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The Bones of Belief - The World in our Head

We assume, experience that we live (in) a “Reality”.
When we look into the nature of reality, we find it is a Realisation.
In our body we can see how this realisation is made; by cell communication.
Our Beliefs are our ‘bones’ by which we navigate within that information

What is this reality that our beliefs 'walks us through"?
It is the reality inside of our head; in our imagination.
Everything we hold to be true is itself but a belief.
But that realisation is only, merely, an interpretation.

Everything we perceive of the world around us, we perceive via our senses.
The sensors involved all lie on the periphery of our body.
The signals are interpreted from sensor to neurone to plexus into the brain.
These signals are (Fourier encoded) electromagnetic impulses: code.

The so-called 'objective reality' of science (as collective) does NOT exist.
It is always a subjective realisation by individual scientists.
So-called 'objective' proofs are always calibrated against subjective humans.
There is a hidden symbiosis between man and machine; we can not deny this.

Science pretends that it is objective, to distantiate itself from religion.
The problem science has however is not with religion, but with churches.
76 consecutive popes occupied themselves with creating instruments of torture.
The inquisition was an ongoing war against what people individually (choose to) believe.

This war has not ended; it only changed shape: it was replaced by different mass manipulation.
The power of the church has now been replaced by advertising, media, multimedia and 'facebook'.
The manipulation of belief is rigourous, as is seen in the belief in the superstition known as money.
Such superstitions also take place right at the core of what we now know as the system of science.

Looking back over the ages we can see how the beliefs of science have always been fashions.
Just as skirt hem lines go up and down, and trousers and skirts can be yes/no interchanges over the seasons.
We now know that bird beak masts against influenza is nonsense; but at that it was firmly believed in.
We can apply the hindsight of academic fashions of the past and project it onto the present: what is illusion?

We can not always perceive our self-deceptions: in our body we experience this as our Blind Spot.
Just as we cannot perceive the blind spot in our eye, we cannot see our individual/collective blind spot.
Compare it to our standpoint: it is the precise part of our environment that we cannot see; because we stand on it.
The Bones of Belief serve that specific purpose: they focus/fix our participation in creation.

Bones grow in an interface of balanced tensions.
They instantiate and substantiate the concept separator = connector.
They operate on the equipotential lines ("cusps") of/for realisation.
But they are consequential to (and for) preservation of balance in creation.


In a sense, in essence, our bones and beliefs are our 'rudders' for navigation.
This involves Reality Navigation (operating by principle of Black Hole Navigation).
In this case it is the internal dynamic of the information field in which we operate belief.
It is the complement of the dynamism of the external field of matter in which we move by our bones.

This is why it is necessary to study the duality of bones and belief; body and mind.
Nothing of what we hold to be true is true; they are frequencies in our brain.
If there is an error in t he computations, we won’t know it, unless we can do a ‘reset’.
Near death experiences offer such a ‘reset’ and offer a different perspective on realisation.

Our realisation of reality is based on very specific processes and patterns.
From our body we see that matter <= molecules <= atoms <= in(-)formation.
From our sleep cycle we know beta < alpha < theta < delta >>> brain waves.
From our sensory system we know that nervous signals are Fourier encoded.

Our body shows that anatomy <= physiology <= regulation <= information.
We thus know that physics <= chemistry <= electromagnetism <= phase.
This means that Classical < Relativity < Quantum < Field >>> Theory.
Thus this means that Space <= Time <= Energy <= Consciousness.


The ‘real reality’ that we operate in is our realisation of realisation.
The end result (‘reality’) is a body of knowledge, grown like any body.
The structure of the body of knowledge can be sick, or crippled.
The health of our body of knowledge rests on the same principles as that of our physical body.

Our physical body is formed by cell division; one cell producing all others.
The differentiation between cells and organs are based on DNA information.
Cell proteins produce and organise the DNA formation <”Lipton Mechanism”>.
The relationship between our cells reflects our relationship with/in our context.

The basis of health of our body (and mind) lies not in the individual cells.
The basis of health of mind and body lies in our integration with/in our context.
Disintegrity/Disintegration in our interfacing disintegrates our inner-phasing.
What we see as material processes in the body, we experience as information processing in our mind.

For this reason it is important to study the “Bones of Belief”.
By what we belief, we fixate patterns in processing the context.
By fixating our beliefs we immobilise ourselves in the field of information.
Everything we see of territorial conflicts in life forms, we experience within us.

The question is: to which extent is our experience based on our beliefs?
People with near-death experiences (or meditation) let go of their beliefs.
They (seem to) do a Reset, after which they feel more free in their Being.
In other words: they learn to relax and flex their beliefs; and become agile.

We need to be able to address, assess, gauge and calibrate our beliefs.
Classical science disregards, disrespects, ignores and denies this.
It states that reality is real, and can be proven by measurement mechanics.
They forget that these measuring devices were calibrated to their beliefs.

All paradigm shifts of science correspond with shifts in basis beliefs.
Reality itself was unaltered by discovering that molecules ‘are atoms’
Yet, suddenly it became possible to add “electricity” to or perspective.
Reality itself was not alter; our understanding and interaction shifted.

    A paradigm shift is a shift of involvement; in participation in creation.
    That switch in participation is always based on a shift in realisation.
    Mystery schools are very aware of this; and they train such ‘shifting’.
    They use a phrase ‘to die before you die’, to describe the “Reset”.

The Reset itself is not that important; it basically resets a ‘zero state’.
Comparee it to a sedative or muscle relaxant for the body.
The spasms of the limbs can reside; and the body can “rebalance”.
The spastic rigid beliefs can flex and fold up.

As with our limbs, the beliefs can be seen to ‘work’ as hinges; joints.
As with our limbs, we can infer (from the rest of the body) 4 joint types.
Shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger tips represent 4 degrees of freedom.
Traditionally they are known as, respectively, Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

It means that with our beliefs we can learn to crawl, stand, walk and dance.
With the difference that we not only dance within a mental/information landscape.
We also dance with respect to, in relationship to, each other.
We therein have our unique standpoint (as in standing) and changing contacts.

The social landscape is sculpted by the interweaving of the ‘arms’ of belief.
Individual health is based on the positioning of the ‘legs’ of belief, in context.
Therein we se that we need to invert or understanding of reality: it is a realisation.
The anchor point of our individual standpoint is not outside us, but within us.

Religions have tried to explain thus; using terms such as the Kingdom Within.
Churches systematically deny this; placing a priest between you and that realisation.
Within our body we see that we need to abide with religions, not with churches.
The Kingdom Within is the mental information domain, where we make our decisions.

Freedom of choice is the characteristic of life; it is absent in ‘dead matter’.
Our body is composed by the interplay of information with/in matter.
Our living cells respond to information/communication; and produce matter.
The proteins expressed/extruded by living cells are part of their communication.

Our physical body is a manifestation of ongoing cell communication; within context.
The bones of our body are extruded and sculpted by osteoblasts and osteoclasts.
Both respond to the electromagnetic potential charge field produced by the bones.
That is, the cells produces the materials which informs them of changes in context.

In our body we can see that, how, all cells emerged (unfolded) out of the Zygote.
It is the fractal pattern of unfolding which is the basis of our health and knowledge.
In the same way as anatomy <= physiology <= regulation <= information, …
… likewise Knowledge <= understanding <= learning <= wisdom.

It is this last sequence of words that needs to be debated to be evaluated.
This is where we need to relate the reality of classical science to wisdom.
This is where we need to resolve, dissolve that knowledge is created by learning.
Just as doctors (still) need to understand that anatomy is created by body regulation.

Deeper than learning however is wisdom, fundamental to regulation is information.
Classical science in essence inverted reality and realisation.
As a result, classical scientists hold reality to be real.
As a result, they cannot realise that reality is a result of realisation.

The Bones of Belief was written to reverse that process.
The aim is to restore the awareness that reality is a realisation.
It replaces the paradigm of scientists by that of magician, needing to be healer.
It is not about imposing our belief on realisation, but about participation in creation.

The essence of life is the ability to operate Freedom of Choice.
Our choices can therein be compared to cell divisions.
Just as our body is created by a fractal system of cell divisions, our reality is composed from choices.
There is a logic by which we operate such choices; a decision tree; a.k.a  Tree of Life/Evil.

The Tree of Good and Evil is a Decision Tree; a fractal system of choices made in life.
Evil spells live, backwards; which corresponds with the mechanism of making decisions.
Bert Verveen’s System-Physio-Pathology applies to psychology and sociology also.
He showed that disease is the backfiring of the internal process cycles that together form the body.

See the work of Roberto Renout for the 4D dynamic and coherence of process cycles.
See the work of Suzy Vrobel to understand the coherence of time based decisions.
Seethe work of Bill Tiller to understand the dynamics of system border transcendence..
See the work of Karl Pribram to understand the holographic nature of matter as information.

Uri Fidelman pointed out that the laws of science are in fact formulations of our mind.
Einstein’s-, Ohm’s, Newton’s laws of nature, are formulations of how our mind orders information.
Whatever scientists have considered to be reality, was in fact always realisation.
By finding the way we process information, we could digest/understand it.

The “Bones of Belief” is therefore not a metaphor nor parallel or simile; not mere word play.
In our body we can see the process dynamics of digestion; we cannot see the dynamics of learning.
In our body we can see the result of (coherent, systematic) cell division; not cell division itself.
In our body we experience the result of the dynamics of living; not the essence of living itself.

Our body (and reality) functions as a Wilson Cloud Chamber in Physics.
In our body and environment we see the reflections of our dynamics of deciding.
We do not see the dynamics of deciding itself; it is spirit (as wind blowing leaves in autumn).
By understanding that our body/reality is consequential; we can ‘see’ the cause within it.

We do not ‘see’ consciousness within matter, but in the changes of relationship within matter.
A metaphor: the changes on a screen of a computer, are not cause by the screen, but by the software.
In our body we witness that, how, the software (mind) produces, creates the hardware (body).
We find the dynamics of living, not in the cells, but in the cell divisions.

We can regard our body as a carrier wave and signal wave interacting with each other; and with/in context.
This is a holographic model; in which the manifestation of matter is consequential to the processing of information.
The unifying process is that of the decision tree of ongoing cell divisions.
The process of coherent cell divisions is traditionally called “Soul”; the interface of contact with context is traditionally termed “Ego”.

The relationship between Soul and Ego can thereby be defined in great detail.
It is also possible to understand why the ego, the skin of the soul, can become inflamed or calloused.
It is the relationship between “Rods” and “Rings”(Radiation/extension and condensation/coherence).
This however is only a first order description; akin to understanding the existence of the Zygote.

From then on it is necessary to understand the dynamics of manifestation and creation.
The Text on the work of Erich Blechschidt addresses the embryology of belief-formation; the extrusion of limbs and bones are materialisation of polar balance in contact with context.
The text on the work of Roberto Renout addresses the time-based coherence in the creation of atoms and molecules as part of one integral system.
The work of Rudy Labadie and Vadim Kwitash can be understood to describe the logic of relating “Rods” to “Rings”; extension and contraction.

Extension and contraction are unified in the dynamics of a vortex; see the images of Dan Winter.
The calculus of vortex dynamics is described by Peter Rowlands and Diego Rapoport.
The demonstration that this is how our enzymes are formed was given by Vanessa Hill.
This can be combined by the insight of Uri Fidelman: reality is but a realisation.


This series “The Bones of Belief” we apply the philosophy of cosmology to embryology.
Cosmology inverted the development of science (Classic -> Relativistic -> Probabilitic -> Unified).
It inferred that unity is the basis of the dynamic of cosmic manifestation.
In the same way we can infer that information is the basis of creation of our body.

In our body, the unified integration of information is found in our information organs.
Like the heart ‘unifies’ the blood of the body and feeds it back to the body; the brain does the same for information.
The brain ‘unifies’ the electrochemical information of the whole body in context; and feeds it back to the body.
Central and pivotal therein is the pineal gland in the core of the brain; where the information field of the environment is unified with that of the body; operating Freedom of Choice.

The World in our Head is based in the interplay of two field of information.
The Cerebellum, integrates all of the information of the body: propriocepsis.
The Cortex integrates all of the information of our context: sensoricepsis.

We do NOT have direct experience of our context.
We ONLY have sensory signals, released by cellular discharge.

In the same way that cells extrude and excrete proteins; they also produce electrical impulses.
As Björn Nordenström pointed out: our body operates as electric information processing system.

    Our body is a computer.
    In it, the software produces the hardware.
    Therein, information is the basis for integration.
    Likewise; disinformation is the basis for disintegration.

Therefore it is important to understand the nature and structure of Beliefs.
Beliefs are coherent structures, patterns, of information in integration.
Erich Blechschmidt explained how the static is the result of a balanced dynamic.
As Henry Langhaar pointed out: we define our realisation by our assumptions.

For this reason it is necessary to understand the nature of our processing of information.
The coherence of our body is consequential; yet based on the same process dynamic.
The unfoldmend of our body (from the microbe and zygote) helps understand its coherence.
We can invert, apply, that same understanding to come to understand the coherence of mind.

Mind is the dynamic body of knowledge; parallel to the anatomy of our physical body.
However, it does not operate within spatial physics, but in the processing of time.
Both body (in space) and mind (in time) are joined (internally and between them) by energy (soul).
In our living body we can see how, that, energy and consciousness are intertwined and interrelated (as Spirit).

In our body we can see that the soul is a coherent fractal, decision tree, process.
In our body we can see that the coherence result in a holographic pattern.
In our body we can se that the fractal is base on a vortex; turning inside-our on itself.
That is how we can understand the World inside our head; as inverted image of our context.

The world in our head is however based on our interfacing with/in our context.
The skin of the soul (the Ego) literally determines how we make contact in context.
The integrity of the fractal shape of the soul determines how information is integrated or backfires.
Integrity of the integral system is based on only one condition: can it unify in the core.

The core of the processing process of information is in the brain (in space).
The core of the information process processing is in the mind (in time).
The core of the processing of information process in formation is in the soul (energy).
The core of information processing however lies in spirit (information): the inverse of the core of the soul.

In our body we can see that the Zygote is the virtual point of information integration.
All information processed in/by the body, is processed by the whole body in coherence.
The coherence of the whole body can (only) be found in the way it unfolded from the zygote.
But that means that we must account for the origin of that zygote: all ancestors; to the microbes.

We can compare our body to a crystal ball.
We can see that the body is the uniVerse in inverse; with respect to its surface.
We can also se that the information (‘light rays’) passing into the ball, invert in the centre.
In that way we find the integral picture of the whole universe in the core of the sphere; where the light rays ‘invert’.

The World in our head is based on information OF the body ON the body thus IN the body.
We do NOT have any direct experience of our context; only what we infer via our senses.
In Sanskrit the sensory perception (sensoricepsis) is called Samsara.
In Sanskrit the interpolated interpreted composite image is called Maya.

    We do NOT have a direct experience of our context.
    So-called reality, is always only, merely, an interpretation.
    Reality is always only, merely, a realisation.
    For that reason we must understand how the process of realisation takes place.

The Bones of Belief makes this need for understanding explicit.
It does this by showing that bones and beliefs originate from the same process.
The inverse is also the case: for beliefs we find the same dynamics as for bones.
Most important however is that we can ‘walk’ with our beliefs; and change reality.

We are never dealing with reality; we always deal with realisation.
A Paradigm Shift is merely, simply, a change of stance in realisation.
It is necessary to learn to crawl, stand, walk and dance in Realisation.
this is the art op operating freedom of choice; as creator in creation.

Operating Beliefs is always a Bootstrap Operation.
This can only be seen by realising how the world image in our head is created.
Then immediately it is clear that reality as such does not exist; we only experience (our) realisation.
This implies the need to understand how the construct of reality is created, by (un/sub) conscious use of freedom of choice.

The World in our Head draws attention to the fact that reality is a realisation.
From our body anatomy we can see how we convert Samsara to Maya.
From our body embryology we can see how we do this using self-decisions.
- Self-decisions are the complement to cell-divisions.
- Both are based on the same logic of fractal divisions.
- Both are expressions of the operation of freedom of choice (at different levels).
- Both together show how the hologram signal- and carrier wave are interconnected.
But it is only in our life, by living that we can learn to operate this dynamic of decisions.


Freedom of Choice is the core dynamic in living.
Via Freedom of Choice we operate a change in dimensions.
By changing how we relate, we also change the relationship with/in our context.
That is how we can see tat our body was formed, out of our interplay with/in our context.

The series “The Bones of Belief” elaborates this understanding.
The essence of this section is: reality is a realisation.
The World in our head, is the uniVerse in inverse.
This helps understand, we need to understand, how that reality is created – and what can go wrong in the process.

By knowing what can go wrong we can prevent such mishaps.
That is, we are here dealing with the preventive cure for de-realisation.
As our planet presently show: we are all, together, suffering derealisation.
The cure is straightforward: we need to flex our beliefs and restore reality by realising that it is a realisation; a creation.

Magic is the term for the understanding that reality, realisation, is a creation.
Magic is a better metaphor for participation in creation than (classical) science.
Healing however is a much more appropriate model for participation in creation.
Healing is based on understanding the importance of maintaining integrity in creation.

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