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It was in my fourth year in engineering school, my second year in my math elective that I realised that mathematics is all based on assumption.
Until then I had been taught that mathematics is logical; and bound by strict rules.
Then however i learned that there were different rules also; about deletion and insertion.
First I was told that a.x=a.y is the same as x=y (just delete the a’s), but also that x=y can be resolved by assuming x.e = y.e (just insert e).

My suspicion that the rules of mathematics do not exist, but are created, was later confirmed.
The history of mathematics, and science, shows that new forms of mathematics are continuously being created.
Whenever there is a new need for a different kind of thinking, a different form of mathematics is created.
Geometry and algebra were invented for the purpose of tax collection for the pharaohs in Egypt…

Over the ages, mathematics has become a skill, art, language and logic to itself.
What started out as counting beans, became a tool for compounding interest, ballistic missiles, and entertaining computations.
Geometry and Algebra developed into Topology and Dimensional Logic.
It had changed its perspective, from accounting for objects of matter, to the formulation of the formation of ideas.

In my own quest I quickly ran into the limitations of mathematics.
Later I discovered that what I needed even exceeded my first limited expectations.
Friends likewise had encountered and explored the limitations of mathematics.
Some made do, some made good, and some made new methods for formulation.

For what I sought however yet more was needed.
System theory has already generalised the potential of differential equations.
Dimensional Analysis already had shown the limitations of our own involvement.
What I sought was a way to explicitly describe that involvement in the equations.

Take, as a starting point, the standard algebraic equations.
Understand that differential analysis allows for their geometric interpretation.
Realise that topology addresses the concept of their limitations.
But how can we describe that we ourselves determine those limitations.

a, b, c etc. are the so-called parameters of the equation.
x, y, z etc. are the variables of the equation.
+, -, *, / etc. are the operators of the equation.
=, however, is the key to our involvement in the equation.

In mathematics, the use of the “=”-sign is never part of the discussion.
In rare cases the symbol is used in different variations and interpretations.
=, ≠, , ≈, =>, >=, =:, which essentially give a ‘slant’ on the equation.
But it does not specify how we, ourselves, relate to our observation.

Every observation involves a standpoint, outlook, perspective and realisation.
Every realisation involves a sensory, emotional, mental and cellular.
Every experience is individual, relational, consensual and contextual.
It always involves the world (conscious), body (subconscious), organs (unconscious) and cell (out of consciousness).

The one operator which satisfies all these functions is a 4D Vortex.
The Vortex links a Volume [3D] via a Plane [2D] and a Line [1D] to a Point [0D].
It can be specified as a 4D dynamic motion of a point (excursion, incursion, recursion, hyper-incursion).
This, however takes place in phase space, as energy, causing time and thence space.

I started to use the “#” symbol to describe this pivot of our involvement.
The name which I gave it, is the Dimensional Operator.
It combines, integrates, unifies, the “=”-sign and the “//”-sign.
Because it represents the 4-phase boundary crossing/inversion, unifying separation-and-connection.

This operator lies at the basis of the functioning of our body, mind, soul and spirit.
It functions in our functioning as individual, in relationship, in groups, in humanity.
It specifies our consciousness (shifts) in our realisation of reality.
It determines the physical state in our body and being: plasma, gas, liquid, and solid.

The “#”-operator operates in the interplay of the aura as meridians of chackras of our cells.
It means that we operate the “#”-operator via our consciousness, whether we know it or not.
This equates the core of the “#”-sign to be identical with our Freedom of Choice.
That puts it in the kernel of the time fractal for information-integration; our soul.

That also means that this concept is beyond the scope of medicine, physics, and mathematics.
It is in part addressed in the symbols of mysticism and magic.
Those symbols, and the reflexes and rituals that they reflect, are derived expressions of “#”.
What is needed, is a representation by which “#” and a vortex are shown to be one.

Dan Winter has created graphic images for this representation; without the physical mathematical logic.
Bill Tiller has shown that this operator, and its fractal representation, operates in the system interface.
Cyril Smith has demonstrated that this interacts directly with the magneto-electric potential.
Peter Rowlands has formulated a description for the consequences of its replication operation.

Yet we need more than an objective reflective description.
We need to (indeed) describe how this operates, how we operate this, in our body.
We need to (more specifically) determine how we determine its functioning in our mind.
We need to make explicit how we apply this operator of Freedom of Choice in our life.

That means that the “#”- operator must provide the logical foundation for mathematics.
The “#”-operator must specify every possible equation/formulation in/of/for physics.
The “#”-operator will explain the state of well-being (or lack of it) in body, and mind; individually and collectively.
The “#”-operator is needed to resolve/prevent the problems caused by humans on/to Earth.

Yet the basis is but a description on how a point forms a spiral, and a circle; in a vortex.
With the realisation that this is not a description of mathematics, but of our mind.
Because every description of reality, is a formulation of/for our realisation.
Which is precisely what we need to understand; how maths reflects our mind as myth.

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