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The Bones of Belief - The Embryology of Erich Blechschmidt

Embryologist Jaap van der Wal studied the work of Erich Blechschmidt.
It is based on the realisation that anatomy is based on physiology.
Erich Blechschmidt saw that always form follows function.
First there is pulsation, then a heart; first there is extension, then a bone.

Bones form in the domain of static equilibrium in motion.
Bones are always connected with motion, of the organism as a whole.
Bones start to grow when the embryo is in amniotic flotation in the womb.
Bones can also grow within muscles which are continuously tense ...

Jaap van der Wal showed that Bones, Periost, Sinews and Muscles are connected.
They form one integral system, of which bones form the most manifest aspect.
Robert Becker showed that bones serve as piezoelectric generators for growth.
Jellyfish and octopus show that bones are not needed for conscious life.

Octopus are amongst the most intelligent life forms on the planets.
Researchers were amazed with the way octopuses navigate mazes.
Their absence of bone allows them to move through small openings.
It shows that something other than bone defines the shape of our body.

In embryology development in the body takes place in a liquid context.
When a baby is born, the structure of the bones are still elastic.
In children, the bone consists still mainly of pest; and rarely fracture.
Only when the sex hormones are produced, does bone crystallisation take place.

In puberty, the growth plane of the bone ceases to function; and growth ceases.
Hormones are molecules which serve for propagating electromagnetic signals.
Bones are integral part of the system for Electromagnetic production/ response.
Bones function as transistors (transducer/transponders) in/for our body.

There is thus an anatomy, physiology, regulation and information integration associated with bone.
The dynamics of the growth of bone, in our body/species and in life forms represents a general dynamic.
It is not the anatomy which matters; in life form always follows function.
Any physical form is always a shape energy exchange takes, within context.

Just as bones grow where forces produce stable balance, beliefs form also.
Just as bone can form within tense muscles, beliefs can form out of Idées Fixes.
Just as life and consciousness can exist without bones, we can think without beliefs.
Beliefs are thus not essential to conscious being, but instrumental for motion.

In our body, bones form leverage in interacting with/in our context.
It offers a tremendous advantage with respect to locomotion of microbes.
It also works (better than tendrils) outside of water as environment for living.
Bones also serve as calcium buffer for the (sensory) nervous system.

Bones operate at all of the four levels of our body:
Anatomy, physiology, regulation and information integration.
The bones are produced, created, by our living body cells.
The bones are an extrusion product, the ' snail house' of our body.

Bones are not a frame of reference for the physical body.
Bones are a consequence of the dynamic coherence of living cells.
Bones in their formation and form are consequential to (cell) health.
Bones are the housing for/of bone cells, created by the living cells.

The origination of bones is consequential to the formation of bone cells.
The Osetoblasts and Osteoclasts, combined, produce/dissolve, shape, bones.
Bone formation is an ongoing process, comprising ongoing bone reshaping.
Bone healing is but one aspect of this ongoing shaping/reshaping.

The calculus of soil mechanics applies to the shaping of the bone.
The trabeculae, created by osteoblasts/-clast follow geodesics.
That is, it is the energy line of the field around the bone that shapes the bone.
The bone formation is executed by living cells; in correspondence with the field template.

Bone is but one example of the importance of minerals in our body.
All body materials are significant, every atom has meaning for the body.
Our body as a whole operates as a kind of Supercomputer; processing information.
Every atomic element therein has a function, for information organisation.

Our body is neither physical nor chemical.
The body is formed under direction of the regulatory system.
The regulatory system operates as part of the system for information integration.
This information dynamic correlates the part in/to the whole, in a holographic manner.

The physicality of the body is consequential to the process of manifestation of information in creation.
Therein Freedom of Choice stands central; and drives the diversification in creation.
Every differentiation corresponds with a variation in a Decision Tree; a choice.
The Decision Tree is a Fractal, a.k.a. World Tree, Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge or Tree of Choice.

The manifestation of our physical body is part of the dynamic known as Evolution.
Therein, a variational dynamic operates the various option in evolving life forms.
The dynamics are described by Linnaeus, Darwin, Lamark and Margulis.
All variations are always based on choices at the individual cellular level; in symbiosis.

Hans Reckeweg, James Oshman, Bruce Lipton and Herbert Fröhlich described how information incorporates into DNA.
Therein we see how information (life experience) 'fossilises' in/to DNA.
This is the complement of the 'fossilisation' process in the creation of bones.
This complementarity, "duality", is seen throughout nature.

One of the examples is described in System Theory as the "electronic Circuit".
Therein, Source, Resistor, Coil and Capacitor complement each other.
They are known to be Dual; with respect to their differences on Space and on Time.
Together they operate not primarily on Energy, but on/for/in/as Information.

The underlying basis is the coherence of phase space.
This is described in the paper "STEC; Space-Time_Energy-Consciousness".
Consciousness, Coherence (phase in(-)formation therein is the basis of existence.
Energy (Shock wave), Time (reverberation) and Space (resonance) are consequential.

These levels of manifestation correspond with the co-ordination of three cycles.
The 'synchronisation' of one, two, three cycles leads to stability a.k.a. structure.
In traditional medicine this is know as Ren Mo Du Mo and Dai Mo.
Together (if coherent) they define Chong Mo: the capacity for System Inversion.

Total System Inversion is a requirement for preservation of the part in the whole.
Therein, the hologram principle operates as a universal dynamic.
This is what is sense in every cell in the body; as part of the body hologram.
Thereby our body as a whole operates as the uniVerse in inVerse.

The duality between DNA and Bone Cells complements the E-M-complementarity.
The complementarity between Electricity and Magnetism complements Qi and Consciousness.
In the crossing pot between the E and M wave, the phase field is braided.
The braiding of the phase field always operates with/in Harmonics.

These harmonics can be represented by the integral relationship in phase space.
Therein the wave, wave train, wave envelope and Soliton form one integral unit.
This unit can preserve unity only if the part is the inverse of the whole, always.
The pattern is seen in the model of the photon/electron/proton/neutron in the atom.


It is the same pattern as the Alchemists already described as the Four Elements.
This refers to the states of matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma.
The Alchemists realised that they are related by a Fifth Element; the Quintessence.
This is the dynamic of Freedom of choice; localised phase space inversion.

Phase Space inversion is seen in its most condensed form in a Vortex.
All elements in our body are phase related.
All body materials have very special electromagnetic properties.
All body materials are part of the ongoing phase change, through all four phases.


Bone shows this in an explicit manner; as storage for calcium atoms.
The calcium in "fluid" form is seen in the blood, and the internal food chain.
The calcium as "gas" is seen in the gut and kidneys regulating the external food chain.
The calcium as "fire" is seen in the nervous activation potentiation for sensory cells.

The bones therein play a direct role in the capacity for rapid reaction to change.
The bones store/liberate calcium on basis of piezo-electric effect, in walking.
The sensory capacity (ability for nervous response) need the Calcium-battery-bones.
Osteoporosis is the result of lack of physical engagement in the context; die to lack of piezoelectric bone stimulation.

Robert Becker has shown how this piezo-electric-bone-battery dynamic takes place.
He also demonstrated that the bone operates as a transistor for the body.
Björn Nordenström demonstrated how this relates to the body-electric system (of ergonars and infonars; energy and information).
Herbert Fröhlich has shone how this is based on electromagnetic signals at the atomic/molecular level.


Erich Blechschmidt shows that we need to regard this from a bio-logical perspective.
We can understand that optimising Freedom of Choice therein always stands central.
As development in embryology shows, matter is a manifestation of processing information.
The work of Erich Blechschmidt serves as reminder that bones are not primary, but consequential.


In the other components of this Essay, the duality between Bones and Beliefs are pursued.
Therein we can see that we can identify for Beliefs, all that we can identify for bones also.
For both, the form is a consequence of function, and both serve for propagation.
For Bones, this is propagation in the physical contacts, for beefs, it is navigation in the psychomental-social context.

This understanding is needed to identify solutions for all this cases where Beliefs malfunction.
This is the case in belief in magic, religion, politics and science.
In the case of belief, the domain of operation is in the subjective operation of Mind.
This complements the consequence: the formulation of realisation as reality; as is often done in science.

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