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Welcome to this series "The Bones of Belief".

It portrays the realisation that Reality is a Realisation.
The bones are created by the living cells in our body.
Those are not just the bones of our body.
They are also the cells of the body of humanity.

The principle which produces
Bones, Reflexes, Belief and Reality,
is one and the same

We acquire our living cells from our ancestors.
Via their sexual interactions, for millions of years on end, they created the Zygote.
This is first cell from our body originates.
By its cell division it creates the structure of our whole body; including the bones.

Therein we see that the process of cell division is crucial; essential.
It determines everything that happens in our life.
It is also the basis by which our bones are formed.

The text, The Bones of Belief, shows how intricately our beliefs and our bones are interwoven.
Also, that our bones are the result of (in(ter))activity in context.
They reflect the dynamics of consciousness, and are essential for it.
The series of text  of The Bones of Beliefs portrays how they are interrelated.

Bones, and Belief.
By our life, we shape our bones, and our beliefs.
By understanding how our bones are created, we can also understand how our beliefs are created.
By understanding and seeing how our bones help us travel in our environment, we can also understand how our beliefs are instruments to help us propagate through the realm of thought and ideas; the information space.

Welcome to this series "The Bones of Belief", and the insight that everything in our body matters.
In fact: consciousness matters.
Our Body and Brain are intimately connected.
Our body is ‘created’ by the same principles as our thinking.

By understanding these principles we can understand the organisation of our ideas, in terms by which we describe the organisation of our body.
Essential is the understanding that the manifestation of the body is based on the dynamics of the organisation of information!

The Bones of Belief describes how we can understand the dynamics of our thinking.
We can see the parallel between bones, muscles, organs and brain, and beliefs, ideas, notions and concepts.
This understanding is necessary to be able to understand the social organisation of humanity.
We need the same understanding to see how scientist create science; and (individually, collectively) come to their findings.

The Bones of Belief offers the basis to come to an understanding of the organisation, structure and reality of Science. Specifically, to understand the role of consciousness, and response-ability of scientists.

The sections address the difference between mind & body, the importance of freedom of choice in operating the collapse of the vector of state, the relationship between expansion & contraction in creation, and the simplification by notation as a Vortex.

Beliefs are our ‘limbs’ for propagation in information space.
Just as we walk the Earth by our Legs, and touch others and our context via Arms, we also operate beliefs to navigate in Psychologic and Social domains.
By seeing how bones and beliefs originate from the same process (coherence in cell division) we can better understand and operate our Beliefs.

Belief in/and Science; Science and/or/or Belief

This section of research continues the findings of MetaThematics and the work on Freedom of Choice.
It takes us 'under the bonnet' into 'the engine room', where ideas emerge and thoughts are formed.
There, we find the principles driving hypnosis, but also homeopathy and acupuncture: the domain of Body Language.
Here, body electromagnetism and bio-rhythms are to be understood as the software that formats the hardware.

The basis of belief lies in the dynamic organisation of ideas and thoughts.
Every so-called objective observation of science is based on subjective realisations of scientists.
Even the instruments used in observation are always calibrated to our subjective awareness, be it as sensory sensations or mental imaginations.
The foundation of science does NOT lie in measurement, but in the constructive creation of concepts in consciousness.

"Consciousness", "conceptualisation", "concepts" and "constructs"..

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