the dance of the mind".
In magic the goal goes deeper: insightful intentional participation in creation.

This relates to the four forms of magic: visual, auditory, dance and (landscape)sculpting.
Visual/painting arts are in the head/mind; music is associated with heart/chest (rhythms).
Dance is associated with the gut and bodily motion; sculpting with the sacrum and our context.
Together these arts bridge the transition from the world in our head to the world we live in.

This corresponds with the relationship between Thinking, Feeling, Wanting, Being.
This relates to the Consciousness Activation Cascade, by which we can act on ideas.
It is the relay of signals from Pituitary to Hypophysis, Glands and Body Cells.
It is a transition from Hologram to Electromagnetism to Chemistry to Physical changes.

The last shows the relationship between information and matter; with its intermediate transitions.
It is based on the interrelationship between information and matter in our body.
Every molecule, is at the same time a form of information, and a material structure.
Our whole body is an information process(or), in which "the software forms the hardware".

Everything that operates between cells in our body, also operates between humans in humanity.
For example: health within our body, is the equivalent of peace within society.
Likewise all social interaction can be traced back to intercellular communications.
All diseases (stagnated processing in health) can be recognise as mental and social diseases also.

There is thus a direct relationship between the way we think within us, and what we experience between us.
By our intent, we come to decisions which determine our life - and that of others.
We are response-able always: in every interaction we always have freedom of choice.
In living, we learn how to optimise our use of Freedom of Choice; which we learn by trial and error.

Magic studies how we can optimise this learning process.
It involves the understanding of the Consciousness Activation Cascade in our body.
It also involves the direct relationship/exchange between information and matter in our body.
And it deals with the recognition that all body/mind processes are universal dynamics of creation.

There is always the issue that we are dealing with the principle of Total System Inversion.
We always (try to) relate mental/elemental processes within us, with those in the cosmos.
We likewise are aware that we, in our body, are the uniVerse in inVerse (complementing each other).
And we now fully understand that our experience of the world around us, exists only within us.

Magic has explored and deepened this understanding; and had done so for many ages.
Magicians are aware that they are always dealing with something else than they interact with.
They fully understand that when they operate symbols, they edit their beliefs and understanding.
As a result, they modify their experiences of/with/in their context; by changing their inner-/interaction.

Magicians created the symbolic language sets for alchemy, astrology, numerology and divination.
They pertain to (respectively) the dimensional properties of space, time, energy and consciousness.
These symbolic systems do not pertain to inert (dead) matter, as studied by science.
Instead, the symbolic languages pertain to our use of Freedom of Choice, in matter.

Alchemy deals with the understanding of transmutation (nuclear proton exchanges in living organisms).
Astrology deals with the process of time and the dynamics of timing; as used e.g. in cell division.
Numerology deals with the quality of the complexity of wave fields; formulated as the quality of (membrane) layers.
Divination addresses the ability to know within us, of what happens around us; by being part of the whole.

The concept of being part of the whole has been most explicitly addressed in the Hologram model of Denis Gabor.
In this manner we can see that our awareness of our context, is based on cells of/on our body; always.
Our experience of our context is thus based on the different between cell sensations of core versus the cortex.
In that same manner we can sense ongoing waves of information affecting both, core and cortex, in our body: "paranormal sensations".

Magic is the formulation and communication of the experience of full integration with the cosmos.
Traditionally this is known as the god-experience; in India the common term is that of god-men.
It is a normal state of being, in which the individual is aware of the full integration with/in the cosmos.
And is thereby able to use the information of the universe as a whole, to act in the local-moment.

Magic operates a deeper understanding than that offered by science and religion.
Science measures/describes the predictable aspects (thus properties) of matter.
Churches sense/describe the predictable traits (thus patterns) of mind: beliefs (mental conditioned reflexes).
Religion deals with the innate principles and properties of cosmic understanding; as collective consensus.

The art/act of magic is NOT about commanding results and dominating others.
That would only limit the act of creation, by robbing Free Choice of others.
It would only bring you face to face with yourself; which you must face in the end.
The act of magic is participation in cosmic creation; and in itself the essence of healing.

The art of magic is best understood in terms of the traditional druidic training.
There, a cycle of four times seven years is followed; 28 years in total.
It involves 1)story telling, 2) song, 3) herbs lore, and 4) the art of healing.
Dealing respectively with the understanding of mind, soul, body and spirit.

Our bones and beliefs can be compared to the Carrier Wave of a hologram.
The bones and beliefs are immaterial; their matter is the trellis for making choices.
It helps precision and hold the Open Space needed for interacting with/in creation.
Magic is the act by which we relate the part to the whole in a meaningful manner.

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