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The following addresses our unconscious awareness of the existence of Reality.
This is because we can process that level of abstraction only beyond our consciousness.
This is the level of consciousness/awareness which is not addressed by Science.
This is instead dealt with, addressed, by the social process of “Religion”.

Religions are mental meta-constructs.
Religions are conceived as a reality next to the reality that we know.
Religions are based on our capacity to imagine.
Religions however often appear as churches; which usurp that imagination.

  • Spine/Cerebellum: body image
  • Sensations/Cortex: world image
  • Lymbic System: body memories
  • Pineal Gland: Imagination

Religion, Politics, Education and Manipulation can amount to the same.
If Freedom of Choice is under-stood, then Religion is an expression of Realisation.
If Freedom of Choice is denied, then we better speak of Church Domination.
It is the difference between Freedom (Religion) and enslavement (by ‘churches’).

“Religion” as such is an abstraction; the same is the case for “Population”, “Nation” and “Reality”.
As an Abstraction, it is not part of our conscious realisations; where we make choices.
It is necessary to understand that Abstraction and Consciousness are unrelated.
This is clearly described by Philip Zimbardo, in the Lucifer Principle

  1. anonymisation (=depersonalisation)
  2. generalisation (
  3. abstraction (=de-contextualisation)
  4. no-choice (=de-realisation)

Abstraction is one of the forms of Alienation, or De-realisation.
When done intentionally, this is a form of deception.
When done unintentionally, it is a passage in learning.
Because it always makes use of the deeper dynamics of our use of Freedom of Choice.

Freedom of Choice is based on the relationship between sensations, perceptions, realisation and (so-called) Reality.
It is the same transition as we undergo in growing up from baby to child to adolescent to adult.
It is based on the dynamic of the sleep cycle, with the alternation between Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta brain waves.
These are the transitions linking Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious and Out of Consciousness.

It is part of the dynamic by which we are linked into the context: subject, relationship, interaction, object.
The schema below shows the parallel how this relates to levels of consciousness.
That also shows that we have NO conscious choice in the sub-/Un-/Out-of-conscious levels.
That ‘absence’ of Freedom of Choice is traditionally known as loss/lack/absence of soul.

  1. Individual - Conscious – Freedom of Choice
  2. Relationship – Subconscious – loss of Soul
  3. Group – Unconscious – lack of Soul
  4. Environment – Out of Conscious – Absence of Soul

This always refers to the Soul involvement of the individual; not of that of others.
In a Relationship, all participants operate with Freedom of Choice; but the relationship has no soul.
In a Group, all participants have Freedom of Choice, but there is no Group Soul.
Reality as such has no soul; but every living being in it has Freedom of Choice.

Materialism has focused on the soulless steady system state of Space.
Relativism addressed the process dynamics of the Time dynamics.
Quantum Theory addresses the interfacing Interaction of Energy.
Field Theory is meaningful only if it accounts for Consciousness; creation.

Religions are intended to operate at/for that awareness of Consciousness Creation.
Churches have turned that around, and pretended that reality determines your being.
Both are wrong in being incomplete: the environment exists; and your choices matter.
This is best seen in our body, where we can see how our choices lead to action (“Magic”); the “Consciousness Activation Cascade”.

In referring to religion we must always account for the fact that it is a Group Process.
It is related to Reality, in the sense that both of them are merely beliefs, Convictions.
Religion, Beliefs, Opinions and Blind Spots all form part of the same body system.
They are part of the system for interface-adaptation; and its dual: compensation.

Religions as an organised forms are always prone to be instruments for manipulation>
This is not related to the form of Religion, whichever it is, but to the Social Politics.
Societies use the model of development from Baby to Child to Adolescent top Adult.
It is presented as (respectively) the political systems of Dictatorship, Oligarchy, Democracy and Autarchy.

Whenever the political system invades and determines Religion, it becomes a ‘Church’.
Then, the social political agenda of mass control and domination … dominates.
It does not matter which belief system is used/shared/imposed/indoctrinated on society.
The political approach of social domination tends to also impose itself on education.

The principle itself is predictable; social masses like physical masses operate by Inertia.
The larger the mass, the slower its response; especially under totalitarian fundamentalism
Those are political philosophies which are opposed to change, because unable to cope with change.
For that reasons such regimes also oppose individual freedom of choice for all people.

Be aware that the use of the word Philosophy itself is an abstraction, a generalisation, anonymous.
It is this kind of de-realisation that is the toic of this articular essay.
It is necessary to understand that ‘a’ ‘political’ ‘philosophy’ does not exists.
All such abstractions MUST be traced back to unique individual response-able involvement.

The solution lies in understanding the cascade from generalisation to anonymisation to abstraction; to no-choice.
It is the transition from conscious to subconscious to unconscious to out-of conscious.
For that reason such regimes attempt to put all discussions beyond debate, by referring to (inert) ‘scripture’
In that way the life of the individual is reduced to that of relationship in groups in Society.

It is the same relationship as that of Choice, Idea (mental Reflex), Belief and Reality.
That is how “choices trickle flows of idea cascading into streams of belief sculpting the landscape of reality”.
Reality is the equivalent of the collective belief of the society, ‘culture’/’humanity’.
That does not make it real; it is merely a collective/aggregated realisation.

The paper “Scientific Consensus” describes how such realisation of reality is created.
Important is the understanding that Reality operates at the level of “Out-of-Consciousness”.
The fact that Reality does not exists is beyond discussion, as long as people are not aware of the out-of-conscious dynamics.
The following schema summarises this aspect of non-consciousness of Reality as such.

Creation (verb)



Freedom of Choice

Realisation (verb)




Realisation (noun)

Group process




Social dynamic

out of consciousness



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