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The Bones of Belief - The untoward effect of Belief

Belief plays a fundamental role in Science.
Because Beliefs play a fundamental role in our life.
Beliefs are coherent, nearly invariant, clusters of ideas.
That does not mean that hey are real; they may be delusions.

Presently we see how science is the prime agent in destroying the planet.
This is cause by scientists following the tenets of science, and acting on them.
They do not question those tenets, thus hold/operate them as beliefs.
They sense no response-ability for them; because beliefs are reflexes.

In order to understand Belief, we need to shift of perspective.
Instead of the Objective, we need to understand the Subjective.
This calls for insight and understanding, of our own understanding.
This is traditionally dome in psychology, religion, hypnosis and magic.

Psychology is the naming of (un/sub)conscious mental processes.
Religion is the craft of operating/manipulating mass psychology.
Hypnosis is the understanding of navigating/using levels of consciousness.
Magic is the understanding of the way belief alters/affects (our) experience.

Our experience is always based on what we, how we, believe.
In our body we can se how our ideas affect the functioning of our body.
This has been described as the Consciousness Activation Cascade.
Therein light fields, EM-fields, Chemistry correlate to change the physical body.

This can be in the form of moving our physical body (anatomy) externally.
Or it can be as the change of the chemical (physiology) balance within the body.
This is discerned as the distinction between the animal and vegetative system.
Both respond to and correspond with our body of consciousness: of information.

Information is the most fundamental level of organisation of this uniVerse.
It is commonly known as Phase Space; in fact: the space of phase information.
This is a more essential level of universal dynamics/organisation: in formation.
Phase is the common term in phasic, EM, chemistry and Physics, for a Logic.

The Logic of Phase Organisation manifests at different levels of aggregation.
Phase, Energy, Time and Space are therein distinct yet related.
All that has been described to apply for the uniVerse as a whole, applies to us.
That means, that everything Objective corresponds to everything Subjective.

This is where we find that Magic, Hypnosis, Religion and Psychology are related.
They express and define how we operate our subjective involvement.
They also define how we manipulate our objective effect on our surrounding.
In magic the aim is a physical effect, in religion it is about a mental response.

In both cases we  need to discern between creation and enslavement.
In creation we operate our Freedom of Choice, to learn Response-Ability.
In manipulation, people try to eliminate freedom of choice, for enslavement.
Beliefs are use in both cases, as the instrument for operating information.

Beliefs are structured, extended, aggregations of ideas, which appear rigid.
Beliefs do not emerge by themselves: they are 'grown' from childhood onward.
Beliefs are in part individual constructs; in part they are created by consensus.
We thus need to discern between experience; and readwrit/hearsay.

("readwrit" is the counterpart of hearsay; based on reading rather than hearing.)

Experience is the name for 'belief' based on personal involvement.
Belief is a rigid structure of ideas based on information from others.
Faith is knowledge based on experience, for which there is no understanding.
Superstition is a belief based on hearsay/readwrit for which there is no foundation.

Many academic institutions operate as a church/religion.
They offer their followers readwrit/hearsay instead of own experience.
They offer their followers ritual, via selected case example (lab) demonstrations.
In each case the examples, stories and descriptions only corroborate each other.

The principle of communication/interpretation of understanding has been described:
"Scientific Consensus" (as the gathering and distributing of information).
The principle of incorporation/digestion of experience is implied in the description:
"The Equation of Health" (as the inverse of the section on cellular division).

As shown in the Equation of Health, when natural division backfires, it creates illth.
This is based on the reverberation of information within our body.
The same is seen in the reverberation of information between our bodies.
This is the basis of distortion of information, and manipulation by deception.

Advertising, politics, religion and science are all involved with information manipulation.
Advertising prides itself on distorting reality by illusion, to elicit sales.
Politics and Religion pretend that they distort realisation for the betterment of people.
Science claims that it free of such mental manipulation; yet it is based on it.

Objective Science does NOT exist; it is based on Subjective experience of Scientists.
In the same way as scientists create science; our ideas also create our beliefs.
"Scientific consensus" explored how molecular-atomics applies to consensus.
"Bones of Belief" explores the same notion in its application to creating beliefs.

"Bones of Belief" applies to the internal idea-formation.
It parallels the description on the Embryology of Erich Blechschmidt.
The difference is that it does not apply to the anatomical physical substrate.
Instead it pertains to the underlying dynamic coherence of phase space.

In regarding the "Bones of Belief", we regard the complement of embryology.
As described by Erich Blechschmidt, the process always precedes the structure.
In essence it stipulates that form follows function; 'mind over matter'.
This is all the more reason to understand how our beliefs determine our science.

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