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The Bones of Belief - Introduction

This series of essays shows the anatomy of our body of knowledge.
It shows the parallel between the formation of our physical and mental body.
In our body we can see that both are based on molecular exchanges between cells.
From physics we know that the changes in chemistry (electrons) are coordinated by photons.

We will find that we are dealing with an interplay between 4 bodies, at four levels.
A body of Light, orchestrating the electron jumps in atoms in matter.
A mental body, of ensuing electrochemical molecular changes between cells.
Our physical body, composed by cell using matter and the inverse: the universe around us.

The Series "Bones of Belief" has been initiated to understand the role of belief in science.
Science emerged in opposition against church religion; and therein reflects its origin.
Scientists who proclaim that they are objective, disregard/deny/ignore that they are subjective.
For the Science of Life, the relationship between Objective and Subjective must be studied.

It is a must to study the nature of belief.
Unscientism demonstrates the need for this.
Unscientism is the emotional denial of science.
Therein, unscientists proclaim research to be 'unscientific'.

Unscientists believe that they are able to decide this.
Unscientists believe that they are competent to do this.
Unscientists believe that they must do this for others.
But those beliefs are wrong: they are NOT those others.

The study of belief is about the structure of our thinking.
Therein we can see a parallel between cells and ideas.
It helps to  understand the nature of our living body.
Therein, information is integrated with matter, with Freedom of Choice.

In our living body we see that our physiology form our anatomy.
Not the anatomy is the basis of our the nature of our living being.
It is the physiology, operated by the regulatory system.
But more fundamental still is the system for information integration.

This puts information integration at the basis of our living being.
We find that this is a property of micro-organisms and living cells.
We see it in the incorporation of information into DNA, in our cells.
As Bruce Lipton showed: this is operated by action of cellular protein.

This puts protein at the basis of consciousness: processing information.
Proteins are molecules, which are antennae: structural carriers of information.
Phil Callahan and many others researched the importance of this.
Karl Pribram showed that we must understand this in terms of "Holograms".


In this series of essays these ideas are brought together.
Therein molecular antenna are related to consciousness and ideas.
This is related to the interplay of circular and linear DNA ("Rings & Rods").
And it is correlated to the signal carrier and signal wave in information.

Rudy Labadie is one of many who studied ring-/rod-molecules.
The Rings serve as resonators; to store and preserve.
The Rods serve as translators; to receive and emit.
We find the same in the Solid and Hollow organs in our body.

The exploration of the Bones of Belief will take us to the basis of creation.
We will refer to cosmology, and the vortical nature of Atoms.
We will look at the HyperBoule of Roberto Renout, to link molecules and atoms.
And we will correlate the organisation of the Soul, with the Ego.

The principle will always be the same: the nature of the cell.
We will see how the cell membrane (Ring) relates to its inner radius (Rod).
And we will find that we always need to understand matter as information.
And we will find we need to think in a different manner; all is information.


The work of i.a. the following researchers will be presented:

  • Uri Fidelmann - reality realisation (it is all in the mind) - theories reflect our thinking.
  • Suzy Vrobel - the continuum of growth of process cycles linked in time as a fractal.
  • Roberto Renout - the Hyper-Boule/-Mandala linking Atoms and Molecules.
  • Phil Callahan - molecules are antennae
  • Karl Pribram - the holographic mode of realisation
  • David Bohm - the order of realisation is implicit
  • Bruce Lipton - ingesting information and experiencing life
  • Lynn Margulis - symbiosis between all life forms
  • Vanessa Hill - bio-logical life-molecule organisation
  • Peter Rowlands - the algebra of replication and reflection
  • Phil Callahan - molecules of life are antennae for information
  • Rudy Labadie - Resonance and Relay in molecular Rings and Rods
  • T’zak Jones - Qi is - in biology - the complement of gravity


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