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The Bones of Belief - Crutches can cripple

In medicine, it is well-known that casts can cripple.
At times, bones are healed by using plaster casts.
The cast surrounds the limb and thus the bone.
It takes over the support function of the bone.

This can however lead to an inverse result.
Instead of helping the bone heal, it dissolves it.
This happens when a cast is used too long.
In that case the body starts to use the cast for support, instead of the bone.

A same situation is seen in the case of addiction.
For example, in the case of nicotine or cortico-steroids.
There too, with prolonged use, the body stops its own production.
As a result the body becomes dependent, addicted.

Similar stories are told about some Asian tribes.
There, women are made to wear neck rings below their head.
The head becomes supported by the rings, instead of by the neck.
When the rings are removed, the neck can no longer support the head.

This phenomenon can be called “Crippled by the Crutches”.
A Crutch is anything that takes over a normal body function.
The body can thereby shift to a state of compensation.
That is the 3rd stage of 1) health, 2) adaptation, 3) compensation and 4) decompensation.

This is a general fundamental staging of disease in a body.
The same holds for mind, soul and spirit; each had its own warning system.
Pain, Fear, Depression and Death are the signals for loss of integration.
Bert Verveen has described how disintegration is based on the dynamics of integration.

The section on Fractal Dynamics relates to the dynamics of fractures.

This is seen when the continuity/continuation of a fractal dynamic is lost.
In that case the cycles which maintain continuity are opened, broken.
The cycles which were internal to the system, then dissolve into their context.
This is particularly seen in the death of a system; with complete cell/cycle dissolution.

Upon death, all the body process cycles are lost, by being broken.
That means that process closure is the basis of bodily coherence.
This has been described as the dynamic of ex-/in-/re-/hyper-in-cursion.
These are stages of cyclicity of processing/processes in the body.

Upon death, all that is left are the materials deposited by the living process.
In life, the material de posits are continuously being rebuilt by the cells.
Our bones therein can be compared to the construct created by termites.
When the colony dies, the building is left behind as it was last used.

We see the same with the cones of the body.
Bones are consistently being rebuilt, by the colony of body cells.
When the forces and loads of the body changes, the skeleton is adapted.
This is also why bones which are not used are dissolved.

This was found in astronauts outside of gravity of the planet.
The absence of pressure on the bones caused them dissolve.
It was discovered that an electric charge field was needed to maintain bone creation.
On Earth, the piezo-electic effect of the bones, in walking, creates those charges.

When people lie too long in their beds, it had also been found that bones become brittle.
Lack of use of the bones was the cause for the emergence of osteoporosis.
This again was due to lack of piezo-electric dynamics.
That is the principle by which bones can 'dissolve', and people become crippled by their crutches.

The same can be seen for the bones of belief of the body.
False beliefs take over the role of beliefs of the mental body.
Some churches, for example, function as a rigid mental structure.
It can be compared to wearing a corset, plaster of Paris or crutches.

The crippling effect was originally discovered in orthopaedics.
This notion was based on guiding trees by stalks aside them.
When they were tied to hard to the stalk this could prevent growth.
When children were forced to wear corsets, the bones atrophied.

Belief systems can atrophy the natural support system of the mental body.
When such a belief system collapses or is lost, it cripples the mind set.
This is often seen in people who 'fall from their belief'.
In fact, this indicated that such beliefs systems are merely corset-crutches.

Any transition from Compensation to Decompensation is called a “Catastrophe”.
It is the moment when a system singularity inverts.
At such moment closed circuit in the body opens up in/to a process of the context.
Catastrophes have been described by René Thom and later also Christopher Seeman.

René Thom identified 7 types of catastrophes.
Together they are the equivalent of the body chakra system.
They are the critical conditions (as Dimensional Analysis would name then.
They are the aspects of the bounding definitions of the system for the system.

The Critical/Catastrophic set of Seeman and Thom define the system definition.
They operate in and on the singularity set of the system.
Together they 'orchestrate' the stability of the whole system.
Each catastrophe presents one of the aspects of a singularity of a system.

In a living body, four singularity types the fine the phase of the system.
Together they define the equivalent of the elements of alchemy.
There are the existential, interactive, reactive and invariant phase states.
There are traditionally called Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

The other 4 singularity types are the same as defined in their context.
They define which the material states interface in their context.
There are the four singularities/chakras of the mental body.
The bower 4 chakras define the material; the second 4 define the mental body coherence

Together these 4x4 singularities/chakras define the physical-mental body.
They therein also define the basis for the psycho-somatic interactions.
These always take place in a social ecological context.
There is thus also a complementary 4x4 inverse catastrophe formulation.

The dynamic of the 1st 4x4 singularity set of the system is well studied.
It is known as the system of astrology, as described by the zodiac.
The zodiac represents the transition of a system within its context.
Therein the transitions between same states are disregarded in the formulation.

The set of 7 catastrophe's of René Thom together form one integral system.
There are thus not only the 7 'chakras, but also the 8th of their integration.
This 8th chackra of a system is traditionally known as the octave.
It is the mode or node where the system can invert on itself; the zero node.

The interplay of the catastrophes is described as the system singularity set.
It is operated by the principle of a Vrobel Time Fractal: the connections define the coherence.
This is equivalent to the formulation of the HyperMandala of Roberto Renout, in time space.
And it is expressed by the algebraic-geometry of Vanessa Hill and Peter Rowlands.

The Rowlands Algebra focuses in its description on the zero node of formulation.
This is where the system, including its description, collapses on itself.
Collapse is the equivalent/counter form of co-ordination (or coherence).
The System Singularity Stability Set this defined integral system coherence.

Crippled by the Crutches, thus refers to the conditionality for collapse.
The catastrophe is consequential to an imposed reversal of the normal system process.
A local system inversion is equivalent to the creation of a new system boundary.
The change in boundary changes the dimensionality/logic/bio-logic of/for the system.

The conditional collapse of the system is thus consequential to a change of conditions.
All changes of conditions can be defined in terms of reset of boundary conditions.
Any reset of boundary conditions is cause by an inversion between a boundary and a field.
As a result the local system closure is opened/closed with respect to the context.

The Thom/Seeman Catastrophes can be regarded as an incomplete formulation of the system.
Equivalent to the 4 Elements of Alchemy, they define the singularities of the system.
Equivalent to the Quintessence, it is the change between the catastrophes which matters.
That is the dynamic by which we see how freedom of choice is operated used to define the coherence of the body.

Healing is based on the art of restoring the integrity of the whole body.
Healing always refers to restoring the boundary integrity of the whole system.
Healing is by definition an art, because it must always work in/on the singularities of the whole system.
That requires the understanding if the system singularity stability set, and its inversion.

The texts “Black Hole Navigation” and “Total System Inversion” describe that dynamic.
The text "(Dis)Integrity" describes that there is only one cause for disease and healing.
System inversion means that a boundary and a field are inverted.
It is based on the inversion of the singularity of a system.

Any belief operates as a fixation of a state of a system.
When a belief is imposed from outside, it inverses a boundary on the system.
It operates as an instrument for closing of (part of) the system.
Traditionally that is known as Hell (a closed system).

By closing off a system, a condition within its context is collapsed, i.e. crippled.
This is operated by the principle of Dimensional (De)Compression.
It is based on the possibility/dynamic for “Total System Inversion”.
It is the core concept for the operating of Freedom of Choice.

Bones, beliefs, crutches and casts of plaster of Paris serve as fixations.
They close the conditions of a local system, and can cause process asphyxiation.
That means that a process cycle can no longer cycle, and collapses.
This is what Bert Verveen described in his System Patho-Physiology dynamics.

"Crippled by the Crutches" thus describes a fundamental process.
It is the dynamic of Dimensional Decompression.
It operates in the Singularity Stability Set of the integral system.
It operates the conditions of/for collapse of the integral system.

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