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The Bones of Belief – Real Virtuality

The following text is a real virtual test for your belief system …
In order to believe what follows, can you suspend your beliefs?
Can you apply what the series of Essays presents?: we create our beliefs.
Can you do what these essays describe?: not your belief matters, but how you can change and use your beliefs.

There is an increasing set of virtual reality games.
In it, people are supposed to enjoy the possibilities of a computer program.
Any program however is programmed, thus has its limitations.
Virtual Reality games, in that sense, are in essence a hell.

Computer programs operate by a closed decision tree.
All options are pre-defined, and pre-programmed.
The programme(r) does not allow for now unforeseen options.
At most, a program allows for known variations to known options.

Computing realisation

Every human is very similar to a computer: a software with hardware.
A difference is that in the human the software determines the hardware.
Another difference is that living beings operate using Freedom of Choice.
This means that the singularities are the basis of the operation of the program.

The program is not operated by the singularities themselves.
The program is operated by changes in the coherence between them.
The human unfolded from the zygote: all singularities are co-herent.
Shifts between the ‘decision-tree of unfoldment, correspond with changes in function.

The living organism operates by the parameters that determine the system coherence.
In computing of computers, the singularities are set by the hardware.
In living beings, the singularity/parameters are reset by the software.
The change of logic, changes the regulation, changing the process, changing the program.

    The anatomy of our body can be compared with the computer.
    Our physiology can be compared with the program.
    Our regulatory system can be compared to the compilation.
    Our information integration can be compared with the programmer.

Encoding versus Conditioning

    In our life, we are continuously programming reality, from the spirit level.
    At the soul level, we contextualise it in a specific context.
    At the mind level, we evaluate, experience, the ongoing computation.
    Our body is in that sense the output; the manifestation of realisation.

Many Hollywood productions offer allegories for the creator myth.
These movies are all/always encoded in the same set of symbols.
Most of these movies have a front-form of violence and control.
All of them thereby hide the underlying ‘program’ they ‘encode’.

It is long known that movies, advertising, politics and religion program our mind.
This works all the better, in people who deny that this is possible.
It is a standard tenet of the practice of hypnosis; also used by churches.
It also is a standard practice of the, related, practice of ‘martial arts’.

Only in the higher reaches of ‘martial arts’ it is clear that there is no fight.
Only there do people learn that the fight is not in the body, but the mind.
Also, only then do they learn that the fight is not with others, but yourself.
Only then do people learn that we create our reality by our realisation in/of spirit.

Redesigning Reality

Islam calls the purging of the erroneous realisations within oneself “Jihad”.
Jihad is never a fight with others; but only a purging of own erroneous mental programs.
Most reflexes are such erroneous programmes, and may need to be cleansed.
This is in fact not a fight, but the digestion of old ‘unfinished business’.

“Purgatory” describes the state that people find themselves in during that process.
Its dynamic has nothing to do with the experience in/of the context.
To the contrary: it has every thing to do with the capacity for coping.
It is all about resolving cherished (erroneous) convictions: “bones of belief”.

The traditional practice of meditation is about ... stopping programming.
Instead of creating ever new programmes, it is about trusting the body.
The body contains millions of years of uninterrupted learning about life on Earth.
All natural occurring disasters our body knows to avoid or survive.

What matters is if those DNA-encoded programs are trusted.
It requires: being able to operate mind without interference.
That means, it is necessary to experience mind operating separate from context.
That is the aim of meditation: learning to see what mind does by itself.

Reorienting Mind, to Soul

Once mind is disengaged from experience in/of the context, it inverses.
The same processes and dynamics are operative, but now for/from the soul.
Mind is the ongoing heart/brain/interface between soul and body.
The connection of mind to soul is commonly known as g.o.d.; being creator.

In this mode, mind operates to the integral information coherence of our body.
OUR body, because all our bodies are connected via ancestral DNA.
You have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, 16, 32, 64, …
We are all family of each other, of all life forms, all microbes, and Earth.

The encompassing incorporate knowledge is commonly called “g.o.d.”.
The awareness of being human, animal, vegetative and microbe.
The awareness of being part of the Earth, Sun, Cosmos, Creation.
We can only access that awareness when we disengage awareness from our context, to our source.

    Our source is the soul, in our body: the fractal of bodily integration.
    This is not a fractal in space, but a time-fractal integrating all processes.
    The soul is a singularity; in the form of a fractal; in time-space.
    The fractal operates in energy-consciousness; beyond time-space.

The singularity of the fractal, the soul, is identified with the zygote.
The unfolding of the Zygote is the dual of the origination of the zygote.
The fractal is thus a Decision Tree, of Sexual Fusion and of Cellular Division.
The coherence within the body of cells, is dual of the cohesion between people ‘outside the body’.

Realising Reality

The programming of our reality needs to be understood in that context.
We not only program energy-consciousness (life) and consciousness-energy (Qi) in our body.
We also operate, thus program, the coherence of our being in creation.
The integrity of our integration in participation in creation, determines our health.

The crucial concept is involvement.
The dynamic is based on the same principle as that of a Laser.
The difference is that every computational ‘vector’ is a ‘fractal’.
And, that we create the hardware, by programming the software.

The reality that we live in, is a real virtuality game.
The virtual reality games offer the wrong kind of training.
Virtual Reality Games are about killing in a computer programme.
Real virtuality is about living with/in creation.

We need to learn to operate our own programme.
Michael Persinger showed that enlightenment requires a coherent magnetic field.
Itzhak Bentov showed that such a field forms by meditation.
Most important is that such field operate by coherence in feeling.

Information Computation

Once the magnetic field is stable, the body awareness inverts.
At such moment the body operates in state of holographic inversal.
It is then possible to experience the universe as a whole in the body.
The Pineal Gland is associated with the capacity for this perception.

Once the magnetic field is coherent, then the world image can be inverted.
Then the magnetic field induces electric currents in the system.
In this case, the currents ensue from the system working in coherence.
This makes the currents ‘equivalent to superconductive’.

These coherent electric flows operate in the Björn Nordenström Circuits.
They engage the Robert Becker Bio Electric Field Potential; and ‘turn it on’.
Thereby, they organise coherence into the Cyril Smith Meridian Hormonal System.
As a final result they engage the Herbert Fröhlich Bio Molecular Coherence.

In this manner, the magnetic field is ‘copied’ into the electric system.
The cells operate in the magneto-electric system; the information field.
Our whole body operates on basis of the principle of a hologram.
The difference is that this hologram is not based on a vector, but 4D ‘fractal’.

Our body is a ‘supercomputer’; operating on coherence/information.
The body cell circuitry are able to live off spurious information; entropy.
It can bring incoherent energy into integration; and energise itself off the gains.
It is a zero-sum-energy-oscillator; able to live off coherent information (love).

Meditation as Medication

This can only be experienced by ‘taking the body of line’; as many studies show.
Experiments with meditation show the same consistent factor.
The body can start to function autonomously only, when taken to work in autonomy.
The aim of Meditation is not to disconnect from context, but to reconnect to ‘the source’.

In computational terms the body is ‘disconnected from the drive’.
The internal drive (electromagnetic circuit) can fall back on its eigen-function.
Its determinant vector can therein collapse onto its kernel.
This is the dual of the collapse of the vector of state: the integration of the vector of phase.

    This operation is not computable by linear vectors.
    The body operates as a hologram, in 4D.
    Every ‘computation’ ‘processes’ in the 4D ‘soul’ ‘fractal’.
    The terms are incomplete, because all operations also operate in inverse space.

Inverse space has been addressed by Adams and other mathematicians.
Lawrence Edwards has shown how the principle is the “Vortex of Life”.
We cannot process this in current conventional computers.
The only instrument which can compute hologram fractal inversion computations, is our body.

Invertability Condition

The inverse state of our body is the universe.
This is the equivalent of the Peter Rowlands Fermion.
It too is the uniVerse in inverse.
In our body we can compute its phase and state.

This is the counterpart of the equations by Walter Schempp.
By nullification of Heisenberg Uncertainty, probability is collapsed.
The uncertainty of the system is eliminated by removing redundant freedom of choice.
This is the opposite of what we do in our body: optimisation of freedom of choice.

Freedom of Choice optimisation operate in/on the singularity of the system.
By its location in its root point, the Zygote, it also operates the body in inverse.
In this manner we have nor normal and para information available in/for/of the integral system.
This is logical; integrity of system integration is dependent on integrity in integration in inner-phasing in interfacing of the system.

Inner-phasing the interface

This interfacing operates from consciousness-energy (life), to reflect back to energy-consciousness (“Qi”) in the manifestation of the system.
In the unfolding of the Time-fractal the zygote unfolds to the body, energy-consciousness operates in time-space coherence; organising the process physiology of the body.
From there, the time-space condenses into space-time: the extended extension of materialisation/processes/regulation/information in formation in/as/of the body.

Upon death, this 4D phase field collapses.
All people who believe that their life is defined by their context loose their core referon system.
All people who have learned to experience their realisations separate from their space-time context, are aware that they can engage the inverse computations.
Instead of configuring reality, they optimise realisation.

The Persinger/Koren Helmet makes it possible for people to experience Magnetic Idle Mode.
Similar kind of eigen-function can be achieved by the used of drugs, which disengage mind from effectively processing ‘our context’.
Some people experience the same effect (disconnection from entrainment with/in context by life shock (somatic or psychic).
In each case the system can then do a reset, without the ‘load’ of the driven system, and recalibrate and reoptimise its eigen-function.

Many mystic schools offer techniques which they found for this purpose.
Many churches try to prevent people from using techniques for self-realisation.
Many political systems are used to provide conditions to prevent people from achieving such full self-awareness.
The consequence is that many people die, without ever having realised what it is to live with/in full awareness.

Soul learning

Yet, every persons has realisations of this, throughout their lives.
Such insights are momentaneous and instantaneous.
The reason is that the soul operates in holographic mode.
It communicates to the whole system in 2nd order Fourier code.

The result is that every person has flashes of total insight.
This can be enough for the person to start to reorient their life on their soul.
In case the human is mesmerised by attachment to context, this will have little effect.
In that case actions still ensue from the mind associated with body, rather than from mind integrated with soul.

Many people know this form of integrated mind; a.k.a. ‘living with g.o.d.’.
God is a word frequently used for describing  realisation of the soul.
For many people ‘god’ is not a personal realisation, but a definition they heard.
In that case, the concept of god refers to the group collective awareness.

Mind Control/Conditioning

Group collective awareness is an external construct, in code.
This is the same mechanism used by Hollywood movie productions.
These aim to instil a communal collective belief, a mind set.
This is achieved by the procedure of mass communication/hypnosis.

The ‘god’ mentioned by all churches and religions always refers to the soul.
In the soul, via the soul, you are connected to the universe, and all other beings.
In the soul you experience that they is only one operative feeling: love.
The negation of that connection and feeling is known as fear, and hate.

Reality programming is done by operating the mode of integration.
This we do in the zero-node, known as Freedom if Choice.
There we determine our mode and form of integration, or disintegration.
We do it by identifying/disidentifying with/from our context.

Soul healing

That is why all religions advocate “meditation as medication”.
By learning how to disidentify with the context it is possible to live with soul.
This has an in-between phase of disorientation, after disidentification with/in context.
In mystic training this is known as the dark night of the soul.

Once the disconnection is done, and achieved, the mind inverts on itself.
In this process of inversion, it needs to resolved all ‘unfinished business’.
This is known as the phase of Purgatory, described in the Book of the Dead.
Once this purgatory/purgation is accomplished, mind can (re)identify with the soul.

There are many methods by which this 4 phase cycle of reorientation can be optimised and enhanced.
The dynamic is part of a natural cycle, the sleep cycle, with ts corresponding changes of state of involvement/awareness,/consciousness/brain-waves.

We also see the same in near death experience, such as induced by life shock, experiential shock, relational shock, or physical shock.
Optimisation is based on understanding and using the natural normal dynamics that exist for that purpose in the body: the sleep cycle, the digestive cycle, the ageing cycle, and the learning cycles.

All these cycles are aspects of the dynamic of cell division.
Thereby all these cycles associate with the soul/singularity system; as time fractal.
That is why all mystic practices always have effect on body, mind, soul and spirit.
The effect of these practices is only known by experiencing ‘the universe in inverse’.

Integral being

In the integrated state, you experience the uniVerse within you.
Psychics describe this as knowing everything that goes on around them.
People who live in this mode/manner are known as holy/mystic/sages.
It is the natural state of being, as experience also by babies.

The learning to shift to this state of awareness is based on understanding of involvement.
You are the uniVerse in inverse; you can experience all that is within you.
The way to do that is to (dis)identify with your experience with/in your context.
It can be summarised into one concept: the world we live in is a real virtuality … game.

The question is: are you able to operate your belief system?
Are you able to create and to dissolve the structure of your beliefs?
Are you able to repair your belief, when they are broken?
Are you able to navigate by your beliefs; as you walk using limbs?

The ‘reality’ that we live is in fact a process of ongoing realisation; Creation.
Our involvement determines how our environment (cor)responds to our choices.
This reality/realisation as a whole serves as ‘reflector’ to live the effect of our choices.
We can consider ‘Reality’ as a Real Virtuality Game for learning to operate “Creation”.

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