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Krya Yoga presents the idea of centripetal and centrifugal consciousness.
Centrifugal consciousness is a state where conditions determine conduct; dog-like.
Centripetal consciousness creates its own conditions , thus context: god-like.
DOGma is the philosophy that the mentality of people must be determined by others - slave-like.

The text “i-god” explains how the word is acronym for Generator, Operator, Destroyer.
”ď” stands for the Integrity of the identity operating intent in integration in context.
Together i.-g.o.d. spells ”Integration, Generation, Operation, Destruction.
In our living body, it is the fundamental dynamic of system boundary (cell membrane) formation in-formation.


The male is part of the human species, adjuvant in procreation; but unable to give birth.
Male hormonal cycle is incomplete, peaking ate testosterone, not oestrogen.
Consequential to the hormonal shift, there is an intensification of neuronal activation.
The male ends up having 15% more muscle than females (action oriented) where females have 15% more fat tissues (relevant for procreation).


The female is at the core of human life and survival.
Humans can come to life ONLY by being borne out of a woman.
Women physiology is centred around the capacity for procreation.
But women can only clone (if needed) but not create males/variation.


Males complement women; neurones complement hormones.
More important, the neuro-humoral system complements the electromagnetic body system.
More important even, is the complementarity of electric circuits with radio wave signal radiation.
Specifically: it pertains to the complementarity of information and matter in all living beings.


The work of Wilhelm Reich has helped understand how men and women are linked.
In sex, the physical, chemical electrical and information processes potentially form a dimensional cascade.
In orgasm, the electromagnetic activity shifts from electrical to electromagnetic, to radio wave build up, to radio wave/signal entrainment.
As a result of that cascade there is an information-wave inversion: which in case of our living body involves the inversion of the relationship of the part with respect to the whole.


The result of the Total System Inversion (‘full orgasm’) in India is called God-man.
The relationship to sexuality is described by (in India) Tantra and (in China) by Tao.
It is a transcendental experience of reality/realisation, in which the whole is experienced in the part.
It is based on the relationship between information (phasics) and matter (physics) in the living body.


The descriptions of ‘god’ exist in every culture.
The interpretations of the word are different.
The understanding is by definition transcendental.
As a result, misinterpretation/misrepresentation is rife.

4D Logic

In this text, and this project, god has a very defined meaning.
It is based on the understanding of the 4 Dimensional Dynamic Logic.
Therein, the phase organisation is the foundation of universal creation.
And, with it, the essence of manifestation: the collapse of the vector of state.


Being man, or woman, is part of being human; as part of humanity.
In being human, and humanity, at the same time, experience is by definition transcendental.
That duality in experience is by definition called para-normal; extra-ordinary.
Our choice in involvement matters (literally) in our creation of life experience.


In being human, and humanity, every human is cell in the body of humanity.
It also means that every human is in itself (himself/herself) a metaphor.
It is also, commonly, described as being simultaneously human and spirit.
In it, every part, also in its transformation, is always/also part of the whole.

Human(ity) development

  1. man     - ‘baby’
  2. woman  - ‘child’
  3. human   - ‘adolescent’
  4. godman - ‘adult’

Cycle of Life

These are not simply stages of development of autonomy in life.
These are also phases in de developmental cycle of life.
For this, the cell cycle, with four phases, is metaphor also.
The cell cycle, sleep cycle, learning cycle and the four phases of the cycle of life.


The four phases of matter are always all immediately interrelated.
The alchemist described them by the terms “Earth”, “Water”, “Air” and “Fire”.
They are nowadays called Matter, Molecules, Atoms and Information.
It is defined by the interplay of electron bonding, electron valency, photon leaps, and  electron leaps.

Cell Cycle

Cell organisation is operated by cell division; replication and/or differentiation.
The cell cycle is synchronised, between cells, by the fourth cycle, the pause phase.
If, when, cell synchronisation fails, development/growth/coherence/health is deranged/lost.
Life is not just based on coherence of living cells, but on maintenance of coherence between living cells.

Braiding Choices

Cells operate Freedom of Choice, at the subatomic level of phase organisation.
Out of that originates the molecular organisation of photon-electric coherence.
Upon that builds the electrochemical cellular organisation dynamic (“physiology”).
That leads to temporal spatial special energetic organisation/stabilisation (“anatomy”).

    Consciousness development

    Development from man to woman to human to godman is a cycle.
    It reflects the development from mineral/cell to plant to animal to human.
    It parallels the development from cell to organ to body to species.
    It recapitulates cosmic development from plasma to gas cloud top stars to planets.

      Awareness development

      The second law of Thermodynamics complements the 2nd law of PsychoLogics.
      The ‘loss of energy’ returns as more explicit/elaborate forms of consciousness.
      Over the eons, more ‘extrovert’ life forms emerged, more able to use freedom of choice.
      Therein, information and matter are integrated at more levels in more manners.

        4 Dimensions

        In cosmic creation (of Life) 4 dimensions are interlinked.
        Space, is a form of Time, which is a form of Energy; a form of information in formation.
        The phase relationships are based, only, in dimensional logic.
        Gabor/Hologram, Moiré/Array, Fourier/Code, Dirac/Pulse together form one dynamic (phase) coherent systemic.

Transcending being

Man, woman, human and godman together form an integral system.
Man and woman are each only part of being human.
Man and woman together form the potential of forming a human.
But only when man and woman realise that they are human can they realise to be godman.


    Men and women complement each other.
    As in stereo, the difference between the similarities ‘open a new space’.
    In stereophony, it is a space for a virtual orchestra between loudspeakers.
    In humans, it is the dimension of transcendental humanity/realisation/awareness.

Meaning in Life

Godman, transcendence, is based on experiencing the whole in the part.
It is based on the integration of information in matter, within our living body (cells).
It relies in the information integration of signal waves in electromagnetic circuits.
The circuits are formed by living body cells, interconnected in the cell division dynamic.

Integrity & health

Meaning in life originates from extending choices to form a coherent pattern.
As a result, system integrity embeds more fully into the environment system.
Conversely (inversely) the uniVerse is experience as information within the system.
This state of being is known as wisdom/peace/health/wealth (being supported in context).

From Dogma(n) to Godman

If the being does not make own life decisions, its life is determined in/by its context.
As the saying in Yoga has it: such beings live like a dog; determined by its context.
The opposite is the ability to be sovereign, and to make own life decisions.
That is the art of being integrated into the context (“yoga”) and live as godman.

From Dependence to Autonomy

Centrifugal awareness seeks impulses, input, from the context, “reality”, for inspiration.
That makes people dependent on what goes on around the, and on others.
Centripetal awareness finds impulses internally, in realisation, and realises them in context.
Creative being needs both forms of awareness, in balance, as described by Bert  Verveen.

System Socio/Psycho (Patho) Physiology

Life is based on a continuous cycle of Total System Inversion.
The Feedforward and Feed-back loops must be in continuous closure for health.
In our body, the cycles of molecules/spectra determine the physiological- and mental processes (body-Mind, and Psycho-Somatics); thus health/disease.
Between our bodies the same is seen in the experience of peace/crime in the (non) feedforward-feed-back closure of the communication dynamics.

Dogma = Dependency

Dogma can be defined as a baby-/child-like state of social cultural development.
A few people in society treat others in that social group as inferiour, serfs, slaves.
This conditioning is most often done by techniques used in animal  domestication.
This limits/cripples human/humanity potential; and is a for of (parasitical) disease.

GODman = Sovereignty

In order to bring out the full potential of human being every human most be sovereign.
In that case every human is (transcendental) conscious cell in the body of humanity.
There is no limitation in communication such as (artificially) created in hierarchy.
Instead there is the full potential for realisation, on basis of fully realised Autarchy.

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